Wazorko-Christopher running again for Plainville Town Council after leaving seat in 2017

Published on Wednesday, 21 July 2021 12:04


PLAINVILLE –Quinn Wazorko-Christopher wants to return to the Town Council to continue serving her community.

Wazorko-Christopher was first elected to the council in 2011 and served three terms before she left in 2017. Prior to serving on the council, she was elected for town constable in 2009. She has served on the Democratic Town Committee since 1998 and became co-president of the Plainville Chamber of Commerce this year along with her sister, Tabitha Wazorko Manafort.

In 2017, Wazorko-Christopher and her husband, Ted Christopher, decided to build a home in Southington. However, after she tragically lost her husband in a plane crash, Wazorko-Christopher has decided she wants to “get back to her roots” and get back to serving her community, running as a Democrat.

“I left the council with mixed emotions because Plainville will always be my home in my heart and head,” Wazorko-Christopher said. “As fate would have it, I was unexpectedly widowed, but soon knew I wanted to get back to my roots in Plainville. Fortunately, I found a new home in my town of Plainville. I knew right away that one of the first things I wanted to pursue was the opportunity to serve on the Town Council once again.”

Wazorko-Christopher said her family is well-known for its commitment to the community. She is the sister of Chris Wazorko, who has served on the council for 25 years.

“I am so excited to make the attempt to run again and so glad to hopefully serve my community again,” she said.

Wazorko-Christopher said one of her goals, if elected, will be to help to grow Plainville’s business community.

“I have learned firsthand as a Plainville business owner and co-president and member of the Plainville Chamber of Commerce how important small businesses are in Plainville,” she said. “Now that the GE building is unoccupied, now that there is new potential for the downtown area, and along New Britain Avenue and Northwest Drive, I would want to see the town and its land use and economic development resources be very diligent toward attracting new business that would not only build a larger and hopefully stable grand list but benefit both our residents and existing businesses.”

In her past three-terms on the council, Wazorko-Christopher said she worked to secure open space acquisitions and is proud to have worked on the “rails to trails” project. She also supported efforts to renovate Toffolon elementary school and Plainville High School as well as to upgrade the sewer plant. As part of the Town Council, she also supported the road bond project and equipment upgrades for the Plainville Senior Center.

“I am also proud of the kind of council member I was, in terms of listening to facts, doing research, being objective and being inclusive, without any subjective motivation,” she said. “I like to help on a personal level, on a professional level and as a community servant. Serving on the Town Council allows me to do what I feel I can do best and that is to bring expertise and taxpayer representation to a body that should be doing all it can to make Plainville a better place to live in, work in, and do business in now and in the future.”

Wazorko-Christopher’s educational background includes a bachelor and master degrees from Central Connecticut State University and Southern Connecticut State University in social work.

Wazorko-Christopher owns M&T Enterprises, which services, repairs and rebuilds Allison Transmissions. She is also president of the South Canal Street Industrial Park Association and serves on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

“The town knows me, my integrity, and my commitment to the job,” she said. “I promise to listen and make judgments that I believe will be most beneficial for all of us in town. I live here. I care what happens and believe, based on my past success as an elected official, I have proven what I can effectively do if elected again.”

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