Kilbourne & Tully celebrate 30 years in Bristol

Published on Thursday, 10 June 2021 15:51
Written by DEAN WRIGHT


BRISTOL – Kilbourne & Tully celebrated 30 years of serving the local community, Thursday, as attorneys at 120 Laurel St.

“We’ve been partnered together for 30 years,” said attorneys Dean Kilbourne and Daniel Tully. “We met in Hartford where Dean worked for a larger firm and I worked for the attorney general’s office. I worked for Senator Lieberman when he was the attorney general and we decided to branch out down here.”

Tully focuses in elder law and estate planning, and Kilbourne focuses in probate law, real estate closing and litigations.

“Everything except criminal,” said Kilbourne.

“The biggest challenge was right when we started,” said Kilbourne. “We took over the firm from Judge Robert Maynard. All he did was probate and real estate by choice. The firm did well for him but when we came in there were two of us so we had to expand. We went out searching for business and expanded. The beginning was the toughest but we’ve done very well.”

Tully noted they overcame the economic challenges of the early 1990s as they embarked on their partnership.

“The nice thing is we’ve represented families, the parents and then adult children and even the grandchildren,” said Tully. “It’s been a blessing to take over Judge Maynard’s practice. It was tough because the economy wasn’t great, but just after a year in, we’ve done great ever since.”

Tully noted that he was concerned there could be law changes that could hurt seniors in Connecticut based on inaccurate information, and that partly the purpose for running The Bristol Press column Senior Signals was to keep area residents educated.

“We have the advantage of being a general practice firm and do a little bit of everything because a lot of times law is cyclical,” said Kilbourne. “If real estate is down and you’re just doing that, it can be a problem. Because we do a bit of everything, (issues) haven’t affected us as much here. We’ve been pretty steady throughout our time here and, of course, the pandemic was a challenge. We had some clients in crisis and we had to keep going. You have to make adjustments but we had to keep going.”

Kilbourne said that they are very thankful for their clients.

“I’m a Bristol boy. I was working at a larger firm in Hartford but chose to come back here to work. We’re very thankful to those who have helped us out these last 30 years,” said Kilbourne.

In a statement, Bristol Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said that Kilbourne and Tully should be commended for their 30 years and their involvement on both the local and national levels of government to reform and preserve the rights of seniors, veterans and families.

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