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Reader: Re-elect Cockayne as mayor

Bristol To the Editor: Mayor Cockayne has distinguished himself as being an outstanding mayor. Every day he gets up, he makes an ardent commitment to make Bristol a better place to live, work and play. We, the citizens of Bristol,…

icon Posted: 27 April 2017 [08:01 PM]

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Wednesday 04/26/2017
Reader won't watch local TV news channels
icon Posted: 26 April 2017 [07:04 PM]

Bristol To the Editor: I do not watch the local news channels CBS, NBC and ABC and their anti-Trump news any longer. I want to see news that is reported from an unbiased standpoint. The whole story! You twist…

Reader offers facts about candidate's letter
icon Posted: 26 April 2017 [07:04 PM]

Bristol To the Editor: Andrew Howe, the Republican candidate for City Council in my district, released a disappointing and very misleading letter to the editor of the Bristol Press that I thought should be addressed immediately. Let’s begin. Howe’s statement…

Tuesday 04/25/2017
Reader concerned about politicians' spending
icon Posted: 25 April 2017 [07:22 PM]

Bristol To the Editor: There are those who see the legalizing of marijuana, the encouragement of more gambling casinos, the increased legal hours for liquor stores being open as healthy progressive laws to aid the public. The real reason, however,…

YOUR VIEW: Bristol can't afford salaries of 'Top People'
icon Posted: 25 April 2017 [07:21 PM]

Resident and taxpayer of Bristol for the past 40 years. To the Editor: I was absolutely stunned after reading your article “Earning Top Dollar” in the April 12 edition of the Press. For the past four years, the salaries of…

Sunday 04/23/2017
YOUR VIEW: Southington YMCA thanks its wonderful volunteers
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:30 PM]

To the Editor: In celebration of National Volunteer Week, (April 23-April 29) we’d like to thank all of the countless number of volunteers who help to make Southington so special. Time after time, when our community is called…

Friday 04/21/2017
Your View: Be proud of Bristol's public schools
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [07:48 PM]

Bristol Republican Town Committee Over the last few weeks, there have been claims that the Bristol schools have been underfunded and therefore falling behind. Per the 2015-2016 State of Connecticut Accountability and Achievement Results, the facts are drastically…

Thursday 04/20/2017
Your View: STEP program teaches disaster procedures
icon Posted: 20 April 2017 [08:26 PM]

Emergency management director To the Editor: Last week, the city Emergency Management Department completed a month-long educational series in the Bristol schools. This is the second year we have participated in the FEMA-sponsored STEP program instructing our fifth graders in…

Wednesday 04/19/2017
Your View: Reader: Move on from FOI accusations
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:40 PM]

To the Editor: I want to respond to a letter by Jeff Caggiano (town chair of the Republican Party) published on April 16th. It seems Mr. Caggiano is resurrecting from the dead past Freedom of Informaion issues concerning the Memorial…

Tuesday 04/18/2017
Your View: Intersection left undone is dangerous
icon Posted: 18 April 2017 [07:09 PM]

To the Editor: So is the Peacedale Street and Burlington Avenue intersection being widened or not? The state was in such a hurry to start this project last November that they ripped up part of several homeowners’ yards and…

Sunday 04/16/2017
New GOP chair 'ready to fight fire with fire'
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:22 PM]

Jeff Caggiano Chair, Bristol Republican Town Committee. To the Editor: This letter is in response to a recent leter by Kris Granetek in the Bristol Press on Thursday, April 13th. As the newly elected Bristol Republican Town Committee cChair in…

Thursday 04/13/2017
YOUR VIEW: State senator sets out business-friendly goals
icon Posted: 13 April 2017 [07:35 PM]

Bristol To the Editor: It was wonderful to have so many members of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce at the Capitol on March 8 for the annual Connecticut Business Day. I thank them for taking the time away…

Reader: 'We are determined to see through smoke'
icon Posted: 13 April 2017 [01:43 PM]

Kris Granatek Bristol resident To the Editor, Where there’s smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke, most reasonable people will assume there is fire - or that there should be an independent investigation to determine whether there is…

Wednesday 04/12/2017
Reader: Police deserve a raise, but not 9%
icon Posted: 12 April 2017 [07:09 PM]

Jim Beaudoin Bristol To the Editor: Why is the police department being awarded 9 percent raises along with benefits when the rest of the world including the Education Department is worrying about layoffs? Don’t get me wrong: I support…

Sunday 04/09/2017
Friday 04/07/2017
Your View: Mom urges that the education budget be fully funded
icon Posted: 07 April 2017 [07:37 PM]

To the Editor: My son is a student at Stafford, where there are four or five students with special needs in his classroom, along with two paraprofessionals. It is a great school environment, made all the better by our…

Your View: Families leaving because of inadequate school funds
icon Posted: 07 April 2017 [07:36 PM]

To the Editor: On Monday night, I spoke in support of the Bristol Board of Education’s budget at the Board of Finance meeting. As a parent and resident of the city, I was tremendously heartened to see so many people…

Sunday 04/02/2017
Your View: Bristol's housing future, houses or aparments?
icon Posted: 02 April 2017 [06:51 PM]

To the Editor: I read Mr. D’Amatos letter this morning where the city would be making money off all the apartments in town by way of taxes. We should say here, yes, you are true: you as the property owner…

Friday 03/31/2017
Your View: Apartments can add to city's value
icon Posted: 31 March 2017 [08:38 PM]

To the Editor: This is a direct response to Jim Beaudoin’s letter regarding “Apartment-Building.” As an owner, builder and maintainer of The Patricia D’Amato Residences at Jennings North End facility in the old Jennings School, I am quite dismayed…

Thursday 03/30/2017
YOUR VIEW: Thanks for helping them to help vets
icon Posted: 30 March 2017 [06:47 PM]

Owen and Tim Cornish Southington To the Editor: My son and I recently started a project raising money for post-9/11 veterans. The benefit is called Run to Home Base and it is a 9K run and a 5K walk where…

Thursday 03/23/2017
Your View: Better planning needed on winter weather
icon Posted: 23 March 2017 [07:18 PM]

Mike Soucy Bristol To the Editor: Last week, Old Man Winter let us know that he wasn’t just done yet and he dumped over a foot of snow on the city. On the eve of the storm, Mayor Cockayne went…

Wednesday 03/22/2017
Your View: A last! A solution for Memorial Boulevard School?
icon Posted: 22 March 2017 [07:40 PM]

Peter Del Mastro Bristol To the Editor: A great meeting was held at City Hall (Monday) evening. What made this particular meeting special was the discussion; participation was opened up to everyone in attendance. The exchanges were open, honest and…

Reader concerned about apartment-building
icon Posted: 22 March 2017 [07:35 PM]

Jim Beaudoin Bristol To the Editor: Just wondering what is going on with all the apartment buildings being built in town. You have Jennings School apartments that are almost empty, They are building three buildings down on King Street and…

Your View: Hospital opposes tax on real property
icon Posted: 22 March 2017 [07:34 PM]

Lynn Ricci President & CEO, Hospital for Special Care, New Britain To the Editor: For more than 75 years, Hospital for Special Care has been a proud part of the New Britain community. We are the fourth largest long-term acute…

Tuesday 03/21/2017
Your View: Debate continues over blight, MBS
icon Posted: 21 March 2017 [06:44 PM]

Patty Beaudoin Bristol To the Editor: This is in response to the letter written by Peter Del Mastro. The letter that I submitted to the Bristol Press was speaking about the whopping $2.4 million that the city has spent on…

Monday 03/13/2017
Reader shares concerns about taxes, development
icon Posted: 13 March 2017 [08:51 PM]

Margaret Beaudoin Bristol To the Editor: This letter is in response to the two letters written by Peter J. DelMastro, whoo thinks it is premature to decide the fate of Memorial Boulevard School. Thy have been studying this since 2008.…

YOUR VIEW: Media needed to hold leaders accountable
icon Posted: 13 March 2017 [08:51 PM]

Kim Caron Bristol To the Editor: I was very impressed recently with former President George W. Bush’s comment that “We need an independent media to hold people like me to account. Power can be very addictive and it can be…

Tuesday 02/21/2017
Reader advocates for privatizing mail delivery
icon Posted: 21 February 2017 [08:12 PM]

To the Editor: A few days ago an editorial from The Washington Post appeared in The Bristol Press about the U. S. Postal Service needing more than a Band Aid. I believe it’s about time we did eliminated…

Right to Life reader opposes hospital cuts
icon Posted: 21 February 2017 [08:09 PM]

To the Editor: While taxes and the state budget are important to the financial ability to raise families in Connecticut, legislators in Hartford have consistently failed to provide that stability. Subsequent revisions as well as the recent departure of General…

Friday 02/17/2017
Your View: It's time to act on Memorial Boulevard School
icon Posted: 17 February 2017 [07:51 PM]

To the Editor:  I want to thank our city council members, Calvin Brown, Mary Fortier and Dave Preleski for holding office hours at the Bristol Public Library this morning.  I found it to be very informative.  It was an open forum where…

Our View: Coming together for the good of the state
icon Posted: 17 February 2017 [07:50 PM]

Despite the fact that Republican Linda McMahon had challenged both of our state’s U.S. senators, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, when they came up for re-election, both men supported her in recent hearings to confirm her as head…

Friday 02/03/2017
Your View: First responders earn reader's gratitude
icon Posted: 03 February 2017 [08:04 PM]

To the Editor: As a 29-year veteran of the Bristol Fire Department, I thought I knew something about first responders. I have experienced many times when we approached seemingly insurmountable tasks with fellow firefighters and have a favorable outcome after…

Thursday 02/02/2017
It's National Women Physicians Day
icon Posted: 02 February 2017 [07:09 PM]

To the Editor: Today, Feb. 3, is a very important day in the history of medicine. It is National Women Physicians Day; this date marks the birthday of a legendary female physician, Elizabeth Blackwell, MD. Dr. Blackwell…

Sunday 01/22/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader concerned about rising national debt
icon Posted: 22 January 2017 [09:09 PM]

To the Editor: You’ve completed your grocery shopping for the week, and at the checkout counter you notice that the prices for the items are significantly higher than what was indicated next to the package when you picked them up.…

Wednesday 01/18/2017
Your view: Councilor looks to the coming year
icon Posted: 18 January 2017 [07:15 PM]

Mary Fortier, Bristol City Council member To the Editor: Happy New Year, Bristol. As a member of the City Council I’ve been thinking about what’s ahead for Bristol this year. There are two events coming up that I…

Thursday 01/12/2017
Your view: Plymouth Food Pantry says thanks, lists needs
icon Posted: 12 January 2017 [07:22 PM]

Erin Kennedy, executive director, Plymouth Community Food Pantry To the Editor: The Plymouth Community Food Pantry would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported our mission in 2016. With your support we were able to serve 555…

Your view: Losing Obamacare will hurt our neighbors
icon Posted: 12 January 2017 [07:21 PM]

Jim Beaudoin Bristol To the Editor: Mr. Vaughan wrote that he wanted The Affordable Care Act cancelled. It is not as easy as he would like. There are over 11 million people who have this insurance. Connecticut alone surpassed its…

Wednesday 01/11/2017
Reader suggests that the GOP defund Obamacare
icon Posted: 11 January 2017 [08:02 PM]

Edward Vaughan Farmington To the Editor: With the Republicans in control of the White House and the Senate, they should push for repeal of the national health care act better known as Obamacare. Among the things to replace it…

Reader questions raises, despite no action downtown
icon Posted: 11 January 2017 [08:01 PM]

Jeffrey Bishop Bristol To the Editor: I find it amazing how quickly our local politicians can get a meeting together and have a vote to give themselves a raise. This must have been accomplished in record time, one of…

Your view: Mayor explains special session, raises
icon Posted: 11 January 2017 [07:59 PM]

Mayor Ken Cockayne Bristol To the Editor: The Democratic members of the City Council took to social media over the last holiday weekend in an attempt to imply the special City Council meeting held on Jan. 3 somehow was improper…

Friday 01/06/2017
Reader: New Year's essay got it just right
icon Posted: 06 January 2017 [08:21 PM]

To the Editor: What a way to start the New Year! The Bristol Press front page article was a fantastic summary that encompassed what can be possible if we really want to improve our national environment. It addressed the…

Thursday 01/05/2017
Your view: Former candidate reiterates tax stand
icon Posted: 05 January 2017 [07:10 PM]

Peter Del Mastro Bristol To the Editor: In a recent article, House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D) states that one of his 2017 legislative goals is “making sure seniors’ Social Security is exempt from state taxes.” I was thrilled to…

Wednesday 01/04/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader: Firing McNair means a real loss
icon Posted: 04 January 2017 [08:57 PM]

To the Editor: I was very disappointed to learn that the mayor in a special session gave himself a raise. He also did not permit anyone to speak about it. The city still has high unemployment; the mall at…

Tuesday 01/03/2017
Reader calls black advocacy groups racist
icon Posted: 03 January 2017 [08:13 PM]

To the Editor: Racism in this nation is a single-edged sword. We have Black History month, Black Pride Day, Miss Black American Pageant, Black Lives Matter, Black Entertainment Television, the list goes on and on. If we had special white…

Thanks to Bristol Hospital Home Care team
icon Posted: 03 January 2017 [08:11 PM]

To the Editor I would like to thank Dr. Reyes, the director of Bristol Hospital Home Care and Hospice and her team of professionals who provided care to my wife Debbie during her brief illness. The care and compassion shown…

Sunday 01/01/2017
Your View: A thank-you for Bristol Hospital and Dr. Rubins
icon Posted: 01 January 2017 [06:48 PM]

To the Editor: I need to recognize Bristol Hospital, Dr. Rubins and all the wonderful staff of the Center for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery that made my recent procedure and stay there a truly pleasant experience. The Bristol community…

Your View: Reader questions intersection change, spending
icon Posted: 01 January 2017 [06:48 PM]

To the Editor: According to all the politicians in the city and the state, we are in a major budget deficit. Why then is the state spending approximately $1,000 a day on a trailer at the intersection of Peacedale and…

Your View: Thanks for the cold-weather response
icon Posted: 01 January 2017 [06:47 PM]

Dear Bristol Community: Over two recent nights, members of the Bristol CERT manned the Bristol cold weather overnight shelter at the Bristol Library. This was in response to the Governor’s Cold Weather Protocol and the mayor’s request to provide overnight…

Thursday 12/22/2016
Your view: A reminder about the true meaning of Christmas
icon Posted: 22 December 2016 [07:18 PM]

William T. Stortz Bristol To the Editor As we wind down the last few days before Christmas, I’d like to share a thought from one of my favorite philosophers. Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Suess. Then the Grinch…

Sunday 12/18/2016
YOUR VIEW: Trump's Carrier move saved money
icon Posted: 18 December 2016 [09:09 PM]

To the Editor: President-elect Trump is seeking to improve the business climate in this nation even before he is officially sworn into office. His action that will allow 1,000 workers in the Carrier plant in Indiana to keep their jobs…