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YOUR VIEW: All of us should embrace diversity

To The Editor: In his letter of Feb. 27 Peter Del Mastro says that the push for diversity hiring is based on something he calls “the concept of proportionality”. Wrong. Diversity hiring isn’t about making sure that…

icon Posted: 21 March 2019 [05:40 PM]

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Thursday 03/21/2019
YOUR VIEW: Infrastructure repairs needed now
icon Posted: 21 March 2019 [05:39 PM]

To The Editor: The matter of tolls has been a live issue since Republican Gov. Jodi Rell authorized a study of the issue years ago. From 2006 through 2010 I had the privilege to serve as the Senate Chair of…

Tuesday 03/19/2019
YOUR VIEW: Schools should have boxing teams
icon Posted: 19 March 2019 [08:13 PM]

By To the Editor, I think it is a good idea that all high school principles and athletic directors consider organize boxing teams at their respective schools. Team can compete against each other like they do…

Friday 03/15/2019
YOUR VIEW: White collar crimes must be punished
icon Posted: 15 March 2019 [08:26 PM]

To The Editor: White collar crime, a term coined around 1939 are crimes with a wide range of criminal activities such as deceit, concealment, and trust. These crimes are motivated by financial gain and they do not affect just…

YOUR VIEW: Tell Rep. Ziogas to slash state spending
icon Posted: 15 March 2019 [08:26 PM]

To The Editor: Old habits are hard to break; just ask Democrat state Rep. Chris Ziogas. While Dannel P. Malloy was governor, he was a pretty consistent voter when it came to legislation that increased State spending despite Connecticut’s perilous…

Wednesday 03/13/2019
YOUR VIEW: Claims against Shortell unfounded
icon Posted: 13 March 2019 [08:52 PM]

By To The Editor: I am responding to a recent article in the New Britain Herald regarding Robert Berriault’s false allegations of discrimination by New Britain Democratic Town Committee Chair Bill Shortell. Mr. Berriault provided…

YOUR VIEW: State's motor vehicle laws draw questions
icon Posted: 13 March 2019 [08:50 PM]

By To The Editor: This is on the Connecticut handicapped parking issues. I was at the DMV in New Britain and all the handicapped stops were taken by Live Time stickers that were stopped on…

Sunday 03/10/2019
YOUR VIEW: Join us for annual Race in the Park
icon Posted: 10 March 2019 [09:01 PM]

By To The Editor: On Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday, May 11, New Britain’s iconic Walnut Hill Park will once again host the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative’s Race in the Park, attracting thousands of residents, runners, walks,…

Friday 03/08/2019
YOUR VIEW: Clear your sidewalks of ice and snow
icon Posted: 08 March 2019 [07:51 PM]

To The Editor: We have a law in town that says sidewalks are supposed to be shoveled 24 hours after a storm. If you drive from Queen Street to Farmington Avenue to Maple Street and Peacedale Avenue you see several…

Thursday 03/07/2019
YOUR VIEW: Good op-ed on unfair treatment of African-Americans
icon Posted: 07 March 2019 [06:32 PM]

To The Editor: Thanks for your consistent coverage of the too often unfair treatment of African-Americans both at the hands of police officers, and common citizens. In today’s edition you had an editorial and a op-ed on these issues that…

Wednesday 02/27/2019
YOUR VIEW: Diversity is a complex issue
icon Posted: 27 February 2019 [05:26 PM]

To The Editor: In the name of diversity, people have been using demographic and other data as a club to force change in the composition of a wide variety of groups in all facets of society. Some examples: Teachers employed…

YOUR VIEW: Dr. Henderson gives patients a reason to smile
icon Posted: 27 February 2019 [05:24 PM]

To The Editor: I saw an article in The Bristol Press about Dr. Marc Henderson. I used to be nervous about going to a dentist until I had Dr. Henderson. He is the most caring, compassionate dentists I have…

Tuesday 02/26/2019
YOUR VIEW: Stop talking and start building
icon Posted: 26 February 2019 [07:54 PM]

By To The Editor: Enough already build it... I am entering my fourth year of being a Newington resident and in Connecticut terms I’m still a newbee. It seems like the citizens of the…

Thursday 02/21/2019
YOUR VIEW: Knee-jerk reaction to comments by Stewart
icon Posted: 21 February 2019 [07:04 PM]

To The Editor: Concerning the former mayor Tim Stewart I wish the Democrats had taken a deep breath before ousting a man who had done tremendously wonderful things as former mayor of New Britain. I am not condoning the remarks…

YOUR VIEW: We all have forgiveness in our hearts
icon Posted: 21 February 2019 [06:53 PM]

To The Editor: In regard to abuse in churches: In life we may experience different kinds of human behavior which may be defined as unbecoming and no morals attached. Trust is a great gift to have especially to the one’s…

YOUR VIEW: Berlin High has an outstanding athlete
icon Posted: 21 February 2019 [06:52 PM]

To The Editor: On Saturday February 16th a Berlin High School wrestler won the State Championship for the THIRD TIME!!! I think this young man, as well as Berlin High and also his family, deserve some additional recognition!…

Tuesday 02/19/2019
YOUR VIEW: Lawsuit against police is 'unreasonable'
icon Posted: 19 February 2019 [06:58 PM]

To the Editor: In your news article of “Fatal police involved shooting...questions linger” published on Feb 15, 2019, the article states the following regarding the lawsuit: Sherene Fagon, the mother of Zoe Dowdell, still has a $6.5 million lawsuit…

YOUR VIEW: Conn. needs paid family leave
icon Posted: 19 February 2019 [06:57 PM]

To The Editor: The time is now for Connecticut to pass a paid family and medical leave policy. I am a millennial, and I hear a lot of talk about young people leaving Connecticut to get jobs in other…

Monday 02/11/2019
YOUR VIEW: Don't forget the good Tim Stewart did
icon Posted: 11 February 2019 [08:33 PM]

By To The Editor: Comments that come out of our mouths without brain process can be a given for most individuals. Let us not forget the good that Mr. Tim Stewart has done with his…

YOUR VIEW: Starbucks' Schultz is not Dems' cup of tea
icon Posted: 11 February 2019 [08:30 PM]

By To The Editor: With Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz mulling a run for President, Democrats across the nation are furious. They are furious that a billionaire outsider with no political experience who brought…

Friday 02/08/2019
YOUR VIEW: Chamber and Bizzarro enabled Stewart
icon Posted: 08 February 2019 [06:55 PM]

Letter to the Editor To The Editor: Tim Stewart’s most recent abhorrent statement will require him to be held accountable for his actions. That is not in question. I hope he gets the help that he says he needs. But…

Thursday 02/07/2019
YOUR VIEW: Thanks to supporters of local athletes
icon Posted: 07 February 2019 [05:35 PM]

To The Editor: Recently two boys from New Britain had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and Australia to play baseball and represent New Britain High School and the United States. Michael Gajda and Justin Adorno were selected…

YOUR VIEW: Cast your vote for Gennaro Bizzarro
icon Posted: 07 February 2019 [05:34 PM]

To The Editor: For the upcoming senatorial election, make sure to support republican Gennaro Bizzarro. Gennaro is an attorney and political outsider looking to restore much needed common sense to Connecticut politics. Gennaro is in support of growing businesses,…

Wednesday 02/06/2019
GUEST COMMENTARY: Times may change, but challenges remain constant
icon Posted: 06 February 2019 [06:08 PM]

Guest commentary The 2019 Connecticut Legislature is underway and by all indications this will be a session with much promise as well as much controversy. Fiscal issues will be at the forefront of legislative proposals. With…

Tuesday 02/05/2019
YOUR VIEW: Great job by the New Britain Fire Dept.
icon Posted: 05 February 2019 [07:11 PM]

By To The Editor: On Feb. 1, Fire Chief Raul Ortiz and the New Britain Fire Department responded to 55 Horace St. in New Britain for a house fire where one person died and two victims…

Tuesday 01/29/2019
YOUR VIEW: Tercyak: Rick Lopes will get my vote
icon Posted: 29 January 2019 [06:55 PM]

By To The Editor: As someone who serves alongside Rick Lopes on behalf of the people of New Britain in the legislature, I have seen firsthand the passion he has for advocating for our community. Rick…

Wednesday 01/23/2019
YOUR VIEW: State going from bad to worse
icon Posted: 23 January 2019 [05:44 PM]

To The Editor: Well, I have to hand it to the voters of Connecticut. We had the most incompetent governor ever on his way out only to elect his clone to take his place. Malloy burdened every working individual in…

YOUR VIEW: Many volunteers made holiday dinner a success
icon Posted: 23 January 2019 [05:43 PM]

To The Editor: On Christmas Day, another successful Christmas Community Dinner was sponsored by South Church, New Britain. This year however, due to renovations taking place at South Church, the dinner was cooked and held at St. John’s Lutheran church…

Thursday 01/10/2019
YOUR VIEW: Post office needs to improve its service
icon Posted: 10 January 2019 [06:16 PM]

To The Editor: I am disappointed with the lack of service from the New Britain Post Office. My father has been missing mail inconsistently from his PO box due to some getting returned to sender because the “box is closed”.…

Wednesday 01/09/2019
YOUR VIEW: Police shooting case is not about race
icon Posted: 09 January 2019 [05:20 PM]

To The Editor: I saw the videotape and it shows the deceased driving in an erratic/dangerous manner that would harm the police officers (and any other potential bystander) as they pursued him for crimes he was suspected of committing. The…

YOUR VIEW: Leo Francini was a man who 'Did His Part'
icon Posted: 09 January 2019 [05:19 PM]

To The Editor: The obituary of Leo Francini of New Britain gives our community an opportunity to reflect on a wonderful life of service to our nation and our military veterans. Leo was a child when the Great Depression…

Friday 12/07/2018
Variety of columns keeps reader informed
icon Posted: 07 December 2018 [08:20 PM]

To The Editor: Once again I want to thank you for your wide selection of columns especially the Wisconsin one. I am a shut-in who relies on my computer to read the news. I don’t have cable,and use the radio…

Mayor Erin Stewart should run for president
icon Posted: 07 December 2018 [08:19 PM]

To the Editor, I believe that when Mayor Erin Stewart turns 35 she should run for president of the United States. Reason number one, she is smart. Reason number two, she knows politics. Reason number three, she is…

Tuesday 12/04/2018
YOUR VIEW: One of the strangest football games ever played
icon Posted: 04 December 2018 [08:53 PM]

By To The Editor, The December 2018 issue of “Connecticut Magazine” carried a letter from Mike Moran about football and players in Connecticut. His PS. noted “one of the strangest football games ever played in…

Sunday 12/02/2018
YOUR VIEW: Trump will never be my president
icon Posted: 02 December 2018 [07:35 PM]

To The Editor: This is in response to Michael Russo’s letter titled “Reader urges more support of President Trump” that appeared in the Thursday, Nov. 29 edition of the New Britain Herald. For the record, Trump is NOT my president.…

Thursday 11/29/2018
Wednesday 11/28/2018
Reader urges more respect, support for Trump
icon Posted: 28 November 2018 [08:38 PM]

By To The Editor: The way in which politics are playing out nowadays are rude and ignorant. This country has to become bi-partisan and these politicians need to stop worrying about padding their own pockets.…

New Britain physician offers thanks and praise
icon Posted: 28 November 2018 [08:37 PM]

By To The Editor: After practicing medicine for more than 42 years in New Britain, I will be retiring from practice in the middle of December 2018. It was an amazing practice and the time past…

Thursday 11/22/2018
YOUR VIEW: Connecticut doesn't need to bring back tolls
icon Posted: 22 November 2018 [04:00 PM]

To The Editor, Governor-elect Lamont has not even been inaugurated and his first item on his agenda is tolls. His campaign promise was no tolls. Our state is in such financial difficulties, he should be concentrating on ways to…

YOUR VIEW: New Britain is lucky to have Stewart as mayor
icon Posted: 22 November 2018 [03:56 PM]

To The Editor, Mayor Erin Stewart needs to be commended for her performance as Mayor of New Britain, Conn. New Britain is thriving again under Mayor Stewart’s guidance. She has proved herself as a quality leader. New Britain…

Wednesday 11/21/2018
YOUR VIEW: We can fix blighted properties
icon Posted: 21 November 2018 [06:11 PM]

To The Editor: I don’t know the legality of this concept but you know it will be a lengthy process to try and get monies from the owners of the blighted properties. Why not offer them the option to…

Tuesday 11/20/2018
YOUR VIEW: Proud of the hometown hospitality
icon Posted: 20 November 2018 [08:08 PM]

To The Editor: I live in New Hampshire, about 170 miles north of New Britain. I was born and raised in New Britain, left for the Boston area to attend college, and have lived in Massachusetts and New Hampshire ever…

Sunday 11/18/2018
YOUR VIEW: Volunteers, donors made book sale a success
icon Posted: 18 November 2018 [06:31 PM]

To The Editor: The Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library would like to thank everyone who came to our Fall Book Sale the last weekend of October and to all the people who donated items to the sale.…

Wednesday 11/14/2018
Monday 11/12/2018
Woman's Club event was a success
icon Posted: 12 November 2018 [08:41 PM]

To The Editor: Suburban Woman’s Club of New Britain sponsored a Rock n Roll Review dance on Sat. Nov 10 with proceeds going back to many charities in New Britain. We are grateful that we had so much support…

Friday 11/09/2018
YOUR VIEW: Everyone should see this show
icon Posted: 09 November 2018 [08:23 PM]

By To The Editor: This past Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing the premiere of “Testament of Freedom - Let me tell you about Poland” - a new play by the local Polish amateur theater…

YOUR VIEW: Legislation will strengthen Medicare policy
icon Posted: 09 November 2018 [08:22 PM]

By To The Editor: Each year, approximately 1,200 Medicare patients, over the age of 65, are newly diagnosed with cancers of the blood across the U.S. For these individuals, medical science has advanced to make cellular…

Sunday 11/04/2018
YOUR VIEW: Let's vote for people, not parties
icon Posted: 04 November 2018 [08:46 PM]

By To The Editor: I would like to respond to the letter submitted by Rosemary Klotz. The local members of the Democratic Town Committee do not represent all Democrats in the city. The local Democratic…

YOUR VIEW: Ready to work for middle-class citizens
icon Posted: 04 November 2018 [08:45 PM]

By To The Editor: I would like to take a minute before the election to say thank you. It’s been an honor to have the opportunity to challenge for the seat in the 77th District.…