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Your View: Tyrrell seeks re-election to Plainville Board of Ed

To the Editor: In 2001, as a parent of three students and an active member of the Toffolon PTO, I made a decision to become a candidate for the Plainville Board of Education. I was fortunate to be elected that…

icon Posted: 21 September 2017 [06:59 PM]

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Wednesday 09/20/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader questions motives for supporting sanctuary
icon Posted: 20 September 2017 [07:40 PM]

By To the Editor: It is so wearing to continually have to listen to the ranting of individuals who profess to be for some ideological concept when the prime motivation is financial. We are all aware…

Tuesday 09/19/2017
YOUR VIEW: Lessons for pet owners learned from the hurricanes
icon Posted: 19 September 2017 [08:03 PM]

By To the Editor: Hurricanes Irma and Harvey are devastating reminders that disaster preparedness saves lives. American Humane is urging pet owners to take two simplesteps to ensure you and your animal companions are ready before…

YOUR VIEW: Reader was impressed by candidate Howe
icon Posted: 19 September 2017 [08:02 PM]

By To the Editor: With political season upon us here in Bristol, I have seen so many attacks on candidates through social media. I feel like it is Trump and Hillary part two. I am not…

Monday 09/18/2017
Your View: Harvest yields petty thief and basic moral flaw
icon Posted: 18 September 2017 [07:41 PM]

To the Editor: Someone stopped at the road to help themselves to the apple tree in my front yard. Bad enough most of my trees are barren due to year-round deer damage. I find myself in solidarity at this harvest…

Sunday 09/17/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader questions Board of Education finances
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:48 PM]

By To the Editor: The article published in the Press Thursday, regarding the forensic audit of Board of Education financial records was written as if the audit was a joint venture between the city and the Board…

YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Dave Mills to council
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:47 PM]

By To the Editor: It is a pleasure for me to recommend Dave Mills for re-election to the city council. I have known Dave for over 20 years and can attest to his integrity and ability.…

Friday 09/08/2017
YOUR VIEW: Deficit in special ed budget draws questions
icon Posted: 08 September 2017 [07:43 PM]

By To the Editor, An article published in The Bristol Press on May 15, announcing Ellen Zoppo-Sassu’s candidacy for mayor, contained the following quote from her: “I’m done going to the Board of Finance meetings and…

Thursday 09/07/2017
Your View: Reader stresses importance of the arts
icon Posted: 07 September 2017 [08:05 PM]

To the Editor, As we enter yet another school year, we take time to reflect on the role of education in our lives and how it has contributed to making us the people we are today. The research is undeniable:…

Wednesday 09/06/2017
Monday 09/04/2017
Your View: A thank-you for area support of Nutmeg State Games
icon Posted: 04 September 2017 [08:53 PM]

To the Editor: Thank You! To all the athletes, coaches, trainers and medical staff, volunteers, parents, officials, sponsors and particularly, the supportive media led by the New Britain Herald, we extend a robust and well-deserved thank you! The Nutmeg State…

Thursday 08/31/2017
Your View: Reader appreciates common-sense language
icon Posted: 31 August 2017 [08:23 PM]

To the Editor: Editorials have been really good. Today’s “Work together not mudsling” was truly heart-felt for the “good old days” before Facebook and tweets. Now hearing about the East and West Coast “Elite” media commentators...I started watching and…

Wednesday 08/30/2017
YOUR VIEW: Budget crisis hurting those who depend on DDS
icon Posted: 30 August 2017 [09:05 PM]

To the Editor: There is still no state budget, and we are nearly two full months into this fiscal year. Agencies that provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities have been forced to close for two days so far…

Tuesday 08/29/2017
Reader: Could Nazi-like actions come to the U.S.?
icon Posted: 29 August 2017 [09:06 PM]

By To the Editor: When does “free speech” become “verbal terrorism”? When a hate group carrying torches, swastikas, shouting Nazi, white supremacist and KKK slogans invade a college campus or any public area. Is that “free…

Sunday 08/27/2017
Your View: Another view of the Tilcon environmental study
icon Posted: 27 August 2017 [08:22 PM]

To the Editor: In connection with Tilcon’s proposal to quarry protected watershed for 50 years, and the mandated environmental study on the impact to the watershed on such a change of use, I read with interest Mayor Stewart’s recent statement…

Friday 08/18/2017
Your View: Condemn the Charlottesville driver, not free speech
icon Posted: 18 August 2017 [08:53 PM]

To the Editor: I do not condemn an ideology no matter how extreme it is. I believe in free speech whether it is Black Lives Matter or a white supremacist group. The only thing of what happened in Charlottesville, Va.…

Your View: Could mentoring be an answer to bullying?
icon Posted: 18 August 2017 [08:52 PM]

To the Editor: Once again, it is that time of year where we send our children back to school. As a father of four, my wife and I anticipate this day as many parents do. While there is excitement of…

Tuesday 08/15/2017
YOUR VIEW: Local 'politicos' invited to Crocodile Club reunion
icon Posted: 15 August 2017 [07:55 PM]

By To the Editor: On Thursday, Aug. 24, the Crocodile Club will hold its 136th reunion dinner at Lake Compounce. This dinner commemorates Gad Norton’s successful petition to the state legislature to relocate a portion of…

Wednesday 08/09/2017
YOUR VIEW: Blues host has high praise for Zoppo-Sassu
icon Posted: 09 August 2017 [08:10 PM]

By To the Editor: I would like to thank the Press for their recent article on the role that host families play for the Bristol Blues. I have had a wonderful time hosting Bristol Blues players…

Tuesday 08/01/2017
Reader asks: Where is the budget?
icon Posted: 01 August 2017 [09:01 PM]

By To the Editor: It has been over a month and no state budget has been passed and there is no sign that one will be completed anytime soon. State programs have had to either shut down…

Sunday 07/23/2017
YOUR VIEW: Martin urges action on a state budget
icon Posted: 23 July 2017 [10:37 PM]

By To the Editor: I read Mary F. Etter’s well-written letter to the editor “Your View: Hundreds hurt by lack of a state budget.” I wholeheartedly agree that, as soon as possible, legislators must enact…

Wednesday 07/19/2017
YOUR VIEW: High praise for Rockwell Park, officer Franek
icon Posted: 19 July 2017 [08:19 PM]

By To the Editor: We recently visited Rockwell Park in Bristol with our grandchildren. At first, we were a bit apprehensive to go there because we had heard in the past that the park had developed an…

Thursday 07/13/2017
YOUR VIEW: Registrar disputes Merrill's stand on voter privacy
icon Posted: 13 July 2017 [07:27 PM]

By To the Editor: Chris Powell’s recent column in this paper regarding his criticism of Secretary of the State Denise Merrill’s refusal to comply with the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity’s request for voter information was…

Sunday 07/02/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader supports Zoppo Sassu
icon Posted: 02 July 2017 [10:10 PM]

By To the Editor: I am writing in response to recent Mr. Huckaby’s letter. First, in response to Mr. Huckaby: while he has every right to send in a letter to endorse a candidate for election, he…

Friday 06/30/2017
Your View: Tilcon project would destroy protected watershed
icon Posted: 30 June 2017 [08:55 PM]

To the Editor: At a recent Council of Environmental Quality meeting, which has oversight along with the Water Planning Council of the independent environmental study on the impact of Tilcon’s proposal to quarry 131 acres of protected watershed, an issue…

Your View: Reader notes Don Soucy's many accomplishments
icon Posted: 30 June 2017 [08:55 PM]

To the Editor: Bristol is a wonderful city. This is due to the efforts of many people over the years. Some go back well over 100 years. Fortunately, Bob Montgomery has published articles on many of them, which helps…

Wednesday 06/28/2017
Wednesday 06/21/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader is looking forward to the mayoral campaign
icon Posted: 21 June 2017 [09:04 PM]

By To the Editor: While I read the front-page article about the allegations against the mayor, something jumped out at me. It wasn’t the question of his guilt or innocence; that is for the court to decide.…

YOUR VIEW: What to do to prepare for a hurricane
icon Posted: 21 June 2017 [09:02 PM]

By To the Bristol Community: As the summer hurricane season approaches, it is time to take a look at how prepared we are for it. We have just experienced another relatively mild winter and thoughts of hurricanes…

Monday 06/19/2017
Your View: Reader offers a history lesson on presidential power
icon Posted: 19 June 2017 [09:10 PM]

To the Editor: The poet Carl Sandberg once said “freedom is taken for granted until one day you wake up and you don’t have it any more.” The president doesn’t have to have anyone’s approval to fire someone in…

Friday 06/16/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader decries low level of political dialogue
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [09:59 PM]

To the Editor: With the start of the summer comes a variety of fun and engaging community activities. From family picnics and barbecues to beach outings and baseball games (which includes our Bristol Blues), summer brings a lot of…

YOUR VIEW: Don't follow past procedures without thinking
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [09:58 PM]

To the Editor: Mary was preparing food. Her son was sitting next to her and noticed that she always cut off the head and tail of fish before placing it in frying pan. He asked, “Mother, why did you cut…

Thursday 06/15/2017
YOUR VIEW: Girl Scout cookie sales were a success
icon Posted: 15 June 2017 [09:33 PM]

To the Editor: I wanted to express my deepest thanks and appreciation on behalf of the 32,000 Girl Scouts in Connecticut, to those who supported our 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program! Because of your generosity and support, more…

Friday 06/09/2017
Your View: Republicans asked to repudiate negative letter
icon Posted: 09 June 2017 [07:54 PM]

To the Editor: I was saddened to read a recent letter to the editor by former Republican mayoral candidate and Town Committee member Elbert Huckaby. I have known Mr. Huckaby for years and have held him in high regard…

Your View: State described as 'suburbia with boring cities'
icon Posted: 09 June 2017 [07:53 PM]

To the Editor: General Electric and now Aetna are fleeing Connecticut not so much because of what Connecticut did or didn’t do, but because of what it is: suburbia with boring cities. The employees that Aetna and GE don’t…

Your View: Reader supports Cockayne for re-election
icon Posted: 09 June 2017 [07:50 PM]

To the Editor: In regard to the gentleman, Elbert J. Huckaby, who endorsed our mayor for another term (in a letter to the editor on Wednesday), I second the motion. Henry Hank Rudzenski Bristol…

Thursday 06/01/2017
Reader challenges fellow letter-writer as partisan
icon Posted: 01 June 2017 [09:05 PM]

Bristol To the Editor: In reference to the letter Bob Lagasse published on Friday May 26, it’s people like him that cause partisanship by stating the facts only as he sees them. “One way only, the Republican way.” It is…

Wednesday 05/31/2017
Reader redefines what makes a great country
icon Posted: 31 May 2017 [07:40 PM]

Steven Andrychowski New Britain To the Editor: What makes a nation great? Is it the ability to destroy the planet several times over? Does it depend on how many warships a country has? Or is it something harder to fathom,…

Friday 05/26/2017
Your View: Korean Veterans Association of Bristol says thank you
icon Posted: 26 May 2017 [08:07 PM]

To the Editor: The Korean Veterans Association of Bristol would like to thank the people of the Bristol and Forestville area for their very generous contributions at our Stop & Shop fundraisers on Saturday, May 13 and 20 for Veterans…

Your View: Party politics is at an all-time low
icon Posted: 26 May 2017 [08:05 PM]

To the Editor: Politicians and political supporters of the politicians of the past have little in common with today’s breed. Although that is true for both Republicans and Democrats, the degree to which that difference exists in Democrats is…

Your View: Congratulations to Principal Pete Wininger
icon Posted: 26 May 2017 [08:04 PM]

To the Editor: Something spectacular has happened in Bristol. Pete Wininger, principal at Bristol Central High School, has been recognized for his leadership of and dedication to the Bristol Central High School community. Mr. Wininger earned Varsity Brand’s…

Wednesday 05/24/2017
Reader recounts his view of Congressional 'screw-ups'
icon Posted: 24 May 2017 [07:44 PM]

Farmington To the Editor: What does The Mills Commission, The Kefarver Committee, The McCarthy Committee, The Warren Commission, The Watergate Committee, and The 911 Committee have in common? They were all Congressional screw-ups. Our Congress cannot run a…

YOUR VIEW: Former mayor makes Memorial Day request
icon Posted: 24 May 2017 [07:44 PM]

Bristol To the Editor This coming weekend marks the beginning of the observance of Memorial Day. Initially, Memorial Day was the day to remember and honor the fallen heroes of the Civil War. People would walk to the cemetery in…

Tuesday 05/23/2017
Reader: Stop red-light running for safety, revenue
icon Posted: 23 May 2017 [07:44 PM]

Bristol To the Editor: The state is in so much trouble financially and they do not want to stop doing construction where they should not. Why not put some cameras in at the red lights and charge people $200…

YOUR VIEW: GOP council candidate states his case
icon Posted: 23 May 2017 [07:44 PM]

2nd District Council Candidate, Bristol To the Editor: I am Andrew Howe, your Republican council candidate in the Second District. I have more reason than most to appreciate the benevolence in our town. In September of 2016, my life…