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YOUR VIEW: Caggiano called out on city tax increase quote

To the Editor: Yesterday [Friday, Sept. 10], [Republican mayoral candidate] Jeff Caggiano tried to deflect being called out on his wrong broadband budget numbers by writing a rebuttal letter that Bristol had "the only tax increase in the State of…

icon Posted: 13 September 2021 [08:58 PM]

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Sunday 09/12/2021
YOUR VIEW: The Dems see me, hear me, work for me
icon Posted: 12 September 2021 [12:09 PM]

To the Editor: I read Republican mayoral candidate Jeff Caggiano's recent letter [Letter to the Editor, Sept. 10, 2021] defending his wrong budget numbers on broadband, after being called out for saying the city is spending $500,000 when the actual…

Thursday 09/09/2021
YOUR VIEW: Caggiano: Spending any money on ISP 'wasteful'
icon Posted: 09 September 2021 [09:23 PM]

To the Editor: (Editor’s note: The writer is the Republican candidate for Bristol mayor.) Wasteful government spending has become a norm at the national, state and local levels. I’m Jeff Caggiano and I’m running for Mayor this year…

Wednesday 09/08/2021
YOUR VIEW: Caggiano broadband video had many mistakes
icon Posted: 08 September 2021 [09:26 PM]

To the Editor: Republican mayoral candidate Jeff Caggiano recently made a video with a series of incorrect facts concerning the City's work in evaluating a broadband utility. He said "the City has spent over $500,000 toward this." Here are…

Tuesday 08/31/2021
YOUR VIEW: Bristol Dems have made city welcoming to all
icon Posted: 31 August 2021 [08:35 PM]

To the Editor: Recently, Republican Mayoral Candidate Jeff Caggiano posted a marketing video seeking support of Bristol residents. In this video, he says, “If you believe in traditional values…” which infers anti-LGBTQ and mimics public participation comments recently presented at…

Tuesday 08/10/2021
YOUR VIEW: We need to support police against thefts
icon Posted: 10 August 2021 [07:13 PM]

To The Editor: One point in the most recent Mayor’s Corner article I’m proud to see is our Police Chief Gould’s proactive steps to get involved in the regions joint task force on area car thefts. These crimes have…

Saturday 08/07/2021
YOUR VIEW: So much for advocacy from the Post
icon Posted: 07 August 2021 [11:09 AM]

To the Editor: I believe the opinions the Herald has run lately from the Washington Post need some “push back”.  On July 6, Sargent and Waldman of the Post opined that the absence of GOP input will add “integrity” to the select committee examining…

Tuesday 08/03/2021
YOUR VIEW: Resident dislikes Covanta's request
icon Posted: 03 August 2021 [08:58 PM]

To the Editor: I am paying taxes under protest this year. I don't want Bristol to become a magnet for medical waste. Our air is bad enough- we don't need to become another New Jersey. Increased truck traffic would impact…

Monday 08/02/2021
YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu
icon Posted: 02 August 2021 [06:17 PM]

To The Editor: The November election is now 3 months away, but it is not too soon to talk about why we need to re-elect our current leadership team. In the early and most uncertain days of Covid-19, our…

Wednesday 07/28/2021
YOUR VIEW: A vote for Bob Mielcarz for City Council, District 2
icon Posted: 28 July 2021 [09:00 PM]

To The Editor: I recently had the opportunity to hear Bob Mielcarz speak about his interest in running for City Council in District 2. I was very impressed with his thoughts and positive direction. As a retired teacher, he understands…

Monday 07/26/2021
YOUR VIEW: Jeff Caggiano releases his goals for Bristol, if elected
icon Posted: 26 July 2021 [08:34 PM]

To the Editor: Most Bristol residents are looking to resume normal activities and long for the freedoms and liberties that this country was founded upon.  Bristol is a big “small town,” with a diverse population that should be celebrated.  If…

Wednesday 07/21/2021
YOUR VIEW: We must do better on climate for our children
icon Posted: 21 July 2021 [09:06 PM]

To the Editor: It's hot, and my 3-year-old is sweaty and curious. He always wants to know more about the world, and on Tuesday he asked me 'why is it like the fog but in the sky?' The haziness had…

Thursday 07/15/2021
YOUR VIEW: An endorsement for Lusitani for Bristol council
icon Posted: 15 July 2021 [09:07 PM]

To the Editor: I am a former Connecticut resident, having moved to Florida in 2015. I am 87 and have just about seen it all! So when I use the word guarantee, I use it very carefully! And this is…

Sunday 07/11/2021
YOUR VIEW: My pitch to donate food to those in need
icon Posted: 11 July 2021 [10:48 AM]

Dear Editor, This used to be solely a newspaper letter to the editor...but with the decrease in newspaper circulation, it's become mostly a virtual letter to the Bristol community. Here's my annual list to help those in need.  My garden…

Thursday 07/08/2021
YOUR VIEW: Awake America! Before it's too late
icon Posted: 08 July 2021 [01:53 PM]

To the Editor: Americans are frogs in the pot of water being brought to the boil and cooked.  We ignore incremental chunks of our freedoms being chiseled away by Marxists determining our social mores. A co-founder of Black Lives Matter is…

Friday 06/11/2021
YOUR VIEW: Looking for those to help during disasters
icon Posted: 11 June 2021 [12:25 AM]

Dear Bristol Community: June starts the hurricane season.  Now is the time to prepare for this season with due diligence in our community.  Many of us take for granted that the city of Bristol will always be there for us…

Friday 06/04/2021
YOUR VIEW: Shedding 'some light' on term limits debate
icon Posted: 04 June 2021 [08:28 PM]

To The Editor:   I submit this letter in direct response to the editorial by State Rep. Whit Betts on Friday, May 28. The people of  Bristol deserve accurate information, so I’d like to shed some light and answer some…

Friday 05/28/2021
YOUR VIEW: Many thanks to PVAC vaccination clinic helpers
icon Posted: 28 May 2021 [08:54 PM]

To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people for their support of the Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps’ Covid Vaccination Clinic on Saturday, May 22. The weather was perfect, and we had such a…

YOUR VIEW: Term limits: I challenge Bristol mayor assertion
icon Posted: 28 May 2021 [08:53 PM]

To the Editor: I was one of the 80 percent of the Bristol voters who supported term limits in 2013. Clearly, this vote reflects very strong bi-partisan support. It is now 2021 – 8 years later – and suddenly the…

Friday 05/21/2021
YOUR VIEW: Time for the people to own the state's nursing homes
icon Posted: 21 May 2021 [09:06 PM]

To the Editor: Chris Powell is a designated hitter for the Herald/Press who swings for the fences at every at bat. He strikes out a lot, but hits a few home runs. His recent column “Should the state government take…

Tuesday 05/18/2021
Tuesday 04/20/2021
YOUR VIEW: Mr. Powell: Stop pandering to suburban fears
icon Posted: 20 April 2021 [08:57 PM]

To the Editor: For Chris Powell [“Violence, depravity, in cities sustain exclusive zoning,” New Britain Herald 4-17/18-2021] every ounce of prejudice toward people of color has been transferred from race to socioeconomic status. White folks are no longer escaping…

YOUR VIEW: 'Disingenuous' to say term limits a legal issue
icon Posted: 20 April 2021 [11:08 AM]

In 1957 the Connecticut legislature adopted a statutory home rule law which allows any town or city to write and adopt its own charter and which allows amendment of existing charters..."  Based on an opinion from the Secretary of State’s…

Monday 03/15/2021
YOUR VIEW: Students may attend school, but are they engaged?
icon Posted: 15 March 2021 [09:42 PM]

By COALITION FOR EQUITY IN LEARNING To The Editor: In 2019, a student could show up to school, sit in their seat for the requisite hours, and go home, and we could have safely said that they had attended school…

Thursday 03/11/2021
Tuesday 03/09/2021
YOUR VIEW: Supporting HB6425 is crucial
icon Posted: 09 March 2021 [08:57 PM]

By PAUL BLUESTEIN To the Editor: On Friday, March 5, 2021, for the first time in 14 attempts spanning a quarter century, the Public Health Committee, by a vote of 24 to 9, moved bill HB6425, An Act Concerning Aid…

YOUR VIEW: Bondsmen do more than just post bail
icon Posted: 09 March 2021 [08:53 PM]

By JHADY RIOS To the Editor: Life has been far from normal since Connecticut discovered its first case of covid-19 last year. Yet bail bond agencies like 3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. took it upon themselves to continue serving regardless of…

Monday 03/08/2021
Friday 02/12/2021
YOUR VIER: Voting to convict Trump is an easy choice
icon Posted: 12 February 2021 [09:10 PM]

By GARY HENRIKSON To the Editor: The House managers have made a compelling argument in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Trump’s use of incendiary language and violent imagery to willfully incite the deadly neo-Nazi mob of his minions to storm the…

YOUR VIEW: Our senators need to co-sign SJ-13
icon Posted: 12 February 2021 [09:06 PM]

By STEVE WHINFIELD To the Editor: There are bills where unity can be met. Our country is split on many issues and we now have a president who wants to build unity in a time where none exist. I…

YOUR VIEW: Riverside Avenue work wasn't necessary
icon Posted: 12 February 2021 [09:04 PM]

By MARGARET PEALER To the Editor: I for one am wondering why our illustrious mayor is taking down trees all over Bristol. Then she widened Riverside Avenue then turned around and made the three lanes down to two and put…

Wednesday 01/27/2021
YOUR VIEW: How well do you know your taxes?
icon Posted: 27 January 2021 [08:53 PM]

By RICHARD BARANOWSKI To the Editor: Federal and state Democrats will be meeting soon to raise your taxes. Do you really understand how much money in taxes you are currently paying? Let me help with a little math. Start…

Sunday 01/17/2021
YOUR VIEW: Tolls have no place in Connecticut
icon Posted: 17 January 2021 [09:02 PM]

By DANTE TAGARIELLO To the Editor: Just last week, two Democratic state senators from Fairfield County, Sens. Will Haskell (Wilton) and Alex Kasser (Greenwich), have once again proposed a bill to support highway tolling. Both senators have proposed the…

YOUR VIEW: A big thank you from the Bristol Historical Society
icon Posted: 17 January 2021 [09:01 PM]

THE BRISTOL HISTORICAL SOCIETY To the Editor: The Bristol Historical Society, as other organizations, had to curtail programming and was unable to open during the covid-19 pandemic. This certainly impacted finances and the ability of BHS to raise the revenues…

Monday 01/04/2021
YOUR VIEW: The arts are essential and they need our help
icon Posted: 04 January 2021 [09:04 PM]

By KATE MCOMBER To the Editor: The arts are essential and they need our help. In March, the City of Hartford asked the Greater Hartford Arts Council to survey a number of local arts organizations about how they were…

YOUR VIEW: Certain things cannot be negotiable
icon Posted: 04 January 2021 [09:02 PM]

By ALEX SOKLOW To the Editor: If President Biden agrees to a pact with Iran or North Korea, we must be allowed to inspect suspected sites without a waiting period. If there is a waiting period, they can move…

YOUR VIEW: We must keep fighting covid-19 globally
icon Posted: 04 January 2021 [09:01 PM]

By JACOB SWATHI To the Editor: As our own country struggles with the battle against covid-19, some may have forgotten the global scale of this disease, especially in third-world countries. Due to limited manufacturing and the preorders of wealthy…

Sunday 12/20/2020
YOUR VIEW: Americans need to come together
icon Posted: 20 December 2020 [08:16 PM]

By KIM SHINKOSKEY To the Editor: Americans late in 2020 have found our first, if likely our last, common rallying point since 2016. That wonderful place of agreement is priority vaccination of healthcare workers. In this, we all believe.…

YOUR VIEW: Thanks Nuchies for the memories
icon Posted: 20 December 2020 [08:15 PM]

To the Editor: Nuchie’s Restaurant will be missed. The “Christmas Wishes for Kids” event has been sponsored by the Mid-State Association of Realtors and Nuchies, for more than 25 years, Dave and Mike Pasqualicchio have given their all…

Monday 12/07/2020
YOUR VIEW: Long-term care residents should get covid vaccine first
icon Posted: 07 December 2020 [09:03 PM]

By MARK PARKINSON AND SCOTT TITTLE To the Editor: Dear Governors, Thank you for your leadership in response to this unprecedented health crisis and the action your administrations have undertaken to help nursing homes and assisted living communities protect our…

Monday 11/23/2020
YOUR VIEW: The Bristol Veterans Councilis very appreciative
icon Posted: 23 November 2020 [08:11 PM]

By TIM GAMACHE To the Editor: The Bristol Veterans Council would like to express our appreciation to those high school student volunteers who assisted with reading the names of Bristol Veterans who passed away in the last year. Without…

Thursday 10/29/2020
YOUR VIEW: Rasmussen-Tuller is the right choice for state rep
icon Posted: 29 October 2020 [09:19 PM]

By MEL BARDELL To the Editor: Over the last 4 months, I have had the pleasure of volunteering with #andrewforbristol’s campaign. Not only has it been an incredibly rewarding learning experience - regarding even just a small portion of…

Wednesday 10/28/2020
YOUR VIEW: I support my Democrat colleagues
icon Posted: 28 October 2020 [09:19 PM]

By ELLEN ZOPPO-SASSU To the Editor: I want to share a few reasons why I am enthusiastic about the election and the potential of electing Mary Fortier and Andrew Rasmussen-Tuller, as well as re-electing Chris Ziogas to represent Bristol in…

YOUR VIEW: We need to make sure we re-elect Pavalock-D'Amato
icon Posted: 28 October 2020 [09:18 PM]

By ERNIE PITTI To the Editor: “I am a senior and an unabashed, enthusiastic supporter of Cara Pavalock-D’Amato! To those who may ask why, let me say first and foremost, she works for all of us! She knows how to…

YOUR VIEW: Vote yes to repair, maintain Southington's roads
icon Posted: 28 October 2020 [09:17 PM]

By MARK J. SCIOTA To the Editor: On Nov. 3, 2020, there will be a $10 million referendum for road improvements on the ballot. If approved, it is a serious responsibility to utilize these funds as effectively as possible.…

Tuesday 10/27/2020
YOUR VIEW: Vote Sanchez for state representative
icon Posted: 27 October 2020 [09:26 PM]

By PAUL ZAGORSKY To the Editor: I write in support of Emmanuel “Manny” Sanchez as New Britain state representative. He has served the city’s interests well as an alderman for 10 years and will do so as state representative.…

YOUR VIEW: I'm supporting the Bristol Democrats on Election Day
icon Posted: 27 October 2020 [09:24 PM]

By TIM GAMACHE To the Editor: As Election Day nears, I would like to voice my support for the Democratic Team of Mary Fortier (state senate, 31st), Andrew Rasmussen-Tuller (state rep., 77th), Chris Ziogas (state rep., 79th) and Dean Kilbourne…

YOUR VIEW: Kilbourne for judge of probate
icon Posted: 27 October 2020 [09:22 PM]

By CHRIS, TIM, LISA AND NICOLE MAYNARD To the Editor: The Maynard Family is proud to support Dean Kilbourne as judge of probate. Our father was Judge Robert Maynard. He was elected as probate judge and served honorably from…

YOUR VIEW: Vote yes to repair Southington's roads
icon Posted: 27 October 2020 [09:19 PM]

By CHRIS PALMIERI To the Editor: I would like to share my support for the $10 million roads improvement referendum in Southington. This is the next step in a long-range plan to improve our 214 miles of this…