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GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: Parents, what you do matters

Over the years that I have been a teacher, I have told parents not to give up because their kids really are listening to them. They really are the most important people in their children’s lives, regardless of what their…

icon Posted: 24 April 2017 [10:43 PM]

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Sunday 04/23/2017
A POINT TO PONDER: The waste of it all: Goodbye, Aaron Hernandez
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:25 PM]

The tragedy we have witnessed as a state with the story of Aaron Hernandez is a tale Shakespeare couldn’t have engineered. The youngster from Bristol was the athlete from another planet. He was the best in his city, the…

Saturday 04/22/2017
Chris Powell: Decline of Catholic Church could leave state barren
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:22 PM]

Columnist Sixty years ago with enactment of its law allowing towns to provide bus transportation to church schools, legislation that was contested almost as bitterly as a holy war, Connecticut began its transformation from a Yankee, Protestant, and Republican state…

Michael Reagan: Advice for President Trump
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:20 PM]

Columnist Dear Mr. President. I have some more friendly but important advice for you. It’s not about your itchy twitter finger or your golf game. I’ll take the great Ernie Els’ word for it that you don’t need any golf…

Kathleen Parker: Murder while you watch
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:18 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - The Facebook video of a homicide was surely inevitable. This isn’t the same as saying that video murders soon will become all the rage, but it was more likely to happen eventually than not. Forget…

E.J. Dionne: Our government is not a Trump property
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:17 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - Two issues are paramount in American politics. The first is whether President Trump will get away with his arrogant dismissal of the public’s right to a transparent government free of corrupting conflicts of interest. The second is…

Friday 04/21/2017
Why slashing the NIH budget is indefensible
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [08:03 PM]

The Nation In January 1970, the organizers of the first Earth Day published a full-page ad in The New York Times. A few months ahead of thousands of demonstrations and teach-ins across the United States, they declared that Earth Day…

Secret Service pushing Americans farther from the White House
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [07:59 PM]

Column Shut it down and close it up. That seems to be the default reaction of the Secret Service to any problem or failing - including its own - in protecting Washington, D.C., buildings. The bunker mentality has turned the…

Thursday 04/20/2017
Latest Fox scandal teaches a wonderful lesson
icon Posted: 20 April 2017 [08:51 PM]

Columnist Gretchen Carlson filed suit against Roger Ailes last summer - and started an avalanche. Less than 10 months later, two of the most powerful men in media, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, have been knocked off lofty perches at…

Wednesday 04/19/2017
We should not unlearn the lessons of 2008 Great Recession
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:49 PM]

Column The Trump administration is more than halfway through the 120-day review of financial regulation that the president ordered on Feb. 3. Time flies! And the hot new idea is, well, an old idea: the Glass-Steagall Act, a Depression-era law…

Syria, N. Korea are bit players. Iran is the bigger threat
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:45 PM]

Columnist President Donald Trump and his advisers are rightly concerned about Syria and North Korea. These rogue states, guilty of human rights atrocities, pose the risk of wider violence and destabilization. Syria’s civil war has already created millions of refugees,…

Tuesday 04/18/2017
Breaking up the big banks offers a lot to like
icon Posted: 18 April 2017 [07:24 PM]

Columnist One great misunderstanding about the financial crisis is the role that repealing the Glass-Steagall Act played. This is newly relevant, as there has been interest from White House economic adviser Gary Cohn in restoring the Depression-era legislation. President…

Monday 04/17/2017
GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: What most parents don't know
icon Posted: 17 April 2017 [09:47 PM]

Wiring our children’s brains for success is a race against time! The early years of childhood are easy. They are eager to learn how to see, walk, talk, eat, play, run and all the other stuff they do. Our kids…

Sunday 04/16/2017
A POINT TO PONDER: The real world? Will Trump bring change?
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:20 PM]

Okay, the holy days are over, and we are on the clock of the real world. I am upset, as many Americans are, that Syria was attacked at the president’s orders, and that we are looking at a faceoff with…

Saturday 04/15/2017
Chris Powell: Ban welfare for sugar, leave everyone else alone
icon Posted: 15 April 2017 [08:17 PM]

Columnist While the General Assembly has yet to come close to devising a budget in the face of state government’s insolvency, some legislators are advocating a major extension of the nanny state. They want to impose a special tax on…

Kathleen Parker: Low rent for big bucks
icon Posted: 15 April 2017 [08:13 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - Despite recent revelations that Fox News and anchor Bill O’Reilly had settled five complaints of sexual harassment against him to the tune of millions - his ratings went up. A few days later, a United AirIines…

Invasive searches at the border exploit a loophole
icon Posted: 15 April 2017 [08:09 PM]

Pretty much everyone can agree that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents should be able to freely search travelers’ bags at the border. Their job is to stop everything from illegal weapons to illicit drugs to invasive species from entering…

Republicans in a funk, nearly 100 days into the Trump presidency
icon Posted: 15 April 2017 [08:08 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - The close special election in the Kansas 4th congressional district, which should have been a slam dunk for Republicans, and wariness about next week’s special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district reflect Republicans’ lack…

Friday 04/14/2017
E.J. Dionne: Real Trump: populist, conventional conservative, centrist?
icon Posted: 14 April 2017 [08:32 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - President Trump rose to power on a combination of meanness, incoherence and falsehoods. His strategy depended almost entirely on playing off the unpopularity and weaknesses of others. Every aspect of his approach has blown up on him…

Some Republicans secretly love Obamacare
icon Posted: 14 April 2017 [08:29 PM]

Wonkblog Republicans haven’t been able to replace Obamacare, because they think the problem with it, metaphorically speaking, is that the food is terrible and the portions are too small. That, of course, is what Woody Allen had to say…

Thursday 04/13/2017
Sunday 04/09/2017
A POINT TO PONDER: Rejoice and be blessed this Easter
icon Posted: 09 April 2017 [09:11 PM]

The coming week for all Christians is the high holy holiday of the Christian calendar, Easter week. Since Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, Christians have been making ready for the miracle of Easter Sunday, the celebration of the…

Saturday 04/08/2017
Containing fallout: The Senate and the nuclear option
icon Posted: 08 April 2017 [09:06 PM]

The Washington Post No one should be happy about what happened in the Senate on Thursday. We do not just mean that, as many senators have recognized, both sides will at some point regret eliminating the…

E.J. Dionne: The Supreme Court political machine
icon Posted: 08 April 2017 [09:01 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - Why are Democrats filibustering Judge Neil Gorsuch? Because they’ve had enough with the politics of power grabbing and bullying. At the root of this fight is a long-term conservative effort to dominate the Supreme Court and turn…

Chris Powell: Wage discrimination bill makes truth illegal
icon Posted: 08 April 2017 [09:00 PM]

Columnist Wishing has yet to make anything so, but the belief that it does may be strongest in Connecticut, where the General Assembly soon may pass legislation to forbid employers from inquiring about the salary history of job applicants.…

Science is the best insurance policy against disease
icon Posted: 08 April 2017 [08:58 PM]

Bloomberg View As young doctors in the 1980s, we witnessed the devastation of the AIDS epidemic. In those early years, patients died within months of diagnosis, often in agony, suffering headaches, diarrhea, shortness of breath and even blindness. Yet medical…

Friday 04/07/2017
Another Constitutional Convention? Sequels are always worse
icon Posted: 07 April 2017 [07:38 PM]

The Washington Post The last time the United States held a constitutional convention was in 1787. That one turned out pretty well. The next one could have far more doleful results. And the nation is much closer…

Nunes is out of the Russia probe; Rice spin collapses
icon Posted: 07 April 2017 [07:38 PM]

The Washington Post President Donald Trump’s wild accusation and the right-wing media’s eagerness to support the claims of the Trump White House, working in cahoots with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., that there was nefarious “unmasking” of Trump…

Monday 04/03/2017
GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
icon Posted: 03 April 2017 [09:34 PM]

When I was in the Army, I was often physically uncomfortable from the heavy helmet on my head to the rumbling in my belly and the blisters on my feet. I didn’t know it at the time, but being uncomfortable…

Sunday 04/02/2017
A Point to Ponder: People believe some really strange stuff
icon Posted: 02 April 2017 [06:56 PM]

Did you know that there are many Americans and, for that matter, people around the world, who believe some strange stuff? And I mean they really believe it. For example, there are secret American-alien bases on the moon,…

E.J. Dionne: Trump and the bear that is lurking in the woods
icon Posted: 02 April 2017 [06:54 PM]

WASHINGTON - It is jarring to see pro-Trump conservatives indifferent or even hostile to investigations of Russian intervention in the 2016 campaign. Just a few years ago (it feels like an eternity), conservatives were jumping all over President…

Saturday 04/01/2017
Trump, Trumpism and the conservatives' challenge
icon Posted: 01 April 2017 [08:43 PM]

If President Donald Trump really wants to bring the House Freedom Caucus to heel, he will probably have to escalate his attacks on them. Tweets about the group of 30 or so of the most conservative Republicans in…

Trump, Ryan promise magic
icon Posted: 01 April 2017 [08:41 PM]

President Donald Trump is tweeting mad. He let fly at the House Freedom Caucus Thursday morning, telling them to get in line and pass the Republican stuff that Republican Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican President Donald Trump want…

My hard to top pick for boldness, unpopularity
icon Posted: 01 April 2017 [07:40 PM]

State House Republican minority leader Themis Klarides remarked this week that to solve Connecticut’s catastrophic budget problems elected officials must be bold and risk becoming unpopular. But that injunction already defines Governor Malloy over the last several months.…

Kathleen Parker: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair
icon Posted: 01 April 2017 [07:36 PM]

WASHINGTON - Though Republicans profess to despise Big Government, especially the federal kind, it seems that what they really don’t like is Democracy - and indeed prefer a monarchy. Yes, yes, the czarina sighed, signaling her weariness with…

E.J. Dionne: Drowning out the working class
icon Posted: 01 April 2017 [07:34 PM]

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Whatever happened to the interests of the working class? Weren’t they supposed to be front and center in the Trump administration? Here’s one clue: When a policy that helps some corporate sector can be repackaged…

Friday 03/31/2017
With TSA patdowns indignity is the painful price of security
icon Posted: 31 March 2017 [08:49 PM]

It was probably worse for the Transportation Security Administration officer than it was for me. Maybe I’d better explain. I recently had the misfortune of experiencing the TSA’s recently enhanced pat-down procedure. According to ABC News, you see,…

Sears, Kmart, Malls: My new retail worry list
icon Posted: 31 March 2017 [08:44 PM]

My wife and I met on a blind date at a Bonanza restaurant in a nearby shopping mall nearly 32 years ago, so it was dismaying to drop in on the same mall on a recent Saturday afternoon.…

Wednesday 03/29/2017
Monday 03/27/2017
GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: Parenting can be really hilarious
icon Posted: 27 March 2017 [09:19 PM]

Come on, parents, you know it’s true. Parenting is hilarious. Well, it’s hilarious if we’re looking at it through the right lens. And since we parents are so exhausted and can barely see straight anyway, I think it makes a…

Sunday 03/26/2017
E.J. Dionne: The GOP's lost health care conscience
icon Posted: 26 March 2017 [09:08 PM]

WASHINGTON - I really miss liberal Republicans. People like Mitt Romney. No doubt the former Massachusetts governor would be aghast at being called such a thing. Of course Romney is not a liberal in any conventional sense. But…

Kathleen Parker: Governing by ultimatum
icon Posted: 26 March 2017 [09:06 PM]

WASHINGTON - In a week that felt like a month, Americans got a clear view of Donald Trump’s governing style and also of his fabled deal-making approach. Or rather, I should say, Trump got a good sense of…

Saturday 03/25/2017
E.J. Dionne: Gorsuch's convenient untruth: Non-partisan judges
icon Posted: 25 March 2017 [08:15 PM]

WASHINGTON - With a shrewdly calculated innocence, Judge Neil Gorsuch told a big fat lie at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Because it was a lie everyone expected, nobody called it that. “There’s no such thing as a…

Chris Powell: Another boy is murdered as policy feeds poverty
icon Posted: 25 March 2017 [08:15 PM]

When it comes to poverty, Connecticut always celebrates the obvious but never does anything about it. Take the murder this month of a 15-year-old boy, shot in the head in the corridor of an apartment building in Hartford,…

Michael Reagan: Time to stop digging the ratholes of Washington
icon Posted: 25 March 2017 [08:14 PM]

Ratholes. Both parties in Washington can’t stop going down their favorite rathole. And the rest of us poor civilians from coast-to-coast and in-between have to watch - and suffer. The entire country has been poisoned by the constant…

A conservative case for the National Endowment for the Arts
icon Posted: 25 March 2017 [08:14 PM]

Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice for president. I was. But he was my second choice, and I’m proud that I supported him. In tackling the federal budget, he faces a debt that has doubled to $20 trillion…

Trumpcare: How we got from 'wonderful' to widely panned
icon Posted: 25 March 2017 [08:11 PM]

During the presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump said he would replace Obamacare with “something terrific.” In February, he assured us he was putting together something “wonderful.” He would cover “everybody,” he said in an interview with The Washington…