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GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Too young to get a job?

Dear Granddaddy, why can’t they have jobs for us? I want to make some money! Ahmen- 14-year old student I feel your pain, Ahmen. When I was your age, a lot of us had paper routes. It…

icon Posted: 15 January 2019 [06:41 PM]

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Wednesday 01/09/2019
Spacey, R. Kelly: How bad boy wannabes became bad men
icon Posted: 09 January 2019 [05:16 PM]

Columnist The Nantucket courtroom in which Kevin Spacey was arraigned Monday was a real courtroom, not a Hollywood set. Instead of a dramatic mahogony judge’s bench, it had a plastic laminate desk. Instead of a coiffed character in costume, it…

Enhancing democracy is the job of the new House majority
icon Posted: 09 January 2019 [05:16 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - “This is what democracy looks like.” It’s the chant heard again and again at the women’s marches the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated and echoed later in mobilizations on behalf of gun sanity and the Affordable…

Monday 01/07/2019
ERIN STEWART: City budget a priority in 2019
icon Posted: 07 January 2019 [04:44 PM]

Opinion Welcome 2019! It’s time to start fresh for the New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. First and foremost, 2019 will be a year focused on the budget. With a new governor and legislature, combined…

Is Donald Trump losing his agenda-setting power?
icon Posted: 07 January 2019 [04:42 PM]

Opinion As the government shutdown drags on, it remains the case that President Donald Trump’s proposed wall is unpopular with the American people. But an argument can be made that even if Trump’s proposals are unpopular, he still benefits from…

Saudi Arabia's trial for Jamal Khashoggi's killing is a travesty
icon Posted: 07 January 2019 [04:42 PM]

Opinion It might not have been a coincidence that as the new Congress convened Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced the opening of a trial of 11 people charged in the slaying of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. After all, the U.S. Senate so…

Sunday 01/06/2019
Carousel Museum saw many highlights in 2018
icon Posted: 06 January 2019 [06:30 PM]

It has been one heck of a year at the New England Carousel Museum and the Bushnell Park Carousel with exciting special events produced and wonderful new education programs created and successfully produced for our communities. Taking part in hosting…

This is the No. 1 priority for Republican senators
icon Posted: 06 January 2019 [06:28 PM]

By Hugh Hewitt Congressional Republicans have little to say or do in the shutdown debate. Whatever deal emerges from President Donald Trump’s negotiations with incoming speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., will…

Stop me before I demolish a credit card machine
icon Posted: 06 January 2019 [06:27 PM]

By Danny Tyree I knew it wasn’t just me! In recent weeks I’ve overheard multiple shoppers gripe about navigating the wildly dissimilar credit card setups at different establishments. Credit card machines have gotten just as confusing as the…

Monday 12/31/2018
Elizabeth Warren jumps in first
icon Posted: 31 December 2018 [06:52 PM]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a fiery populist on the left, announced she is forming an exploratory committee for a 2020 presidential run. Her earnest plea for working people and her attack on the rich and powerful provide a stark contrast…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Americans should blame Congress, not the Border Patrol
icon Posted: 31 December 2018 [06:50 PM]

Columnist The liberal media are up to their usual dirty immigration tricks. This time, they’re exploiting the death of a second Guatemalan child who died while in the custody of the Border Patrol at the southwestern border. As usual, the…

If we ease up on Islamic State, we could be attacked again
icon Posted: 31 December 2018 [06:48 PM]

We were both deeply involved in our nation’s fight against al-Qaida and its early fight against the Islamic State, and we both believe it is imperative that President Donald Trump remember what we consider to be the most important lesson…

Sunday 12/30/2018
Here's what Democrats should look for in a 2020 nominee
icon Posted: 30 December 2018 [07:13 PM]

The Washington Post We still don’t know which Democrats (most of them?) will run for president in 2020. Nevertheless, from the vantage point of an ex-Republican and homeless political wanderer - one who has seen her party taken over by…

More backroom and less battlefield in movies
icon Posted: 30 December 2018 [07:12 PM]

Special to The Washington Post “See that door?” Donald Rumsfeld, played by Steve Carell, asks Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney early on in “Vice,” Adam McKay’s freewheeling, comic-tragic collage-biopic. “Because of the discussion Nixon and Kissinger are having behind that door…

The Democrats need a new foreign policy
icon Posted: 30 December 2018 [07:12 PM]

The Washington Post For decades, elites in the United States had a consensus on foreign policy: They believed that championing a liberal world order was in our interest. Now, we are seeing a new left-right axis emerge around protectionism and…

Friday 12/28/2018
Federal workers are not Democrats - or poker chips
icon Posted: 28 December 2018 [06:39 PM]

Special to The Washington Post Roughly 2 million civilian employees work for the federal government. They are men and women of every racial background and from every state in the country. Yet there is one thing they all have in…

How Trump can make the Syria withdrawal work
icon Posted: 28 December 2018 [06:38 PM]

Special to The Washington Post President Donald Trump’s Dec. 23 tweet promising a “slow and highly coordinated” withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria may ease the gnashing of teeth among officials and analysts in Washington, but it won’t end the…

Path out of shutdown has been obvious for weeks
icon Posted: 28 December 2018 [06:37 PM]

The shutdown of roughly 25 percent of the federal government continued into a sixth day Thursday, with little or no evidence that President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponents on Capitol Hill are moving any closer toward a deal that…

Tuesday 12/25/2018
Mulvaney's bluffs may catch up to him soon
icon Posted: 25 December 2018 [06:25 PM]

By James Downie Days before Donald Trump was elected president, then-Rep. Mick Mulvaney limited his endorsement of the GOP nominee. “Yes, I’m supporting Donald Trump,” he told a campaign debate audience. “I’m doing so as enthusiastically as I…

Trump has done much for Americans imprisoned abroad
icon Posted: 25 December 2018 [06:24 PM]

By Jackson Diehl President Donald Trump didn’t have many foreign policy celebrations this year, but some of those he had were worth watching. Andrew Brunson, the American pastor held by Turkey’s authoritarian regime, knelt and prayed in the…

Think the shutdown will hurt Trump? Think again
icon Posted: 25 December 2018 [06:21 PM]

By Henry Olsen Another government shutdown. Coming on the heels of Donald Trump’s precipitous withdrawal from Syria, the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and continued decline in the stock market, this merely adds to the growing sense…

Sunday 12/23/2018
Why a look at Andrew Jackson could rescue American politics
icon Posted: 23 December 2018 [06:14 PM]

Special to The Washington Post Donald Trump should inspire a new look at Andrew Jackson. Even by 19th-century standards, Jackson was terrible. In addition to being an overseer of enslaved people, a slaveholder and a slave trader, he was technically…

Did Reagan really call for a border wall? No way, Jose
icon Posted: 23 December 2018 [06:08 PM]

When you are a conservative losing an argument, say it was what Ronald Reagan would have done. President Donald Trump was the latest Republican to try that familiar gambit, with a tweet Thursday morning that claimed his border wall would…

Republicans are responsible for the Trump fiasco
icon Posted: 23 December 2018 [05:59 PM]

The Washington Post Let’s put aside for the moment the question of whether President Donald Trump committed crimes in obtaining the presidency (conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws by hush-money payments or receipt of assistance from a foreign power) or…

Monday 12/17/2018
Trump sparks a debate over the future of American power
icon Posted: 17 December 2018 [07:58 PM]

The Washington Post President Donald Trump will retreat to his Florida resort at the end of this week. Nearing the halfway point of his term in office, his political isolation in Washington is deepening. A slew of candidates balked at…

Americans grow weary of Trump turmoil
icon Posted: 17 December 2018 [07:56 PM]

The Washington Post Watching President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani try to have it all ways (“No. I don’t believe [Roger Stone told Trump about WikiLeaks]. But again, if Roger Stone gave anybody a heads-up about WikiLeaks’ leaks, that’s not…

May's delays are making Brexit worse
icon Posted: 17 December 2018 [07:55 PM]

It’s unclear what U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May hoped to get from leaders of the European Union at their recent summit. As things turned out, she got less than nothing - a public brush-off that further weakened her standing at…

Sunday 12/16/2018
Is tax reform really working?
icon Posted: 16 December 2018 [06:38 PM]

By Karl W. Smith It’s still too early for a definitive verdict on whether last year’s corporate tax reforms have led to an increase in business investment. But the absence of any clear signs - as…

What lessons could Trump learn from Cohen?
icon Posted: 16 December 2018 [06:36 PM]

The Washington Post The Washington Post reported Dec. 12: “A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen to three years in prison for financial crimes and lying to Congress, as the disgraced former ‘fixer’ apologized but…

Apollo8, Christmas Eve 1968 and a message for today
icon Posted: 16 December 2018 [06:35 PM]

1968 was a year desperately in need of a Merry Christmas. The year had seen student protests worldwide, the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War, a chaotic Democratic National Convention, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F.…

Friday 12/14/2018
Stop ignoring that 21 trillion pound gorilla
icon Posted: 14 December 2018 [08:27 PM]

Special to The Washington Post Do deficits matter? Clearly, the White House and a substantial number of congressional Republicans can’t decide. On one hand, they sound like cost-cutting deficit hawks when out on the stump or issuing tweets. But once…

The Brexiteers have failed - so they blame Teresa May
icon Posted: 14 December 2018 [08:24 PM]

The Washington Post In almost any field of human endeavor - football, acting, plumbing - failure has a price. If you can’t push the hockey puck into the goal, you get kicked off the team. If your jokes don’t make…

Monday 12/10/2018
Saying 'You're fired' too often is bad for a presidency
icon Posted: 10 December 2018 [08:51 PM]

By Kara Alaimo President Donald Trump said Saturday that his chief of staff, John Kelly, would step down by the end of the year. Kelly’s departure will add to records the Trump administration has already set for…

John Kelly and the myth of the 'adult in the room'
icon Posted: 10 December 2018 [08:49 PM]

President Donald Trump always seemed like he was collecting generals the way some children collect Barbie dolls - not necessarily because he liked interacting with them but because he liked having them, all lined up in their best outfits, ready…

Sunday 12/09/2018
Critics miss Christmas specials' points
icon Posted: 09 December 2018 [07:16 PM]

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review With everything in everyday American life politicized, count on someone, somewhere, being offended by something, anything - even classic Christmas TV specials. A recent Huffington Post tweet promoting a video about a holiday classic says “’Rudolph the…

Here's more proof that President Trump's crime wave is a fake
icon Posted: 09 December 2018 [07:11 PM]

The Washington Post Since he began his campaign in 2015, Donald Trump has insisted - and based a good deal of his agenda - on the notion that illegal immigrants are causing a massive crime wave. When he first came…

The Republicans' tax on religion is a nightmare for many
icon Posted: 09 December 2018 [07:09 PM]

Opinion “Republicans tax churches to help pay for big corporate giveaway.” You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a headline from The Onion or the fantasy of some left-wing website. But it’s exactly what happened in the big…

Tuesday 12/04/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Should students get more gym time?
icon Posted: 04 December 2018 [08:51 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, I don’t like the fact that my high school only has gym twice a week. Dakota- A student Dakota, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m a big believer in the Old World Greek values of mind…

Monday 12/03/2018
ERIN STEWART: New Britain has seen many positive changes
icon Posted: 03 December 2018 [05:56 PM]

Opinion Time flies. I just marked five years serving as your mayor. When I reflect on the past, I feel gratitude for the positive changes that have come to our community. Those changes couldn’t have happened without you. Since the…

Charitable giving makes a difference in communities
icon Posted: 03 December 2018 [05:52 PM]

Opinion You might think that wealthy people who can tax deduct their charitable contributions are the most generous Americans, and many are. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett deserve praise for the billions they have personally given to charity.…

GM says layoffs will boost its bottom line, it is more complicated
icon Posted: 03 December 2018 [05:50 PM]

Opinion This week, General Motors announced plans to halt production at several of its plants. The move could see over 14,000 jobs lost, 8,000 of which are in North America. GM chief executive Mary Barra told reporters that while the…

Sunday 12/02/2018
We're missing the forest for Melania Trump's red holiday trees
icon Posted: 02 December 2018 [07:28 PM]

The Washington Post It isn’t easy to make Christmas decorations pop. American Christmas --the pagan spectacle of capitalism as opposed to the religious holiday - is about excess, about competing with the neighbor’s bigger budget or lower taste threshold when…

Small groups of vaccine refusers can make people sick
icon Posted: 02 December 2018 [07:26 PM]

Infectious diseases such as chickenpox and measles - once a rite of passage for American children - have been made uncommon because of vaccines. However, in recent years, an increasing number of parents are refusing vaccines, resulting in outbreaks. The…

Monday 11/26/2018
The rhetoric of reaction to the planet's climate change
icon Posted: 26 November 2018 [08:19 PM]

I hope you and yours had a good Thanksgiving break. Everyone needs some time to pay attention to family, friends, turkey-induced naps, holiday sales and whatnot. One cannot spend every day focused on current events, lest one go mad with…

In Ukraine, leaders don't want all-out war
icon Posted: 26 November 2018 [08:15 PM]

Sunday’s dramatic events in the Kerch Strait, where Russian troops seized three Ukrainian navy vessels, highlight the Kremlin’s resolve to hold on to the spoils of its aggression against Ukraine and flout its international obligations. They also show the lengths…

U.S. elections are still a wreck, and there's no easy solution
icon Posted: 26 November 2018 [08:13 PM]

After more than two centuries of democracy, America is still having difficulty counting votes - in certain places, anyway. Many precincts managed the Nov. 6 election smoothly. Orange County, California, for instance, home to a handful of tightly contested congressional…

Sunday 11/25/2018
You think things are bad now? Take a look back at 1978
icon Posted: 25 November 2018 [08:05 PM]

The Washington Post In more robust times for the metropolitan newspaper business, the Kansas City Star ran a column devoted to nourishing civic memory. The feature recalled events and personalities from 40 years past - roughly half a lifetime -…