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THEIR VIEW: Leave Rosenstein alone

For a nerve-wracking hour or so Monday morning, reports circulated that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had resigned in anticipation that President Donald Trump would fire him. It turned out that Rosenstein had neither resigned nor been fired, though he…

icon Posted: 25 September 2018 [08:16 PM]

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Tuesday 09/25/2018
CHRIS POWELL: Liberals commandeer the mob
icon Posted: 25 September 2018 [08:14 PM]

Judges, elected officials, and even the most angry political controversies come and go but our liberties and procedural safeguards of justice, fitfully established and nurtured over the centuries, remain more important. The controversy over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh…

Kavanaugh controversy is a victory for #MeToo
icon Posted: 25 September 2018 [08:13 PM]

Ever since murmurings began to emerge that a woman had accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in high school, Kavanaugh’s confirmation has been viewed as a referendum on the #MeToo movement. If Kavanaugh, who denies…

Pay attention to warning signs about North Korea
icon Posted: 25 September 2018 [08:10 PM]

A three-day summit meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea this last week produced some significant steps to reduce tensions and the risk of war along the two countries’ borders, as well as plans for new economic cooperation.…

Monday 09/24/2018
THEIR VIEW: Mass shootings are now common in the U.S.
icon Posted: 24 September 2018 [07:39 PM]

“Unfortunately, all of us have been standing here before.” That was Harford County (Maryland) Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler talking about the mass shooting Thursday morning at a warehouse in Aberdeen and the fact that the county had previously experienced other horrific…

Sunday 09/23/2018
THEIR VIEW: Refugee police is a disgrace
icon Posted: 23 September 2018 [08:43 PM]

President Donald Trump’s decision to cut the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. hardly comes as a surprise. Even by this administration’s standards, however, the policy just announced is impressive in its heartlessness, cynicism and dishonesty. The current cap…

Bezos is what democracy needs
icon Posted: 23 September 2018 [08:41 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion The response to Jeff Bezos’s announcement of a $2 billion fund to create preschools and help homeless families has been muted if not skeptical. Some critics say that Bezos should give raises to Amazon workers first. Others argue…

Hurricane Florence isn't finished yet
icon Posted: 23 September 2018 [08:40 PM]

The Awshington Post PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. -- From dark and stormy to clear and breezy, the coastline that a million or so of us evacuated two weeks ago now looks like any other perfect day at the beach. The only…

He couldn't help it; Trump just had to slime Kavanaugh's accuser
icon Posted: 23 September 2018 [08:38 PM]

The biggest political story of this year’s elections may end up being that we all underestimated just how deeply alienated the female electorate might grow from President Donald Trump - and, possibly, the Republican Party as well. Friday, Trump finally…

Friday 09/21/2018
THEIR VIEW: A surprise nomination
icon Posted: 21 September 2018 [09:43 PM]

President Donald Trump’s planned nomination of Nellie Liang to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, which oversees everything from interest-rate policy to financial stability, is a little surprising. She’s admirably well-qualified and in every way a good choice. Trump hasn’t…

Dem majority in U.S. House might solve concrete mess
icon Posted: 21 September 2018 [09:42 PM]

At their two debates the candidates for governor offered nothing to homeowners in the northeastern part of the state whose home foundations are disintegrating because of faulty concrete. The candidates would like insurance companies, mortgage-holding banks, and the federal government…

What's the GOP's hurry with Brett Kavanaugh?
icon Posted: 21 September 2018 [09:41 PM]

WASHINGTON - For those insisting that Republican senators take Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh seriously, one aspect of the conversation is particularly infuriating: the notion that the timeline established by the GOP for completing this process is…

China's interference in U.S. politics is just beginning
icon Posted: 21 September 2018 [09:40 PM]

The Trump administration is publicly calling out China for attempting to influence U.S. politics ahead of the midterm elections. Privately, the U.S. government is looking past November as Beijing expands its already significant capability to interfere in American democracy over…

Thursday 09/20/2018
No to the National Park Service
icon Posted: 20 September 2018 [09:10 PM]

The National Park Service has floated the idea of whether it should charge fees to groups that hold protests on the National Mall. The reason cited by officials for this possible change is the cost to the federal government of…

'Fort Trump' would set dangerous precedent
icon Posted: 20 September 2018 [09:05 PM]

Polish President Andrzej Duda’s offer to call a military base “Fort Trump” if the U.S. agrees to set one up in his country was, of course, a joke - but not entirely. For Poland, President Donald Trump’s transactional approach to…

Making accusations against a powerful man isn't easy
icon Posted: 20 September 2018 [09:04 PM]

It’s hard to publicly allege misconduct by a powerful man. No woman wants to be known primarily as a victim of harassment or, worse, assault. It’s humiliating. We - women who have gone public - are so much more than…

Are Trump's new tariffs against China a legitimate strategy?
icon Posted: 20 September 2018 [09:02 PM]

Following through on previous threats, President Donald Trump announced on Monday new tariffs on $200 billion worth of imports from China, in addition to levies previously imposed on $50 billion worth of goods. The taxes, which go into effect…

Wednesday 09/19/2018
THEIR VIEW: An abuse of power
icon Posted: 19 September 2018 [08:51 PM]

President Donald Trump has demanded the immediate declassification of portions of an order allowing the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, text-message records from several of Trump’s chief whipping boys at the FBI and interview records with Bruce…

CHRIS POWELL: For Blumenthal, whatever can stop Kavanaugh is OK
icon Posted: 19 September 2018 [08:49 PM]

Almost any accusation against a 17-year-old boy may be plausible. But plausibility is not fairness, even if fairness long ago lost any standing in this country’s politics, and there are big questions of fairness in the accusation by the college…

MICHAEL REAGAN: If it's anti-Trump, it must be fit to print
icon Posted: 19 September 2018 [08:45 PM]

The stories of chaos, craziness and betrayal going on inside the Trump White House are nothing to worry much about. White House staffers attempting to influence, question or thwart a president’s ideas or goals are as old as George Washington,…

There is something everyone has forgotten about Manafort
icon Posted: 19 September 2018 [08:43 PM]

President Donald Trump’s defenders responded to the news of Paul Manafort’s plea deal on Friday with the usual refrain: His case has nothing to do with the Trump campaign or allegations that it colluded with Russia in 2016. They’re wrong.…

Monday 09/17/2018
THEIR VIEW: Beware the techlash
icon Posted: 17 September 2018 [08:38 PM]

The Justice Department wants states to go after technology giants for antitrust violations. Or does it want states to go after companies for stifling free speech? It’s hard to tell from the department’s statement announcing it will convene a meeting…

Sunday 09/16/2018
THEIR VIEW: Congress must act now
icon Posted: 16 September 2018 [07:41 PM]

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday promising to punish anyone attempting to meddle in U.S. elections, including with “measures that could be capable of devastating an interfering country’s economy,” according to an administration description. For a presidency marked…

Anonymous OpEd should be a wake-up call to Republicans
icon Posted: 16 September 2018 [07:41 PM]

The New York Times took the unusual step of publishing an anonymous OpEd, from a senior Trump administration official, which both painted a horrifying portrait of an impulsive, amoral president who “continues to act in a manner that is detrimental…

Not even die-hard Republicans trust Trump on Russia
icon Posted: 16 September 2018 [07:41 PM]

Illustrating the truism that once you’ve lost credibility it’s hard to get it back, Republicans joined with Democrats in dismissing President Donald Trump’s executive order on Russia as too little, too late. The Post reported: “The order would allow Trump…

GOP's cruelty toward the poor is paying dividends in suffering
icon Posted: 16 September 2018 [07:41 PM]

The most significant part of the Affordable Care Act, itself the most significant piece of social legislation passed in decades, was its expansion of Medicaid. The idea was that no one should go without health insurance because they can’t…

Friday 09/14/2018
THEIR VIEW: The one thing you won't see on a N.Y. bus or subway
icon Posted: 14 September 2018 [07:29 PM]

Perhaps you’ve heard: Nike and Colin Kaepernick have teamed up to create a potent advertising campaign, a defiant political statement applauding the former NFL quarterback for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police killings of unarmed black men. You…

As Connecticut crumbles, Malloy places focus on climate change
icon Posted: 14 September 2018 [07:29 PM]

Bad news has been piling up quickly in state government this month. Among the examples: A department head at the University of Connecticut at Storrs resigned after getting caught approving more than $100,000 in travel expenses and paid time off…

The grassroots revolt against Judge Brett Kavanaugh
icon Posted: 14 September 2018 [06:53 PM]

PORTLAND, Maine - Exceptional dangers require exceptional and sometimes unusual responses. This was the spirit animating the volunteers at a phone bank Tuesday night in Portland. They were asking citizens to urge their state’s popular Republican senator, Susan Collins, to…

Trump didn't drain the swamp; supporters are starting to notice
icon Posted: 14 September 2018 [06:53 PM]

Here’s the thing about campaigning as an outsider, as Donald Trump did in 2016: If you win the election, you are the person in charge. You are expected to accomplish what you said you would do, or make a darn…

Thursday 09/13/2018
THEIR VIEW: U.S. hurricane response in Puerto Rico a failure
icon Posted: 13 September 2018 [08:19 PM]

Among the most troubling of the many untruths advanced by President Donald Trump is his repeated insistence that the federal government did a good - indeed, a “tremendous” - job responding to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. A recent study…

Wednesday 09/12/2018
THEIR VIEW: Many parents are saying no to tackle football for kids
icon Posted: 12 September 2018 [07:35 PM]

Should children be allowed to play tackle football? With scientific studies showing a link between the sport and traumatic brain injuries that lead to lasting health problems, that question is being asked with more frequency and urgency across the country.…

Tuesday 09/11/2018
THEIR VIEW: Tough stance on liquor at some colleges
icon Posted: 11 September 2018 [09:14 PM]

Colleges that have banned hard alcohol say the step has helped combat some of the most pernicious effects of campus drinking. They report less consumption, fewer alcohol-induced medical transports, hospitalizations and arrests, as well as a decrease in binge drinking…

Consider civility vs. hysteria at Kavanaugh hearings
icon Posted: 11 September 2018 [09:06 PM]

If you, like me, streamed 22 hours straight of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, you might have noticed something: It was often presented not so much as a fight between liberalism and conservatism, or even constitutional originalism vs. activism, but as…

Jimmy Carter's decency is a rare and wonderful thing
icon Posted: 11 September 2018 [09:04 PM]

The antithesis of Donald Trump and his administration can be studied, at least for those willing to drive 150 miles south from Atlanta, among magnolias, towering pines and seemingly endless fields of cotton, peanuts - and dreams. Jimmy and…

Sunday 09/09/2018
THEIR VIEW: One debate is not enough
icon Posted: 09 September 2018 [09:07 PM]

The two candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination for governor - incumbent Andrew Cuomo and challenger Cynthia Nixon - staged their one and only debate at Hofstra University on Long Island. They did Upstate New York voters a…

Friday 09/07/2018
THEIR VIEW: All the president's men
icon Posted: 07 September 2018 [07:18 PM]

Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear,” does not paint a different picture of the early Trump White House than the one that has already emerged from credible news organizations in daily reporting on President Donald Trump. Rather, the book fills in…

Thursday 09/06/2018
THEIR VIEW: Genetic testing needs more guidelines, oversight
icon Posted: 06 September 2018 [08:03 PM]

The search for the so-called Golden State Killer - who allegedly raped dozens of women and killed at least 12 people in the 1970s and 1980s - had hit a dead end when investigators decided to test DNA evidence from…

Wednesday 09/05/2018
THEIR VIEW: Smothering the truth
icon Posted: 05 September 2018 [05:53 PM]

Three Russian journalists landed one day in late July in the Central African Republic, a former French colony, on the trail of a story. Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguyev and Orkhan Dzhemal were investigating the activities of a shadowy Russian private…

Tuesday 09/04/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Change is inevitable, but not easy
icon Posted: 04 September 2018 [06:49 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, how do you feel about the changes in the New Britain School District, which you work in? Sam B- Teacher. Well, Sam, I can tell you that change is never easy, especially if some passing-through school…

THEIR VIEW: Nike takes a stand
icon Posted: 04 September 2018 [06:48 PM]

The debate over NFL athletes protesting racism may have entered a new chapter over the weekend: Just days before the season kicks off, Nike, one of the most culturally influential brands in sports, made Colin Kaepernick one of the faces…

Monday 09/03/2018
THEIR VIEW: In defense of accuracy
icon Posted: 03 September 2018 [07:49 PM]

As society has evolved with defined gender roles becoming a thing of the past, the use of language in all areas of American life is slowly catching up with the fact that gender-specific language is no longer fashionable. So instead…

Sunday 09/02/2018
THEIR VIEW: Putin's big problem
icon Posted: 02 September 2018 [08:15 PM]

Vladimir Putin faces an enormous challenge. He wants to deliver prosperity to Russians before 2024, when the constitution says his presidency must end, but the economy is no longer cooperating. For this unhelpful economic outlook, Russia’s president has only himself…

Middle America, are you ready for your face tattoos?
icon Posted: 02 September 2018 [08:14 PM]

Like many kids, I had a dalliance with washable temporary tattoos. As a teen, I tried (unsuccessfully) to market a comic strip about a tattoo artist named Tat McGrat. But, as I entered adulthood, some combination of nature and nurture…

Why a Democratic takeover is needed
icon Posted: 02 September 2018 [08:12 PM]

Last week the news broke that a new study has found that there were nearly 3,000 excess deaths in Puerto Rico in the six months after Hurricane Maria, a number far higher than previously estimated. Though the study claimed not…

Keep the government out of Google searches
icon Posted: 02 September 2018 [08:11 PM]

President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, announced that the administration is “taking a look” at regulating Google’s conduct, given Trump’s complaints earlier in the day that the company’s search results suppress conservative views. Kudlow’s statement raises First Amendment…

Friday 08/31/2018
School lunch bell signals another round in food fight
icon Posted: 31 August 2018 [08:05 PM]

It’s back-to-school week for millions of American children, which means it’s time to debate the federal government’s role in deciding what our kids should eat for lunch. To understand how the federal government got into the nutrition business, a little…

Can we escape Chicago's summer of 1968?
icon Posted: 31 August 2018 [08:05 PM]

CHICAGO - “Get the thing straight once and for all: The policeman isn’t there to create disorder,” said the late Mayor Richard J. Daley in explaining the riots in the streets of his city in the summer 1968. “The policeman…

THEIR VIEW: Retaliatory tariffs hurt U.S.
icon Posted: 31 August 2018 [08:05 PM]

U.S. Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer says President Trump wants to “modernize” America’s trade deals, but this week the Agriculture Department is dusting off an ancient New Deal program to assist farm casualties of his trade policy. USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue…

Thursday 08/30/2018
YOUR VIEW: You too can 'Start With Hello'
icon Posted: 30 August 2018 [06:46 PM]

To The Editor: Social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely or treated like you are invisible. Young people who are isolated can become victims of bullying, violence and depression. As a result, many further pull away…