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Our View: There's no vacation from the need for blood

Some things are predictable - unfortunately. One of them is the shortages brought on during the summer months - especially for donations of every kind: food, dollars and, mostly acutely, blood. The Red Cross reported this week that, while thousands…

icon Posted: 27 July 2017 [07:40 PM]

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Thursday 07/27/2017
Reader: Live up to pledge for positive campaign
icon Posted: 27 July 2017 [07:39 PM]

To the Editor: The Bristol Republicans have called for a positive and productive campaign season and yet Mayor Cockayne’s comment about his opponent serving only a “select few,” is at least the fourth attack on Ellen Zoppo-Sassu’s character to be…

The migrants who died last weekend won't be the last
icon Posted: 27 July 2017 [07:36 PM]

The tableau of misery inside a tractor-trailer packed with undocumented immigrants at a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio last weekend was beyond horrific. At one point, before dozens of the migrants were offloaded by human traffickers, more…

The twin threats to our republic's health
icon Posted: 27 July 2017 [07:35 PM]

The news is being reported on split screen as if the one big story in Washington is disconnected from the other. But President Trump’s lawless threats against Attorney General Jeff Sessions have a lot in common with the Senate’s reckless…

'Skinny' plan, big downsides
icon Posted: 27 July 2017 [07:34 PM]

After voting to move forward on repealing and replacing Obamacare - precipitously, and without any sense of where they would end up - Senate Republicans are trying to slap together a health-care bill on the Senate floor. If their partisan…

Wednesday 07/26/2017
President Trump is winning his war against immigration
icon Posted: 26 July 2017 [08:26 PM]

It’s easy to lose sight, amid the dangers and dysfunctions of Donald Trump’s presidency, of his very real success on a core issue. Trump made a bold bet against immigration in his 2016 campaign. That bet had two components. First,…

Sen. McCain makes a fine speech, but what now?
icon Posted: 26 July 2017 [08:25 PM]

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., returned to the Senate to lecture his colleagues about returning to regular order, the necessity of compromise and the necessity of shutting up and tuning out the most bombastic voices. He told his colleagues: “[Senate debates]…

OUR VIEW: As football season nears, a new report on CTE
icon Posted: 26 July 2017 [08:24 PM]

It’s the end of July already - only a few weeks before all those back-to-school activities begin. Soon practice sessions will be underway for many high school sports. But, if your son is looking toward to football camp, here’s a…

Tuesday 07/25/2017
Paying for your own problems, mistakes
icon Posted: 25 July 2017 [09:01 PM]

To the Editor: When I was a student at The Moody School of Commerce, I took one semester of commercial law. In that course they asked the question what is the difference between gambling and insurance? I”ll give you…

Texas, stop trying to pass this bathroom bill
icon Posted: 25 July 2017 [08:59 PM]

There was a sigh of relief when Texas lawmakers adjourned in May without adopting harmful legislation that would have restricted bathroom use for transgender residents. The relief, though, was short-lived. A mean-spirited effort, enabled by Gov. Greg Abbott, R, is…

Small-town papers have a crucial job. Here's what it is.
icon Posted: 25 July 2017 [08:57 PM]

HILLSBORO, Ohio - I don’t read many of the online comments following my op-eds because I’m an old-fashioned journalist who prefers signed letters to the editor, or even phone calls or emails. But friends and family told me that my…

Measuring activity inequality in America's cities
icon Posted: 25 July 2017 [08:56 PM]

When I’m in, say, Phoenix - with its gorgeous weather, scenery and acre upon acre of beautiful parks and gardens - I generally hop in the car to get from the coffee counter, to the barber shop, to the movie…

Our View: CCSU has sensible solution to high cost of textbooks
icon Posted: 25 July 2017 [08:56 PM]

The average cost of college-level textbooks is anywhere from $600 to $1,400 per student per semester, according to studies conducted by NACS and the College Board. And that, needless to say, is a tremendous burden to the average family.…

Monday 07/24/2017
When tech titans go to China, can they stand up for freedom?
icon Posted: 24 July 2017 [10:59 PM]

In the beginning, the idea of internet freedom was exhilarating. As one champion, Alec Ross, put it in a 2010 essay, the dream was frictionless communication between users, without interference by an intermediary, leading to the greatest free market for…

Officers, turn on your body cameras - routinely
icon Posted: 24 July 2017 [10:59 PM]

“Why don’t we have footage from body cameras?”asked Betsy Hodges, the mayor of Minneapolis, after a local police officer fatally shot Australian national Justine Damond on July 15. “Why were they not activated? We all want answers to those questions,”…

Parents changing with the times!
icon Posted: 24 July 2017 [10:53 PM]

The ideal parenting target that all of us parents are aiming for always seems to be moving, doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to hit that bouncing bulls-eye when it just won’t stay still as the role of the ideal parent…

OUR VIEW: She's illegal - but what will become of the kids?
icon Posted: 24 July 2017 [10:51 PM]

For days, Connecticut residents have been following the story of Nury Chavarria, the Guatemalan woman who has been ordered to leave the country. Instead, she took refuge in a New Haven church. First, the circumstances: She entered the United States…

Florida's education system - DeVos' 'model' - is in chaos
icon Posted: 24 July 2017 [10:47 PM]

The K-12 education system in Florida - the one that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos likes to praise as a model for the nation - is in chaos. Traditional public school districts are trying to absorb the loss of millions of…

Sunday 07/23/2017
OUR VIEW: There's nothing quite like talking to people
icon Posted: 23 July 2017 [09:29 PM]

Retail politics: a political strategy or campaign style of meeting and speaking directly to as many voters as possible. In other words, old-fashioned shaking hands and kissing babies. A glance at the national media and it would be easy to…

Bipartisan legislation needed to heal health care
icon Posted: 23 July 2017 [09:26 PM]

THE Providence Journal We are tempted, today, to paraphrase the late Rodney King: can’t they all just get along? “They” are, as ever, congressional Republicans and Democrats. As the experience of recent years has shown, hyper-partisan governance just…

Liberals want Republicans not to be Republicans
icon Posted: 23 July 2017 [09:22 PM]

President Donald Trump’s critics view Republican congressmen as his enablers. James Fallows, in the Atlantic, describes their behavior as the most discouraging weakness our governing system has shown since Trump took office. He singles out Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse for…

Saturday 07/22/2017
Our View: Local hospitals keeping up with new technology
icon Posted: 22 July 2017 [09:08 PM]

Editorial Each day, pioneers in medicine learn more about the human body - and the diseases and conditions that sometimes ravage it. Naturally, when we need help, we hope to turn to the people who make it their business to…

Friday 07/21/2017
Kobach, on election 'fraud,' is a 'useful idiot' for Russia
icon Posted: 21 July 2017 [07:38 PM]

Kris Kobach, Kansas’s secretary of state, candidate for governor and the vice chairman of President Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, leads the widely ridiculed group supposed to investigate millions of illegal voters, whom the president seems to…

McCain shows us the kind of leadership that's possible
icon Posted: 21 July 2017 [07:37 PM]

If Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., were to die tomorrow, his legacy as a patriot, hero and maverick would be secure, but I don’t think history is done with him yet. I think his finest hours may lie ahead. Every now…

Working together in New Haven to end gun violence
icon Posted: 21 July 2017 [07:36 PM]

Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the country - and still, bullets find their mark in Greater New Haven. Multiple bullets found Tyriek Keyes Sunday during a shooting on Bassett Street. He died Thursday at Yale New…

Our View: Making summer safe, fun for kids
icon Posted: 21 July 2017 [07:32 PM]

This week’s shooting of a New Haven 14-year-old (at right) again raises the question: how are our children supposed to spend these long summer days and nights, with no classroom to go to. We have seen our share of nostalgic…

Another view of the state employee settlement
icon Posted: 21 July 2017 [07:30 PM]

To the Editor: Mr. Del Mastro needs to get his facts straight and not write about fake news. The concessions package the state employees took does guarantee jobs for five years. They have not had a raise in several years…

Thursday 07/20/2017
Sessions just turned on the asset forfeiture spigot
icon Posted: 20 July 2017 [07:53 PM]

With a promise to use “care and professionalism,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions has moved to expand a scandal-plagued program of asset forfeiture that allows law enforcement officials to seize money and goods from individuals suspected of crimes, in many cases…

How Trump made me a whistleblower
icon Posted: 20 July 2017 [07:52 PM]

I am not a member of the deep state. I am not big government. I am a scientist, a policy expert, a civil servant and a worried citizen. Reluctantly, as of today, I am also a whistleblower on…

Don't trust business with education
icon Posted: 20 July 2017 [07:50 PM]

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick are lucky: They inherited a big chunk of the multi-billion-dollar fortune that Dick’s dad Richard amassed through his shady Amway corporation. But what they’ve done with their Amway money is certainly not the American…

Reader decries state concessions deal
icon Posted: 20 July 2017 [07:50 PM]

To the Editor: A recent Bristol Press editorial declares, “Let’s all breathe a deep sigh of relief that the state’s unionized workers approved a labor concessions package that is projected to save $1.5 billion over two years. It’s good for…

Our View: Made in America should mean quality, innovation
icon Posted: 20 July 2017 [07:49 PM]

All this week, President Trump has been touting goods “Made in America” as a way to strengthen our economy. “When we purchase products made in the USA,” Trump said Monday, “the profits stay here, the revenue stays here and the…

Wednesday 07/19/2017
Voter-fraud panel is a fraud itself
icon Posted: 19 July 2017 [08:22 PM]

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is already better known as the voter fraud commission, owing not only to its explicit mission but also to the fact that so many of its members, including its chairman, Vice President Mike…

Trump is killing the Republican Party
icon Posted: 19 July 2017 [08:21 PM]

I did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left its senses. The political movement that once stood athwart history resisting bloated government and military adventurism has been reduced to an amalgam of talk- radio resentments. President Trump’s Republicans…

OUR VIEW: With worker pact set, get on with the budget
icon Posted: 19 July 2017 [08:20 PM]

Let’s all breathe a deep sigh of relief that the state’s unionized workers approved a labor concessions package that is projected to save $1.5 billion over two years. It’s good for them and it’s good for us. It’s…

Trump stalls an engine for new businesses
icon Posted: 19 July 2017 [08:19 PM]

In President Donald Trump’s latest effort to wall the U.S. off from the rest of the world, his administration has ditched a plan to make it easier for successful foreign entrepreneurs to come and work in America. The decision may…

Tuesday 07/18/2017
The real threat to the West isn't radical Islam
icon Posted: 18 July 2017 [07:28 PM]

Just over a week has passed since President Donald Trump offered, in Warsaw, a very particular defense of Western civilization. He praised Poland for its fight against Nazism and Soviet communism long ago, though he said little about the country’s…

Our View: A small donation can make a big difference
icon Posted: 18 July 2017 [07:27 PM]

If you go by the academic calendar, local children have more than another month of summer to go before heading back to the classroom. But many local organizations are already focused on opening day and what teachers and students will…

Your View: Reader offers negative view of Trump press coverage
icon Posted: 18 July 2017 [06:59 PM]

To the Editor: It has been well recognized that politicians are masters of illusion and can make matters appear well when they were not. ‘Perception is reality’ has been and is their foundation. The mass media plays into the political…

Your View: Hundreds hurt by lack of a state budget
icon Posted: 18 July 2017 [06:59 PM]

To the Editor: I am the executive director for the Bristol Adult Resource Center, and I want to relay the very painful impact of not having a state budget for our current fiscal year that started on July 1. Our…

Monday 07/17/2017
OUR VIEW: Connecting students to the careers of tomorrow
icon Posted: 17 July 2017 [09:36 PM]

Once upon a time, a young man or woman knew what the future would bring them: they would follow the path set out by their parents or one mapped out toward college by their guidance councilors. But, with the country…

A decline in teen smoking -- but more is needed
icon Posted: 17 July 2017 [09:30 PM]

Amid the nationwide furor over the Senate draft health-care bill, a public-health victory has gone mostly unnoticed. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the estimated number of middle and high school students who…

Justice Dept. inspector says solitary is torture
icon Posted: 17 July 2017 [09:28 PM]

The Bureau of Prisons claims to have a policy prohibiting solitary confinement, as it should. But then what do you call locking up inmates by themselves in single cells for more than 22 hours a day for long periods of…

Biden: GOP wants to roll back Obamacare health care gains
icon Posted: 17 July 2017 [09:21 PM]

As vice president, I met with Americans all across our country. What they told me over and over is that the Affordable Care Act gave them peace of mind - that if they got sick, or if their child got…

Sunday 07/16/2017
OUR VIEW: Why, oh why, is my energy bill so high?
icon Posted: 16 July 2017 [09:29 PM]

Finally! A survey that placed Connecticut as number one! But this isn’t good news. According to an analysis by the personal finance website WalletHub, Connecticut residents pay the highest energy costs - including​ electricity, natural gas,​ and​​ motor fuel…

On health care, history is watching
icon Posted: 16 July 2017 [09:27 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Over the last century, there has been a characteristic American cycle of response to far-reaching social reforms. When the breakthroughs are first proposed, conservatives fight them with a devout passion, warning that the measures on…

President Trump's unique gift to America
icon Posted: 16 July 2017 [09:25 PM]

The Washington Post BANNER ELK, N.C. - Even the least popular presidents sometimes do great things. What might Donald Trump’s great thing be? He has unified a divided nation. He has brought Republicans and Democrats together as only just wars…

Fox News' Shepard Smith has a Cronkite moment on Russia
icon Posted: 16 July 2017 [09:24 PM]

Between its “Fox and Friends” morning show and Sean Hannity at night, Fox News has become a haven for those who think this whole Russia thing is nonsense. On Friday morning, Steve Doocy even declared that “the Russia story is…

Saturday 07/15/2017
Our View: Health care law changes are too complex to rush
icon Posted: 15 July 2017 [04:54 PM]

Editorial President Donald Trump gives the impression that he thinks almost all regulations are bad - profit-killers for businesses. But one Connecticut legislator instead sees some of them as protecting the most vulnerable in our society. State Sen. Ted Kennedy,…

Friday 07/14/2017
OUR VIEW: Looking to the future of Social Security trust
icon Posted: 14 July 2017 [02:28 PM]

It was a good news, bad news kind of announcement. On Thursday, trustees for the Social Security trust funds announced that the more than 61 million retirees, disabled workers, spouses and surviving children who receive Social Security benefits can…