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Friday 11/26/2021
pet-of-the-week-prince PET OF THE WEEK: Prince
icon Posted: 26 November 2021 [10:41 AM]

PET OF THE WEEK A royal cat is looking for a new home at the Connecticut Humane Society! Prince is a handsome…

Thursday 11/25/2021
Wednesday 11/24/2021
Tuesday 11/23/2021
Monday 11/22/2021
Sunday 11/21/2021
Friday 11/19/2021
pets-of-the-week-katie-and-peanut PETS OF THE WEEK: Katie and Peanut
icon Posted: 19 November 2021 [12:01 PM]

PET OF THE WEEK Katie and Peanut are two peas in a pod…er, in a pigloo. These two Guinea pig girls are…

Thursday 11/18/2021
Wednesday 11/17/2021
Tuesday 11/16/2021
Monday 11/15/2021
Sunday 11/14/2021
Saturday 11/13/2021
Friday 11/12/2021
pet-of-the-week-tobey PET OF THE WEEK: Tobey
icon Posted: 12 November 2021 [11:16 AM]

PET OF THE WEEK Tobey has a favorite hobby: Hugging his favorite human pals at the Connecticut Humane Society! He loves resting…

Wednesday 11/10/2021
Tuesday 11/09/2021
Monday 11/08/2021