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PET OF THE WEEK Camille 2 years old Pit bull mix Spayed female White and black: *I can live in a single…

icon Posted: 23 September 2022 [01:01 PM]

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pets-of-the-week-arrow-and-minnie PETS OF THE WEEK: Arrow and Minnie
icon Posted: 16 September 2022 [12:33 PM]

PETS OF THE WEEK Arrow 3 years old Altered male Ferret White with a pink nose Minnie 6 years old Spayed female…

friday-ficks-its-never-too-late FRIDAY FICKS: It's never too late
icon Posted: 16 September 2022 [11:42 AM]

Friday Ficks Jimmy Buffett once sang "We all got 'em, we all want 'em. What do we do with 'em?" Although he…

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local-parks-draw-visitors-on-labor-day Local parks draw visitors on Labor Day
icon Posted: 05 September 2022 [12:08 PM]

BRISTOL – Despite nearly being rained out, the weather cleared up enough on Labor Day to provide an opportunity for…

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pet-of-the-week-aurora PET OF THE WEEK: Aurora
icon Posted: 26 August 2022 [10:36 AM]

PET OF THE WEEK Aurora 8 months old Female Guinea pig Brown, red and white Aurora is currently living alone but would…

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armenian-festival-draws-visitors-from-near-and-far Armenian Festival draws visitors from near and far
icon Posted: 21 August 2022 [04:23 PM]

Erica Drzewiecki @drzewieckinbh NEW BRITAIN – People of many ethnic backgrounds celebrated Armenian culture together over this past weekend. The Armenian Church…

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