YOUR VIEW: We need to support police against thefts

Published on Tuesday, 10 August 2021 19:13
Written by Sebastian Panioto

To The Editor:

One point in the most recent Mayor’s Corner article I’m proud to see is our Police Chief Gould’s proactive steps to get involved in the regions joint task force on area car thefts.

These crimes have escalated past simply stealing cars to toddlers being taken on joy rides and neighboring towns’ residents being shot at when they investigate a noise in their driveway. These cases haven’t impacted Bristol as much as they have New Britain or Glastonbury, but it would be naive to just cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t happen to us.

The inaction on the state level has been shameful considering the consequences we’ve had to deal with state-wide. When Governor Lamont comes to town to tout a new project or visit a school, we can do more than provide an echo chamber for his agenda, we can be vocal about the major issues at hand.

A change is needed so Bristol doesn’t have to deal with what other towns are seeing. The state just recently allowed for judges to access juvenile records so they know the background and record of a case before them. It’s a start, and that transparency needs to extend further.

We also need to give our police the agency to become more than just spectators when car thefts are happening right in front of their eyes, instead of the wholly absurd circus of having theives goading cruisers to pursue them knowing they legally cannot.

Public safety shouldn’t be a political football, and we need to do better to vocally support our police department and the safety of our residents.

Sebastian Panioto

Candidate, Bristol City Council-District 1

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