Terryville man, accused of having gun while under the influence, negotiating plea bargain

Published on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 15:40


BRISTOL - A Terryville man charged after he was dropped off at Bristol Hospital while intoxicated and allegedly carrying a firearm is trying to reach a deal with state prosecutors.

William Brown, 49, appeared Tuesday in Bristol Superior Court, where his attorney said he and prosecutors are in the process of negotiating a plea deal. An offer will likely be extended on his next court date.

According to the arrest warrant in the case, Brown could barely maintain consciousness when he was brought to the emergency room on Dec. 29 with a Glock 23 handgun in a holster attached to his waistband. He is facing charges of possession of a loaded firearm while intoxicated and carrying a gun without a permit.

According to the warrant, Brown was dropped off at Bristol Hospital at about 7:40 p.m. after he had been drinking at a friend’s house earlier in the day. He later admitted that he had his gun with him while he was consuming alcohol, police said in the warrant.

The two went out to get food and, while they were driving, Brown began drifting in and out of consciousness, the warrant said. The friend got scared and dropped Brown off at the Bristol Hospital emergency room.

Hospital personnel who were tending to Brown noticed the gun in his waistband and seized the firearm, as it was against the hospital’s policy for someone to have a gun. Staff immediately unloaded the gun and notified police. Medical records later confirmed Brown had alcohol in his system, the warrant said.

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