Former Memorial Blvd. school planners revising architect's contract

Published on Monday, 12 February 2018 21:53
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - The city will rework the contract with the architect designing the theater renovation of the former Memorial Boulevard school.

“Prior to being able to proceed to design documents, the architect indicated that there were some changes to the scope of services that need to be made,” City Purchasing Agent Roger Rousseau said during the Memorial Boulevard Building Committee meeting on Thursday.

The changes, including cost and the removal of a commercial kitchen from the plan, requires a contract revision with Quisenberry Arcari Malik Architecture before the design process continues.

The committee reviewed the revised contract at the meeting, however, “a number of the revisions that we did discuss directly with the architect weren’t incorporated,” Rousseau said.

One of those revisions, Committee Chairman Frank Stawski pointed out, was to exclude a plan for a commercial kitchen.

The committee previously decided against the commercial kitchen, but the plans and associated costs were outlined in the scope of services in the revised contract, said Stawski, who added that the contract should be rewritten.

Peter DelMastro, a committee member, agreed and also expressed his concern with the associated costs outlined in the contract.

The architect’s fees increased in the revised contract because the city’s budget for the project increased, DelMastro said. “I don’t understand why there would be a direct relation for that.”

“This is not the bottom line on their contract,” DelMastro said.

He then pointed out that the increase in cost is only for this phase of the project. “So what happens with the next phase, is that [cost] going to jump up, too?”

No votes were taken in the committee meeting, but most members recommended the architect attend the next meeting for further discussion and clarification on the contract.

“We will continue to work with the architect and try to get something that is more presentable,” Rousseau added.

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