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OUR VIEW: President Trump, the press is a vital American institution

The Willimantic Chronicle Donald Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to clash with the American press. In fact, one cannot call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home without having regular disagreements with those whose job it is to decipher the truth. After…

icon Posted: 15 August 2018 [07:18 PM]

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Wednesday 08/15/2018
THEIR VIEW: Church criminality
icon Posted: 15 August 2018 [07:13 PM]

The Catholic church’s decades-long practice of enabling and systematically covering up the rape and molestation of children by priests is by now sickeningly familiar. Yet the scale of abuse; the breadth and depth of trauma inflicted by predators wearing Roman…

Internet content moderation is the same as censorship
icon Posted: 15 August 2018 [07:09 PM]

We’re finally having a public debate about the big Internet platforms policing content and suspending accounts. But it’s a serious mistake to frame the debate about content moderation around right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars and not around the thousands…

Tuesday 08/14/2018
Strzok got fired, but Trump's war on the FBI is far from over
icon Posted: 14 August 2018 [07:54 PM]

FBI agent Peter Strzok, fresh off making House Republicans look like a bunch of fools, has felt Donald Trump’s wrath at last, reports The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky : “The FBI has fired agent Peter Strzok, who helped lead the…

Corruption wafts into the White House Situation Room
icon Posted: 14 August 2018 [07:51 PM]

The Situation Room “is the inner sanctum within an already-secure facility where the most sensitive of the most sensitive information is discussed.” - Ned Price, former spokesman, National Security Council Precisely. In responding to a question from The Washington Post,…

Pope takes a position on the death penalty
icon Posted: 14 August 2018 [07:50 PM]

Pope Francis’s condemnation of capital punishment is simple and unambiguous: It is inadmissible. No exceptions for especially heinous crimes; no loopholes allowing execution when other lives might be in jeopardy, as in past Catholic teachings. No, declared the pope.…

Mr. President, meet with Mueller
icon Posted: 14 August 2018 [07:44 PM]

Rudolph Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Sunday that Mr. Trump would not sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller if the meeting would fall after Sept. 1, “because we’re not going…

THEIR VIEW: Keeping the peace
icon Posted: 14 August 2018 [07:42 PM]

It was a gratifying reaffirmation of American values when thousands of protesters turned out Sunday to denounce the few dozen white-nationalist bigots who rallied across from the White House on the anniversary of last year’s mayhem in Charlottesville, Virginia. It…

Monday 08/13/2018
THEIR VIEW: 'Medicare for all' plan is bad medicine
icon Posted: 13 August 2018 [08:33 PM]

Imagine a world in which the rosy assumptions Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., makes on behalf of his “Medicare for all” health-care plan turn out to be true. That is what Charles Blahous, a professor at George Mason University’s libertarian-leaning Mercatus…

GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Don't be scared, but be safe
icon Posted: 13 August 2018 [08:32 PM]

Columnist Dear Granddaddy, Is there any place safe these days? Concerts, schools, and YouTube gets shot up… What the heck is going on in our society? Sabastian W. - High School Student.…

Omarosa's book isn't news, but what she did sure is
icon Posted: 13 August 2018 [08:31 PM]

Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book, filled with unsubstantiated allegations and implausible claims - she did not know President Donald Trump was a racist before she arrived at the White House? - would not, I would submit, normally constitute serious news.…

The housing crisis is far from over
icon Posted: 13 August 2018 [08:30 PM]

The Portland Press Herald A housing crisis has been building in this country for years. The Trump administration wants to make it worse. The crisis is being fueled by rising rents and stagnant wages. As the economy has…

'Unite the Right' demonstration flops while the left triumphs
icon Posted: 13 August 2018 [08:29 PM]

One year after the clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, the two groups were expected to meet again, this time in Washington, D.C. The counter-protesters showed up. The racists did not. Much of the coverage of Sunday’s…

Sunday 08/12/2018
THEIR VIEW: Human rights are everyone's business
icon Posted: 12 August 2018 [08:54 PM]

Saudi Arabia has offered a telling response to Canada’s complaint about the arrest of two prominent female activists, Samar Badawi and Nassima al-Sadah. The Saudi Foreign Ministry protested that Canada was engaging in “blatant interference in the Kingdom’s domestic affairs”…

Trump's views on water and wildfires are all wet
icon Posted: 12 August 2018 [08:52 PM]

The Washington Post As if water and wildfire policies in the West weren’t contentious enough, President Trump decided to toss confused and ill-conceived tweets into the mix over the past few days, reigniting fights over water and land use in…

The growing urban-rural divide in politics
icon Posted: 12 August 2018 [08:50 PM]

The Washington Post Tuesday was another Election Day in the United States, and the marquee showdown was a special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district. At the time of writing, the race was still too close to call . But…

The greatest good for endangered species
icon Posted: 12 August 2018 [08:48 PM]

The Washington Post A modern vision of conservation is one that uses federalism, public-private partnerships and market-based solutions to achieve sound stewardship. These approaches, combined with sensible regulations and the best available science, will achieve the greatest good in the…

Friday 08/10/2018
Uber and Lyft won't solve traffic, local governments must step in
icon Posted: 10 August 2018 [07:06 PM]

Though ride-hailing services have previously been accused of exacerbating traffic and disrupting local transportation, pooled options such as UberPool and Lyft Line have generally avoided such criticism. But according to a new report by transportation consultant Bruce Schaller, pooled rides…

When Russia invaded Georgia, America acted
icon Posted: 10 August 2018 [07:05 PM]

Ten years ago this week, during the final year of George W. Bush’s presidency, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Georgia. Post columnist Robert Kagan marked the anniversary Wednesday by connecting the dots from Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Russia’s democratic…

The West can still shape peace in Syria
icon Posted: 10 August 2018 [07:05 PM]

The seven years of Syria’s crisis has cost half a million lives, displaced more than 5 million refugees and reordered the geopolitics of the Middle East. But the worst may be yet to come. Western policymakers cannot be allowed to…

THEIR VIEW: The excuse for reckless violence
icon Posted: 10 August 2018 [07:03 PM]

The surveillance video from the parking lot of the Circle A in Clearwater, Florida, leaves little to the imagination: Britany Jacobs and two of her children were waiting in a car for her boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton, and their 5-year-old son…

Thursday 08/09/2018
Can two warring leaders cooperate in South Sudan?
icon Posted: 09 August 2018 [06:05 PM]

South Sudan’s tortured history as an independent nation since 2011 is cause for near-despair. Its leaders have repeatedly gone to war against each other, displacing nearly 2 million people internally and 2.5 million beyond its borders, leaving more than 5…

Future of health insurance is at stake in midterms
icon Posted: 09 August 2018 [06:03 PM]

Despite promising to repeal it, the Republican-led Congress has left the Affordable Care Act on the books. And despite the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine it, the law’s still working pretty well. Its future success, though, can’t be taken for…

The Senate needs to find out what Kavanaugh thinks about guns
icon Posted: 09 August 2018 [06:02 PM]

Does the constitutional right to armed self-defense extend outside the home? The Supreme Court didn’t address that issue when it a decade ago issued a landmark ruling affirming an individual’s right to keep firearms in the home for personal protection.…

THEIR VIEW: Trump's tariffs fill swamp
icon Posted: 09 August 2018 [06:00 PM]

In a well-functioning modern economy, businesses are generally free to buy and sell the things they need, absent a compelling public need for government intervention. By that definition, the United States does not, at the moment, have a well-functioning modern…

Wednesday 08/08/2018
Trump picks a science adviser - then ignores the facts on fuel efficiency
icon Posted: 08 August 2018 [06:13 PM]

Last week began with some uncharacteristic good news on the environment from the Trump administration. It ended with a depressing reminder that President Donald Trump remains as determined as ever to undermine public health and humans’ natural habitat. After a…

Democrats are disavowing Malloy
icon Posted: 08 August 2018 [06:10 PM]

Separating themselves from and even repudiating their party’s own leader, Governor Malloy, increasingly seems to be the objective of the convention-endorsed candidates for the top of the Democratic state ticket, governor candidate Ned Lamont and lieutenant governor candidate Susan Bysiewicz.…

THEIR VIEW: It isn't the ACLU's job to reunite families
icon Posted: 08 August 2018 [06:10 PM]

As one strolls the stately streets of Washington, D.C., taking in the breathtaking scale and august architecture of the federal government’s multifarious departments, agencies and commissions - more than 430 of them, by some estimates - one can only stand…

Tuesday 08/07/2018
Meghan Markle and the tired ways we talk about royal women
icon Posted: 07 August 2018 [07:40 PM]

The first summer of Meghan Markle’s royalty is coming to an end and, as a diligent student of her tabloid coverage, here is what I have learned: She is going to Balmoral for the queen’s summer holiday, and that will…

Will reform be the silver lining in a cloud of scandal?
icon Posted: 07 August 2018 [07:36 PM]

WASHINGTON - Politics is regularly described in terms of “left” vs. “right.” But other binaries can be more relevant. “Forward” vs. “backward” often define a choice facing an electorate better than the standard ideological categories. And the most powerful face-off…

YOUR VIEW: Candidate dedicated to protecting Medicare Savings
icon Posted: 07 August 2018 [07:36 PM]

To The Editor: No one is immune to the struggles that a health crisis can cause, and I believe the right to affordable, job protected medical treatment during these crises is a fundamental human right. No matter where we stand…

YOUR VIEW: Report: Wage hikes mean fewer jobs for teens
icon Posted: 07 August 2018 [07:34 PM]

To The Editor: While new jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the teen unemployment rate is near historic lows, there’s a dark side to these numbers. Just one in three teens either has a job or…

YOUR VIEW: Lesser focused on student debt issue
icon Posted: 07 August 2018 [07:34 PM]

To The Editor: As a student at the University of Connecticut, I face the same steep concerns about loan debt and my future that other students across Connecticut and most of the nation are feeling. For the vast majority…

OUR VIEW: Internet justice?
icon Posted: 07 August 2018 [07:33 PM]

Southington’s POP Squad claims to have exposed another alleged sexual predator. Police acknowledged they are investigating a former swim coach in both the Plainville and Bristol school districts after the Prey on Predators Squad website posted a video of…

Monday 08/06/2018
There could be a quiet bias in some college admissions
icon Posted: 06 August 2018 [07:06 PM]

Do Harvard and other elite universities illegally discriminate against AsianAmerican applicants? I’m not sure. But there’s another group of people who definitely face routine prejudice in college admissions. They’re the quiet types who keep to themselves, often preferring a relaxed…

Trump, LeBron James and our oracular first lady
icon Posted: 06 August 2018 [07:05 PM]

One of the most intriguing things about Melania Trump is the pointed yet cryptic way she seems to have found to drag her husband. She leaves clues that appear to be subversive invitations to draw larger theories about what she’s…

Protecting elections from hackers
icon Posted: 06 August 2018 [07:04 PM]

Some 13 weeks till Election Day, and “The warning lights are blinking red,” says the U.S. director of national intelligence. “I cannot emphasize enough the vulnerability,” says Sen. Marco Rubio. “We could be just a moment away from it going…

OUR VIEW: An urban problem that begs for a solution
icon Posted: 06 August 2018 [07:03 PM]

Panhandling is a growing problem in many cities and towns throughout the Northeast and Bristol and New Britain are not immune to it. On any given day individuals holding cardboard signs or a paper cup can be seen at intersections,…

Sunday 08/05/2018
YOUR VIEW: You, too, can help save the planet
icon Posted: 05 August 2018 [08:31 PM]

By To The Editor: My name is Victoria Zaldivar and I am 6 years old. I’ve been reading National Geographic Kids magazine with my mom. A recent edition was all about how our…

OUR VIEW: The GOP and tax-cut politics
icon Posted: 05 August 2018 [08:29 PM]

Congressional Republicans are worried that their huge 2017 tax cut isn’t resonating with voters. So they’re doubling down by pushing for another big tax cut in September. It’s much more a political gambit than an economic one. With the assent…

YOUR VIEW: Candidate's sister says he deserves your vote
icon Posted: 05 August 2018 [08:28 PM]

By To The Editor: Thoughts that I would like to share. I feel we are living in a time, that more than ever, we experienced well-rounded, compassionate and strong leadership in our “great state of Connecticut.”…

Don't believe the spin: Trump hates free trade
icon Posted: 05 August 2018 [08:25 PM]

If there is one constant in President Donald Trump’s worldview, going back decades, it is his opposition to free trade. As noted by Andrew McKevitt in The Post’s Made by History section, in 1988 Trump was complaining that one of…

Warnings from North Korea make negotiation more urgent
icon Posted: 05 August 2018 [08:23 PM]

North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, seems determined to turn down the heat in the conflict over his nuclear weapons. Kim seeks survival of his dynastic regime; his country remains an economic basket case; he longs for regional respect…

Friday 08/03/2018
Trump's refusal to combat Russian hacking troubling
icon Posted: 03 August 2018 [07:43 PM]

WASHINGTON - Here is the issue raised by Facebook’s revelations this week about disinformation that we need to face squarely: The political interests of the president of the United States coincide with the purposes of foreign forces using social media…

Strategy for primaries: Just pander
icon Posted: 03 August 2018 [07:43 PM]

Maybe they’re right, but from their pandering and groveling it seems that most candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries for state ticket nominations aren’t worried about critical thinking by the voters. Seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, zillionaire businessman…

OUR VIEW: How much is too much for school supplies?
icon Posted: 03 August 2018 [07:42 PM]

The new public school year in central Connecticut begins in about four weeks. And while most youngsters want summer break to last forever, the reality is that the first day of school is coming up quickly. Along with a new…

Thursday 08/02/2018
Do 'Quiet Skies' equal safe skies for airline passengers?
icon Posted: 02 August 2018 [07:38 PM]

The Boston Globe revealed that federal air marshals are watching Americans who are not under formal investigation, noting apparently suspicious behaviors such as excessive sweating, changing clothes and going to the bathroom frequently. The article about the “Quiet Skies”…

Mueller's Manafort case isn't about Trump
icon Posted: 02 August 2018 [07:37 PM]

As Paul Manafort’s first trial begins in Alexandria, Virginia, a flotilla of criminal charges will greet him. President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager will hear of money laundering, bank fraud and tax fraud, as well as tales of multi-million dollar…