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YOUR VIEW: Let's salute women in the workforce

By To The Editor: March is National Women’s History Month, and now more than ever women are achieving great things for our economy. Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce and own just under 40 percent…

icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:57 PM]

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Friday 03/16/2018
THEIR VIEW: High school diploma should mean something
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:55 PM]

America’s high schools have a credibility problem: The country’s graduation rate is at a record high, but too many students are receiving diplomas without earning them. The most straightforward solution is to require all high-schoolers to pass exit examinations before…

Yes, we do 'Indeed' need a 'Monster' in the White House
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:49 PM]

It’s time once again for Washington wannabes to get out their resumes. There are a number of job openings in the Trump administration and, as the president reminded Americans last week, “everyone wants to work in the White House.” That…

There's been a shakeup in Trump country
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:48 PM]

WASHINGTON - President Trump put his political standing on the line in western Pennsylvania’s special congressional election on Tuesday. He lost. Republicans and their allies threw every attack in their political arsenal at Democrat Conor Lamb. They apparently fell short.…

As a Republican, I can see a 12-alarm fire raging
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:48 PM]

Regardless of the overall outcome of Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania, the political message is clear: Republicans are in trouble. The margin between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb is so close that Republicans everywhere should take note -…

The Trumpiest thing Trump has done this week
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:48 PM]

President Donald Trump’s firing - by tweet - of his secretary of state was true to form, as was hiring a TV commentator for his chief economic adviser (while telling him he looked “handsome” on TV). It was very Trump-like…

Walking out, not backing down
icon Posted: 16 March 2018 [09:48 PM]

At Eastern High School in Washington, District of Columbia, students released balloons to honor the 17 students and teachers killed a month ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. At Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, students took a…

Thursday 03/15/2018
Our View: We need to turn the page on college costs
icon Posted: 15 March 2018 [07:23 PM]

Any parent who has at least one or more young adults in a college or university knows how expensive higher education can be. Even with scholarships, federal financial aid and student loans, four years of college can lead to anxiety,…

Stephen Hawking taught us it was right to be wrong
icon Posted: 15 March 2018 [07:20 PM]

Columnist By Adam Minter In 2002, the future Nobel Prize-winner Peter Higgs joined several fellow physicists at a dinner in Edinburgh, Scotland. Drinks flowed, and professional invective followed. The physicists were frustrated by, and perhaps a little jealous of, Stephen…

I'm a college hoops fan who will root -- and regret
icon Posted: 15 March 2018 [07:18 PM]

Columnist I’m a college basketball fanatic. That means I’ll be joining millions of Americans this month in a quest to muffle the economic boom by devoting our energies to filling out and following March Madness brackets. My alma mater, Wake…

Wednesday 03/14/2018
Donald Trump's worst enemy strikes again
icon Posted: 14 March 2018 [07:29 PM]

Donald, Donald, Donald. Your approval ratings could be in the mid-50s if only you and your administration would quit stepping on your own good news. Last Tuesday was a perfect example - the latest in a sad series. First we…

Silence isn't golden
icon Posted: 14 March 2018 [07:28 PM]

It was clear White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t want to answer questions about the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. “Look, the president has addressed these directly and made very well clear that none of these allegations…

YOUR VIEW: Lawmakers must just say no to spending
icon Posted: 14 March 2018 [07:27 PM]

By To The Editor: In a time when every penny is counted and counted on it is not the time to further burden the already overburdened. I have serious doubts of the true intention of…

Tuesday 03/13/2018
Who's afraid of the NRA? Trump.
icon Posted: 13 March 2018 [06:25 PM]

“We’re going to get things done.” So said President Trump last month assuring students, teachers and parents affected by school shootings of his resolve to find solutions to gun violence. “You’re afraid of the NRA.” That was Trump the following…

Another painful truth about opioids
icon Posted: 13 March 2018 [06:24 PM]

Opioid overdoses, both fatal and nonfatal, increased 30 percent from July 2016 through September 2017 in 52 areas in 45 states,according to the latest review of emergency-room admissions data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published Tuesday. On…

OUR VIEW: Students have their say
icon Posted: 13 March 2018 [06:23 PM]

Today, students across the U.S. plan to stage a school walkout. According to The Associated Press, since the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, demonstrations have sprung up on school campuses around the country. But…

Monday 03/12/2018
THEIR VIEW: Separating children from parents is cruel
icon Posted: 12 March 2018 [08:28 PM]

What, exactly, did a 7-year-old Congolese girl do to the United States to deserve the trauma that has been visited upon her - including forcible separation from her mother - by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and her immigration agents?…

GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Yes, reading is still fundamental
icon Posted: 12 March 2018 [08:25 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, my teen son is not a big fan of reading. Maria G. - A concerned mom. To be honest with you, Maria, when I was your son’s age, I wasn’t a big fan of reading either.…

Drilling off New England coast is a nonstarter
icon Posted: 12 March 2018 [08:24 PM]

Citizens in large numbers, including in Rhode Island, have protested President Trump’s plan to open the nation’s coastal waters to offshore drilling. We’re with them. An oil spill off the coast of Rhode Island would deal a terrible blow…

Conservative consultant: I hope Democrats defend sanctuary cities
icon Posted: 12 March 2018 [08:23 PM]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are going about the sanctuary city issue in the right way. The very idea of so-called sanctuary cities is offensive to a lot of law-abiding Americans. Taking action against the liberal politicians…

States should get politics out of climate change
icon Posted: 12 March 2018 [08:20 PM]

As the North Pole warms to above-freezing temperatures in mid-winter, ice sheets melt and sea levels surge, the Washington state legislature has abandoned, for now, its plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions. The news is especially discouraging because Washington is…

Sunday 03/11/2018
THEIR VIEW: Don't wait for Congress
icon Posted: 11 March 2018 [07:13 PM]

Action on gun-control legislation has stalled in Congress as Republican leaders try to get some sense of what President Donald Trump might support. We have a better idea. Rather than trying to decipher signals from a president who changes his…

Covering Trump's real news
icon Posted: 11 March 2018 [07:13 PM]

The Trump Administration’s efforts to make policy and govern while also dealing with its own internal West Wing drama has news media careening, almost daily, down two separate tracks. Such distractions have burdened all presidencies, but rarely for so…

Presidential seal use is tacky, but not criminal
icon Posted: 11 March 2018 [07:12 PM]

I would like to correct what seems to have become an alarmingly common misunderstanding: An act of silliness does not become a crime simply because it is committed by President Donald Trump or the people around him. Case in point:…

Corporations are spending their tax cuts - on themselves
icon Posted: 11 March 2018 [07:12 PM]

Remember last year when Donald Trump and his congressional Trumpeteers bragged that their “yuge” tax cut for corporations would spark a “yuge” corporate spending spree to create new jobs and higher wages? Well, just as they promised, we’re now seeing…

Friday 03/09/2018
Trump's pressure on N. Korea is working; now what?
icon Posted: 09 March 2018 [09:53 PM]

The South Korean government on Tuesday announced an apparent diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea: agreement by the government of Kim Jong Un to discuss dismantlement of its nuclear program with the United States, and to suspend further warhead and missile…

It's time for us to give populism its due
icon Posted: 09 March 2018 [09:51 PM]

WASHINGTON - The shambles left by last weekend’s Italian election, the chaotic dysfunction of American government under President Trump, and the attack on liberal democratic institutions in Hungary, Poland, Turkey and elsewhere - all of these are being blamed on…

Before today's 'Black Panther,' there was John Lewis
icon Posted: 09 March 2018 [09:49 PM]

This past weekend was the Faith and Politics Institute’s annual civil rights pilgrimage to Selma, Birmingham and Montgomery with Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga. Because I went last year, I didn’t think there could possibly be more that I could say…

OUR VIEW: Cost of Tilcon expansion proposal is too high
icon Posted: 09 March 2018 [09:23 PM]

We only have one planet and we need to treat it like the irreplaceable gem it is. That’s why we are concerned about the results of a recent environmental impact study on a proposed Tilcon mining expansion plan. The release…

It's time to give socialism a try
icon Posted: 09 March 2018 [09:23 PM]

In the United States, we’ve arrived at a pair of mutually exclusive convictions: that liberal, capitalist democracies are guaranteed by their nature to succeed and that in our Trumpist moment they seem to be failing in deeply unsettling ways.…

Thursday 03/08/2018
Here's how universities can make cities great
icon Posted: 08 March 2018 [06:26 PM]

When thinking about how to revive economically lagging regions, especially in the Rust Belt, I often talk about the importance of universities. Big, high-quality research universities have been essential for creating technology clusters in Austin, Raleigh and San Diego. But…

N.H. debates death penalty, again
icon Posted: 08 March 2018 [06:25 PM]

For the first time in decades, it appears a bill to repeal the death penalty has enough votes to pass the New Hampshire House and Senate. The Legislature last passed a death penalty repeal in 2000, when it was vetoed…

OUR VIEW: It's better to be safe than sorry when storm strikes
icon Posted: 08 March 2018 [06:24 PM]

Many parents may be questioning the decision by some area school districts to call off school on Wednesday in anticipation of the looming Nor’easter. We recognize it can be a major inconvenience for families if a parent has to…

Wednesday 03/07/2018
What was Sam Nunberg doing? A few theories
icon Posted: 07 March 2018 [12:10 PM]

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg had a surreal day Monday. After deciding he wouldn’t cooperate with a grand jury subpoena from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation, he went on a media blitz to, well, air some…

Gun control begins at home
icon Posted: 07 March 2018 [12:09 PM]

President Donald Trump said a bunch of crazy things this week. Nothing new there. I’m not referring to the global trade war he may have started on Thursday with his announcement that steep protective tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum…

Great reporting woke Hollywood
icon Posted: 07 March 2018 [12:08 PM]

The world has changed since last year’s Oscars - and for the better. So let’s not forget what got us there: great journalism. Legacy media companies may be under constant criticism, and trust in the press may be at a…

Executive privilege is not for everyone
icon Posted: 07 March 2018 [12:07 PM]

The capital last week was seized by the news that White House communications director Hope Hicks was leaving President Donald Trump’s side, the latest senior aide to depart a tumultuous West Wing. But as a symbol of what is wrong…

Tuesday 03/06/2018
There has been bad behavior on both side of the aisle
icon Posted: 06 March 2018 [07:37 PM]

NEW YORK - We didn’t fully realize just how hard it was to be president until we had one with no idea of what it takes to do the job. We didn’t appreciate having a government that was relatively honest…

More taxes won't revive Conn.
icon Posted: 06 March 2018 [07:36 PM]

Peggy Lee’s 1969 hit song “Is That All There Is?” could have been the fanfare for the report issued last week by the state Commission on Fiscal Sustainability and Economic Growth. The commission, composed of business executives, was thought to…

OUR VIEW: City needs to move forward on bridge project
icon Posted: 06 March 2018 [07:35 PM]

The bid is in and most of the members of New Britain’s Common Council are ready to give final approval to the Beehive Bridge project, but there appears to be a fly in the ointment. On Feb. 14, the council…

Monday 03/05/2018
OUR VIEW: Connecticut needs a full-time legislature
icon Posted: 05 March 2018 [09:00 PM]

Connecticut has many challenges and the General Assembly has a short session this year to try and tackle its most pressing matters. The huge state budget deficit, infrastructure concerns and pension liabilities are among some of the most daunting problems…

GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: Don't be in a rush to find a job
icon Posted: 05 March 2018 [08:58 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, I can’t find a job. Damian G. - Broke high school kid. Damian, it certainly is much tougher these days for high school students to find a job than it was for my generation. I think…

Congress has failed to protect Americans
icon Posted: 05 March 2018 [08:57 PM]

When Congress, which should represent the will of the people, refuses to act, then it is incumbent upon the states to step into the breach. Congress has failed - for years - to enact even the simplest, common-sense legislation to…

Even optimism sounds glum in today's Washington
icon Posted: 05 March 2018 [08:55 PM]

Bloomberg View Yes, Washington is broken under President Donald Trump. But it was broken long before Trump came to town, and there’s no reason to expect his departure to fix it. That’s the message of “Our Damaged Democracy,” a new…

In Philadelphia, a move toward justice
icon Posted: 05 March 2018 [08:54 PM]

Roughly 1,200 inmates in Philadelphia’s jails, about a fifth of the city’s total, are behind bars because they don’t have the cash to make bail. Not because of the severity of their alleged crimes; not because they have been judged…

Sunday 03/04/2018
Their View: Eyeing entitlement for paid family leave
icon Posted: 04 March 2018 [07:53 PM]

One in five Americans is on Medicaid, and Medicare and Social Security will require huge future tax increases. Yet some in the ostensible party of limited government think this is the perfect time to add a new entitlement for paid…

Chris Powell: Schools shouldn't condone walkouts
icon Posted: 04 March 2018 [07:50 PM]

Columnist Nearly anything that gets their noses out of their cellphones and video games and into the wider world may be welcome, but there is a big problem with the high school walkouts being planned by students around the country…

Trump's economic gamble might make sense
icon Posted: 04 March 2018 [07:48 PM]

Columnist President Donald Trump is conducting a risky experiment on the U.S. economy: He’s allowing the government to run large budget deficits -- some of the largest ever outside wartime or recession -- in the hopes that this will somehow…