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The New Center seeks volunteers

NEW YORK - This city’s annual gridlock festival, otherwise known as the United Nations General Assembly, is a proper metaphor for America’s current state of affairs. While Manhattan’s already snarled streets filled beyond capacity with limos toting dignitaries, a…

icon Posted: 20 September 2017 [07:41 PM]

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Wednesday 09/20/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader questions motives for supporting sanctuary
icon Posted: 20 September 2017 [07:40 PM]

By To the Editor: It is so wearing to continually have to listen to the ranting of individuals who profess to be for some ideological concept when the prime motivation is financial. We are all aware…

OUR VIEW: We can't see the forest for the development
icon Posted: 20 September 2017 [07:40 PM]

A new report says that New England has been losing forestland to development at a rate of 65 acres per day. Here in Connecticut, that number is 3,700 acres a year, leaving us with only 15 percent of viable forest.…

Tuesday 09/19/2017
Mueller tightening the screws on Manafort
icon Posted: 19 September 2017 [08:03 PM]

The Washington Post Could there be tapes after all? Two stories that popped overnight suggest that special counsel Robert Mueller is aggressively pursuing Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Trump’s campaign. Manafort is a New Britain, Connecticut native. CNN…

YOUR VIEW: Lessons for pet owners learned from the hurricanes
icon Posted: 19 September 2017 [08:03 PM]

By To the Editor: Hurricanes Irma and Harvey are devastating reminders that disaster preparedness saves lives. American Humane is urging pet owners to take two simplesteps to ensure you and your animal companions are ready before…

YOUR VIEW: Reader was impressed by candidate Howe
icon Posted: 19 September 2017 [08:02 PM]

By To the Editor: With political season upon us here in Bristol, I have seen so many attacks on candidates through social media. I feel like it is Trump and Hillary part two. I am not…

OUR VIEW: Use the calm before the storm to prepare for it
icon Posted: 19 September 2017 [08:02 PM]

There’s nothing new about turbulent weather but what’s happening this season has to catch the attention of even the most seasoned weather watcher. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and now Maria, exploded upon the Caribbean and the southern United States, then…

Monday 09/18/2017
Our View: STEM, yes, but let's hear the music, too
icon Posted: 18 September 2017 [07:45 PM]

When Newington named its teacher of the year, it caught our attention. In today’s STEM-crazy atmosphere, the school system chose Brian Kelly, who is the K-12 Music Department program leader and the director of bands at John Wallace Middle School.…

Granddaddy's Secrets: Things to remember when parenting teens
icon Posted: 18 September 2017 [07:44 PM]

Columnist The teen’s brain is a bit uneven, and that sometimes makes life for us adults a little uneven, too. It’s all good, though… After all, those crazy-acting teens are ours, and we love them. You see, here’s the thing:…

E.J. Dionne: The priority is still to save the Affordable Care Act
icon Posted: 18 September 2017 [07:43 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - Before supporters of universal health coverage get all wrapped up debating a single-payer system, they need to focus on a dire threat to the Affordable Care Act likely to come up for a vote in the Senate…

This might get the attention of Turkey's Erdogan
icon Posted: 18 September 2017 [07:42 PM]

THE WASHINGTON POST In the four months since the violent attack on peaceful protesters by Turkish bodyguards during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Washington, nothing has made the Turkish government own up to this outrageous assault on…

Your View: Harvest yields petty thief and basic moral flaw
icon Posted: 18 September 2017 [07:41 PM]

To the Editor: Someone stopped at the road to help themselves to the apple tree in my front yard. Bad enough most of my trees are barren due to year-round deer damage. I find myself in solidarity at this harvest…

Sunday 09/17/2017
OUR VIEW: Is it naive to ask that our leaders work together?
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:54 PM]

“A political party is an alliance of like-minded people who work together to win elections and control of the government. Political parties compete against one another for political power and for the ability to put their philosophies and policies into…

YOUR VIEW: Reader questions Board of Education finances
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:48 PM]

By To the Editor: The article published in the Press Thursday, regarding the forensic audit of Board of Education financial records was written as if the audit was a joint venture between the city and the Board…

YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Dave Mills to council
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:47 PM]

By To the Editor: It is a pleasure for me to recommend Dave Mills for re-election to the city council. I have known Dave for over 20 years and can attest to his integrity and ability.…

A POINT TO PONDER: The governor must not veto the 'people's budget'
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:42 PM]

“We The People” is the opening to the preamble to the United States Constitution. The Constitutional Convention in 1787 and the states’ ratification of it a year later made our form of government unique in the history of government. The…

How the Democrats won the Trump presidency
icon Posted: 17 September 2017 [09:41 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Rarely, if ever, have so many presidential winners and losers been so incessantly chatty. Hillary Clinton - who lost the 2016 election, in case you weren’t sure - is on a book tour with her…

Saturday 09/16/2017
The price of cost cutting can sometimes be too high
icon Posted: 16 September 2017 [08:11 PM]

The City of New Britain received a $2.7 million Municipal Brownfield Grant from the state for a project, now underway, on Bosco Drive. And, as Herald reporter Skyler Frazer told us Saturday, this is just one site in New Britain…

E.J. Dionne: Kris Kobach and the voting commission
icon Posted: 16 September 2017 [08:09 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - It is neither paranoid nor alarmist to begin asking if the Trump administration plans to rationalize blocking a large number of voters who oppose the president from casting ballots in 2018 and 2020. And it is imperative…

Michael Reagan: Why NFL games are now unwatchable on television
icon Posted: 16 September 2017 [08:07 PM]

Columnist “National Football League TV ratings down 13 percent in Week 1.” “NFL ratings in free fall.” Those headlines don’t surprise me one bit. But the NFL’s rapidly declining popularity has nothing to do with televising too many games a…

Chris Powell: Connecticut's disaster is man-made; that makes it harder to fix
icon Posted: 16 September 2017 [08:05 PM]

Columnist Because of their growth and increasing prosperity, Texas and Florida are often presented as states Connecticut should emulate in public policy, especially because neither state imposes an income tax and both claim to be more supportive of business. Perhaps…

Republicans need a tax plan for 2017, not 1981
icon Posted: 16 September 2017 [08:04 PM]

Columnist It’s not 1981 anymore. That’s the message of an editorial in the conservative Weekly Standard, which warns Republicans not to design a tax reform patterned on the one that Ronald Reagan signed in his first year as president. Mimicking…

People are desperate for tax reform that simplifies the process
icon Posted: 16 September 2017 [08:03 PM]

Columnist “Help!” said the fellow, surrounded by a pile of papers. “I don’t think I’m going to make it through this 1040 tax form.” “Why is that?” I said. “The 2016 tax extension I filed is due by Oct. 15.…

Friday 09/15/2017
Our View: Central reaches out to its city neighbors
icon Posted: 15 September 2017 [08:14 PM]

What does it take to make a city work? Good neighbors. That was evident to anyone who read Page One of the New Britain Herald Thursday, where we saw twin stories about Central Connecticut State University, which is based…

What do most mass shooters have in common?
icon Posted: 15 September 2017 [08:13 PM]

Columnist It is now just two weeks into September, and the month has already seen its share of mass shootings. At a Dallas Cowboys watch party in Plano, Texas, a woman’s estranged ex-husband murdered her and seven of her friends;…

President Trump dares to dream
icon Posted: 15 September 2017 [08:11 PM]

The Washington Post This page doesn’t often agree with President Donald Trump, but we’re on board with his observation that most Americans oppose deportation for “dreamers” - young undocumented immigrants, mainly in their teens and 20s, in…

Thursday 09/14/2017
President's tweetstorm signals major concessions may lie ahead
icon Posted: 14 September 2017 [07:53 PM]

Barely a few hours after Democrats announced that they had reached a tentative deal with President Donald Trump on protecting the “dreamers,” Trump unleashed a steaming-hot morning tweetstorm that seemed to suggest that there was no deal at all. But…

Trump's tax plan comments don't align with proposals
icon Posted: 14 September 2017 [07:52 PM]

President Barack Obama, in an effort to sell a health-care plan that made voters, at the very least, uneasy, promised that “if Americans like their doctor, they’ll be keeping their doctor. You like your plan? You’ll be keeping your plan.”…

Should it be a felony?
icon Posted: 14 September 2017 [07:50 PM]

Just days after a woman walked out of a District of Columbia courtroom after being charged with dousing a Metrobus driver with a cup of urine, another driver was spat on by a passenger. The incidents are among a rising…

Wednesday 09/13/2017
A call to action
icon Posted: 13 September 2017 [07:52 PM]

The Supreme Court has long kept a distance from arguments over gerrymandering, that most American practice of redrawing the lines of legislative districts in order to tip elections toward the party in power. But early next month, the justices will…

North Korea tightened with speedy adoption of new sanctions
icon Posted: 13 September 2017 [07:51 PM]

It can be considered that a strong sense of crisis and solidarity has been demonstrated in the international community with regard to the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear and missile development. New sanctions have to be implemented thoroughly. The…

Right to prepare for the worst
icon Posted: 13 September 2017 [07:50 PM]

Nearly a week before Hurricane Irma was predicted to make landfall in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott, R, declared a state of emergency for the entire state. State and local officials readied for the storm with promises of help from the…

Trump's travel ban may expire
icon Posted: 13 September 2017 [07:49 PM]

Once again, a federal court has ruled against the Trump administration’s temporary ban on admission into the United States of refugees and citizens of six majority-Muslim countries. And once again, the Justice Department is appealing the ruling to the Supreme…

Tuesday 09/12/2017
OUR VIEW: Building projects won't help UConn's ranking
icon Posted: 12 September 2017 [09:38 PM]

Good news! Our state’s flagship school, The University of Connecticut, has been ranked the 18th top public university in a U.S. News & World Report list released Tuesday. “This is a reflection of our core academic strength and UConn’s exceptional…

Activists want zoos to become an endangered species
icon Posted: 12 September 2017 [09:35 PM]

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences asserts that a sixth mass extinction is underway. Primarily pointing to the extinction of several species, as well as the deterioration of animal habitats, the paper warns…

They'll come for the statues of Columbus next
icon Posted: 12 September 2017 [09:33 PM]

On March 14, 1891, in the city of New Orleans, 11 Italian Americans were lynched by an angry mob.The anger stemmed from a jury’s failure to convict the men of killing a police officer, Daniel Hennessy.Refusing to accept the verdicts,…

The next subprime loan crisis will center on car payments
icon Posted: 12 September 2017 [09:31 PM]

The self-described “Geniuses of Wall Street” are being stupid. Again. In 2007, their stupid schemes and frauds crashed our economy, destroying middle-class jobs, wealth, and opportunities. Far from being punished, however, the scofflaws were bailed out by their Washington enablers…

Monday 09/11/2017
Our View: Thanks to those who risked everything to help
icon Posted: 11 September 2017 [08:26 PM]

Today, we will hear a lot about the victims of Hurricane Irma, just as we learned of the plight of those in the path of Harvey, which hit Texas at the end of August. Of course, our hearts go out…

Granddaddy's Secrets: The hurtful habits of parents!
icon Posted: 11 September 2017 [08:23 PM]

Columnist Parents, it’s only normal to develop habits because our minds try to save life energy by going on auto-pilot sometimes, also known as habits. However, the secret to life is to develop habits that help us instead of hurt…

Irma reminds us of our limits
icon Posted: 11 September 2017 [08:23 PM]

Columnist On Sept. 8, 1900, a hurricane drove 15 feet of storm surge over the thriving city of Galveston, Tex., maximum elevation8.7 feet. At least 6,000 peoplewere killed in what remains the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history. Most of…

How to make the debt-ceiling debate more productive
icon Posted: 11 September 2017 [08:21 PM]

The absurdist political theater surrounding the U.S. government debt ceiling is having another revival. With debt default looming next month, President Donald Trump has agreed to a deal that will grant emergency relief for Hurricane Harvey and raise the ceiling…

Trump's (still private) tax returns
icon Posted: 11 September 2017 [08:20 PM]

THE Washington Post It’s understandable why Donald Trump has felt no compunction about refusing to release his tax returns. After all, he got elected president despite breaking his promise to release his IRS filings, thus thumbing his nose…

Sunday 09/10/2017
OUR VIEW: A teal-draped Bristol provides timely reminder
icon Posted: 10 September 2017 [09:02 PM]

It’s once again September, a month that brings the start of the school year and a calendar filled with festivals and fairs. But, for Bristol resident Judy Lodovico, it means just one thing: September is ovarian cancer awareness month. One…

Equifax data breach didn't have to be this bad
icon Posted: 10 September 2017 [08:59 PM]

If your personal information is ever compromised in a data breach, the hacked company might send you an apology letter with an offer of free identity theft protection from a credit-reporting agency. But what happens when the reporting agency is…

The president, the Dems and the road not taken
icon Posted: 10 September 2017 [08:58 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Be wary of anyone who purports to understand the deep meaning of President Trump’s decision to side with the Democrats on short-term budget issues. Nobody knows what he’s up to, and this probably includes Trump…

Saturday 09/09/2017
Name-calling by governor won't rescue young illegals
icon Posted: 09 September 2017 [07:58 PM]

Announcing an end to the Obama administration’s amnesty for young people brought into the country illegally by their parents, President Trump signaled this week that he wants a comprehensive restructuring of immigration law. Trump emphasized that it should provide for…

Facebook's role in Trump's win is clear
icon Posted: 09 September 2017 [07:57 PM]

What a ridiculous notion, Mark Zuckerberg scoffed shortly after the election, that his social-media company -innocent, well-intentioned Facebook - could have helped Donald Trump’s win. “Personally I think the idea that fake news on Facebook ... influenced the election in…

Democrats can look on the bright side
icon Posted: 09 September 2017 [07:56 PM]

WASHINGTON - On one level, things have never been worse for Democrats. They don’t have the White House, majorities in Congress or a reliable fifth vote on the Supreme Court. They hold governorships in only 15 states and hold just…