Edsall sees promise in UConn football's young tackle Peart

Published on Saturday, 15 April 2017 22:24


STORRS - It’s hard to imagine that one of the UConn football team’s worst-performing units of 2016 has a player who may very well one day be an NFL prospect.

That’s the case with left tackle Matt Peart, however.

The 6-foot-7, 304-pound sophomore has all the tools to play the position effectively for the Huskies and perhaps at next level. UConn coach Randy Edsall says he’s being careful about telling Peart such things, of course.

“I’m not going to let him get lazy on himself. I’m not going to be easy on him,” Edsall said after Thursday’s practice. “He’s got that ability. Sometimes he needs a little kick in the butt.”

Edsall has seen butts like Peart’s before, and he’s helped them get to the NFL.

“I’m going to coach him kind of the way I coached Will Beatty,” Edsall said of the former UConn tackle who recently finished his seventh year with the New York Giants. “Will was one of those guys that had that ability. And that was hard. Will was a great kid but to get all the stuff out of him we wanted to, there was a lot of … but it paid off. It paid off for Will and I want it to pay off for Matt.”

If some coaches only yell and scream at the ones they really love, Peart may be getting some extra love from the Huskies’ staff in the near future.

“I love the kid to death. Great kid, coachable, wants to do all those things,” Edsall said.

The Huskies are coming off a woeful campaign in which one of its biggest issues was poor offensive line play. Those who were part of that line, including the then-redshirt freshman Peart, understand that better than most.

“We were what we were. We all know that. We don’t want to go back to that,” Peart said. “It’s not so much pressure, we just want to win.”

Edsall and the rest of the Huskies want that too, of course. The coach sees that as possible, if players such as Peart can step up their games.

Peart certainly has the potential to be great but no one wants to wait for him to get there.

“We want him to be good now,” Edsall said. “I want him to have the same sense of urgency I have. He has some urgency but it’s not to the same degree.”

The coaching staff wants Peart to continue to push himself harder. He says he’s trying to do just that.

“I’m nowhere near perfect but I’m trying to get there,” Peart said.

Rhett Lashlee, UConn’s new offensive coordinator, is changing the way the offense runs, while the new line coach, veteran J.B. Grimes, has revamped the way the Huskies block.

Peart says he and his fellow linemen are being challenged mentally and physically this spring. “Coach Grimes, he wants specific footwork for each specific play, for each specific position. It’s much more technical, much more detailed,” Peart said.

Kick squad

UConn hasn’t had to worry about who its specialists would be in nearly four years, but it’s a major question facing Edsall. Kicker Bobby Puyol and punter Justin Wain have exhausted their eligibility, and it’s not clear who will be taking either man’s place.

Edsall said Tuesday neither the punting nor kicking games have been up to par this spring.

“We’re working on that but we’re not as consistent as I’d like us to be in the punting game,” Edsall said. “And (Michael) Tarbutt has a quad (injury) so he hasn’t kicked since about the first week.”

Brett Graham, a redshirt freshman from State College, Pennsylvania, is the only punter listed on UConn’s roster.

Tarbutt would seem to be next in line for the placekicking job but Edsall said Will Rishell, a senior from RHAM, has been performing rather well.

“That’s a work in progress. We’ll see where we are after four more practices and we’ll see if there’s something we need to do,” Edsall said.

He didn’t specify, though it seems Edsall and his staff are contemplating getting a kicking and/or punting specialist via the junior college ranks or major college transfer pool.

Quarterback competition

For the second practice in a row, Brandon Bisack quarterbacked the Huskies’ first team offense. The 6-foot-5 sophomore from Fairfield is, for the moment, ahead of senior Bryant Shirreffs on the depth chart.

So what has Bisack done to earn the right to start at this point?

“Doing his job and executing the offense. That’s what he’s doing. When he’s in there he’s had productivity,” Edsall said.

Extra points

Former UConn players Ryan Krug, Brian Markowski and Shane Fogarty, each of whom was part of UConn’s first bowl team, the 2004 Motor City Bowl winners, were on hand for Thursday’s practice. “Krug still scares me,” Edsall joked. “He scared me when he was playing. When he said something, I listened.” … With linebacker E.J. Levenberry out with a knee injury, UConn’s depth at the position took a hit. “Chris Britton has stepped in and he’s done a pretty good job,” Edsall said of the junior from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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