Plymouth students return to school

Published on Monday, 29 August 2022 15:28


PLYMOUTH – Plymouth students returned to school eager to learn Monday.

The first day of school saw many smiling faces as youths strapped on their backpacks and made their way to their classrooms to meet their new teachers.

“I walked all four buildings throughout the day and I was there at the opening for Plymouth Center School and Eli Terry Middle School,” said Superintendent of Schools Brian Falcone. “There was a lot of excitement and buzz in the air. Kids were happy to be back and teachers were excited to have them back. It’s great to see on the first day of school.”

Terryville High School Principal Michael Hults said that teachers and students “hit the ground running,” returning to a normal school schedule.

“I can’t complain; both kids and teachers seemed to have good energy and were excited to be back,” he said. “I think they’re both looking forward to having a good, normal year. Last year I think covid was still hanging over our heads.”

During the first day of school, Terryville High School had an assembly for seniors.

“We wanted to assure them of our expectations and encourage them to be the leaders of their classmates,” he said.

Similar assemblies will be held Tuesday for the lower grade levels.

Darren Vigliotti, interim principal at Eli Terry Jr. Middle School said that it was a “great first day.”

“We had a lot of smiling kids; everybody seemed to be in a good mood,” he said. “They’re ready to come back and be successful. We did a greeting assembly in the gym where we separated them into their classrooms and I welcomed them. We’re really emphasizing three things this school year – show up, work hard and be kind. We hope to make this school year a good experience for everyone.”

Kim Loveland, principal at Plymouth Center School, for grades K to 2, said that the first day of school was “fantastic.”

“Kids were super excited,” she said. “There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of questions. A lot of kids were asking when they would be able to go to gym and recess. When they got into their classrooms, they were full of energy.”

Loveland said that the first couple weeks of school will focus on social emotional learning.

“We’ll be focusing on building friendships, teaching the routine, how to walk in the hallway, what you do if you need something,” said Loveland. “We’ll start to hit the ground running on the academics during the second week in September.”

Falcone said that that he is eager to see the district return to normal operations.

“Last year at this time, we were focused on who was vaccinated and making sure that teachers were tested prior to starting their week,” he said. “Now those regulations have rolled back and we’re getting back to a business as usual experience. We’re bringing back all of our school events and traditions.”

This year will also see the introduction of several new programs throughout the district, including a new STEM program at Harry Fisher Elementary School and job shadow program at Terryville High School.

Each school has also seen touch-ups both to the building interiors and the buildings and grounds in preparation for the return of students this year.

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