Accessibility improvement renovations at Gosinski Park has begun

Published on Monday, 15 August 2022 11:54


PLYMOUTH – The accessibility improvement renovations project at Gosinski Park has begun, with the first group of residents relocated into idle capacity units in preparation for building renovations starting early September.

Vinnie Klimas, chair of the Plymouth Housing Authority, said that McCabe Moving of Southington was able to relocate eight residents into idle capacity units in three days. The state will reimburse these moving costs.

“The residents were a bit nervous, it’s never a joy to move, but everything went smoothly,” said Klimas. “Everything was packed up and put on their specialty truck and they were all moved in within three days.”

Klimas said that the residents are looking forward to seeing the improvements at their housing units. Work for the first two “clusters” of five units will begin between Sept. 1 and 5 and will take approximately two months to complete.

“An official ground-breaking will be announced soon,” said Klimas. “After preparing for this renovation for seven-and-a-half years, it’s great to see it reach this point. The whole time you’re working on it, you never know if the rug is going to get pulled out from under you. Fortunately, that did not happen.”

Gosinski Park was originally built in 1965 and additional units were added in 1968. The project will see six units become fully ADA accessible while the other 54 units will also see “substantial” renovations.

Residents can look forward to having improved wheelchair access to buildings and greater ability to turn in hallways.

The community room will also be increased to twice the current size and there will be walk-in tubs and showers and larger kitchen spaces.

Klimas said he is grateful to the Housing Authority Board of Directors, former mayor David Merchant, current mayor Joe Kilduff, this town council and the previous town council for their support throughout the project's history. He also thanked Governor Ned Lamont and Department of Housing Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno for their support at the state level.

The total cost of the project is $5,271,070, which breaks down as follows:

. $2,509,725 from the Department of Housing State Sponsored Housing Portfolio through the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority,

. $2,300,000 in Department of Housing Community Development Block Grant funds through the town of Plymouth

. $100,000 from Town of Plymouth Community Development Block Grant program income

. $50,000 from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds allocated to the Town of Plymouth

. $278,000 in Department of Housing Predevelopment Loans

. $14,877 in Housing Authority Property Reserves

. $16,663 in Housing Authority Equity funds

. $1,805 in energy rebates.

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