Terryville man convicted of sending Bristol girl list of sexual favors charged with violating probation again

Published on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 16:01


BRISTOL - A Terryville man convicted of sending an underage Bristol teenager a list of sexual favors she could complete in exchange for cash has been charged with violating his probation once again.

Shane Silva, 49, has not entered a plea to the newest violation charge, following an appearance last week in New Britain Superior Court. 

He is being held on $50,000 bond and is due back in court on Aug. 22. 

Silva is on probation after pleading no contest to one count of risk of injury to a minor. In that case, he was sentenced in June 2019 to 10 years in prison, suspended, and five years of probation. He was also ordered to register as a sexual offender for 10 years.

According to court documents, the risk of injury charge came about after Silva in either late 2016 or early 2017 sent a 14-year-old girl a list of things she could do to earn $100 each, including sending him nude photos, performing oral sex on him, allowing him to perform oral sex on her and going anywhere he wanted with him during her next school vacation. The girl later showed this list to police after her therapist contacted the state’s Department of Children and Families.

Silva’s most recent arrest is the second time he has been charged with violating his probation. During the previous violation, Silva admitted to having “bad thoughts” and said wanted to kill the girl who was the victim in his underlying conviction.

He also told his probation officer it didn’t matter that a prohibited zone around the girl’s home – monitored by his GPS ankle bracelet – had been created, “because I know where she will be,” according to the warrant for his arrest.

Silva, the warrant said, violated this safe zone for the girl in November 2019, when his GPS device alerted his probation officer that he had gotten too close to her home. He admitted to driving down a street that borders her apartment complex, saying he did not go there intentionally, according to the warrant.

Following the violation, the warrant continued, Silva told his supervising officer that he started having “bad thoughts” and sought help from his mental health provider. Then in December 2019, a sex offender treatment provider contacted Silva’s probation officer and reported some “homicidal thoughts” he had expressed about the victim after the GPS violation, the warrant said.

Silva’s probation officer met with him the same day, when he admitted he “wanted to kill” the girl. He also said the exclusion zone didn’t matter because he knew where she would be, according to the warrant. The probation officer then created a safe zone around the girl’s school, telling Silva he could not go within a certain area of the facility.

Later that same month, according to the warrant, the probation officer received a notification indicating Silva was too close to the school. He said he was in the area to bring his daughter to a family member’s home, the warrant continued.

Silva in the first violation case ultimately admitted to violating his probation conditions. He was then sentenced to 15 months in prison. 

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