Terryville High School's valedictorian knew she had the ability to finish at the top of her class

Published on Wednesday, 15 June 2022 14:32


PLYMOUTH – Terryville High School Valedictorian Rebecca Dorsey knew she had the ability to finish at the top of her class. It was just a matter of whether she wanted it badly enough.

For Dorsey, she said, that was never a question.

“I planned it,” the valedictorian said. “I knew I had the ability to do that and I had the want to be at the top of my class.”

Some valedictorians find themselves near or at the top of their class after their freshman or sophomore year and, at that point, decide it’s something they want to strive for. 

Dorsey, however, said she knew coming into high school that it was something she was going to work to achieve. And through her four years at Terryville High School, she said, there was never a chance of a photo or a chance she would be knocked off the top of the hill.

“It wasn’t close,” said Dorsey.

The valedictorian said she spent countless hours doing schoolwork and gave up so many things over the past four years to achieve what she set out to do. And as for motivation, it all came from within. 

“My parents are always going to be proud of me, and I appreciate them for that,” Dorsey said, explaining that her parents were not the driving force behind her desire to finish at the top of the class.

“This was a me thing,” she continued, adding that she wants to thank her parents for “always being there for me no matter what I do.”

“I always had their support, which allowed me to be so ambitious,” Dorsey said.

During her senior year alone, Dorsey was the president of the Leo Club and National Honor Society; vice president of the Student Council; and the sole member of the student newspaper. She plans on attending the University of Connecticut in the fall, where she will major in English with a social justice track.

Dorsey acknowledged her college plans may change to either Wesleyan University or Harvard, where she has been put on the waitlist. 

Reflecting on her high school career coming to a close, Dorsey said she has “well wishes to the class of 2022,” adding that she hopes all her classmates can accomplish their dreams.

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