Plymouth mayor gives updates on covid-19 cases, town projects

Published on Thursday, 12 November 2020 12:08


PLYMOUTH – Despite covid-19 numbers being on the rise statewide, Plymouth is continuing to move ahead with contract negotiations for businesses coming to town and roadways improvements.

Mayor David Merchant informed the town council that covid-19 numbers are on the rise in town.

“We're on the rise; we have finally made the Red List on that state map,” he said. “It seems like we have had quite a few cases here in the last couple of weeks. We have a couple that have taken place right in town hall. So, right now, what we’re trying to do is take every possible precaution that we can here. The fire department is canceling all their drills and meetings and training. We’re canceling all upcoming town sponsored recreation events and any gatherings at all. We’re going to try to do away with these for a while and see if we can’t get those numbers back to where they were.”

Despite some residents’ concerns, Merchant said that Election Day in town “went off without a hitch.”

“It was really smooth; everything went in and out without any kind of a hitch at all,” he said. “So, I think we have found the solution. The big solution was having 10 stations that will get people in and out.”

Merchant added that he has been working with several businesses who are interested in coming to town.

“We signed a contract for two lots, 18 and 19, in the business park on Container Drive,” he said. “The town has also received approval for lot 14 on Lassie Court. We're working on a contract, so we’re pretty close to having that sold too. I’m waiting for board approval on lots 9 and 10. Lassie Court, with the exception of one lot, is covered pretty much by wetlands.”

Merchant said that, if everything is approved, he has businesses lined up for almost all of Lassie Court.

“It should be almost sold out, which is good news,” he said. “It’s encouraging that we are talking to quite a few businesses right now during a tough time.”

Additional information will be announced once contracts are solidified.

Merchant also informed the town council that the town had received a state grant for $8,000 to do part of the reconstruction on Preston Road.

“That's a horrible road it's not very long,” said Merchant. “We got enough money to do that now. So that was good news.”

In other road construction news, Merchant said that the Route 6 project is on-track to complete next week.

“They’re all done putting in the main waterline,” he said. “They're just doing the hookups for each individual homeowner. They probably won't do any paving until spring though they’ll have the line in and they’ll fix some of the bumps that are there right now.”

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