Chet Scoville, Plymouth Oil putting together 'Blessing Bags'

Published on Thursday, 5 November 2020 13:17


PLYMOUTH - Chet Scoville of Plymouth Oil and his family are putting together "Blessing Bags" with clothing and essential supplies for the homeless.

Jessica Scoville, Chet Scoville's wife, said that her husband along with his grandsons, Pierce, age 8, Charlie, age 5, and his stepdaughter Mackenzie, age 15, are putting together Blessing Bags to show how people "can still make kindness count while being safe during covid-19."

"Plymouth Oil is in the business of keeping families warm and that is more important than ever with many people still working and schooling from home," she said. "Our family has noticed an increase in homeless individuals asking for food on street corners. What do you say to young children who ask about these people?"

Scoville said that schools running at limited capacity and strict covid-19 rules have limited opportunities to kids to participate in community service, such as through the Kids in the Middle and LEO Clubs.

Therefore, Chet Scoville has purchased items to create "Blessing Bags" which will be kept in the Plymouth Oil service trucks and the Scoville family's personal vehicles to hand out "the next time the kids ask 'why is that man holding a sign that says homeless please help.'"

The bags include items such as new hats, gloves, socks, travel cups, bags of hot cocoa and tea, mini orange juices, Tylenol packets, chap sticks, face masks, cough drops, Band-Aids, toothbrushes & toothpaste, deodorants, ponchos, breakfast bars, travel packs of peanut butter, bags of trail mix and crackers and $1 bills.

"Blessings bags are a great way to safely involve children in community service while at home during the current health pandemic," said Jessica Scoville. "Similar bags can be made for First Responders and teachers to show gratitude for the work they have done over the past 7 months during COVID19."

Chet Scoville said that his family, for years, has donated their time to community service. He said that when his grandchildren started asking him about the homeless, he was motivated to do something to help out.

“While the government is doing a lot to help people I feel that the homeless often get left out,” he said. “You really don’t know everyone’s situation and I wanted to do something extra to help them. I thought it would be a good idea to put these bags together. We’re going to put one in each of our vehicles and give them out if we come across someone on the street. I’m telling my guys who are going out with the trucks that if they see someone and have the opportunity to give one of the bags out that they should do it as well. It’s an opportunity to teach the kids about volunteering and treating people with respect. It’s a good way to instill values in the younger generation.”

Jessica Scoville added that her husband believes that the "youth are our future." Therefore, the "Kindness Counts" scholarship will be made available to two graduating seniors again this year.

The “Kindness Counts” scholarship was created last year by Grela Well Drilling, Inc. and Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. to benefit one male and one female Terryville High School senior. Applicants are asked to write an essay stating how they have demonstrated kindness throughout their school journey, how it has impacted their life or how their career will promote kindness.

"Chet hopes that what he and his family are doing helps encourage students and their families to find a way to make Kindness Count, especially with all the negativity surrounding politics and the health pandemic our country has been faced with," said Jessica Scoville. "More now than ever, kindness is what our country needs."

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