Plymouth expects to sell Prospect Street School soon

Published on Thursday, 27 August 2020 16:35


PLYMOUTH – The Town Council will discuss the sale of Prospect Street School at their meeting next Tuesday said Mayor David Merchant Thursday.

“At the meeting Tuesday night we will be finalizing an abatement and we expect to sell Prospect Street School soon,” said Merchant. “The only thing left now is for the town council to approve an abatement and set up a closing date. We expect to close in September. It’s a huge deal to get over this hurdle.”

Prospect Street School, built in 1900, has been empty since 2008. Craig Bothroyd, principal for Prospect Ridge LLC, said in 2017 he plans to renovate the old, abandoned school and create a total of about 50 rental units. There will be 24 units in the school itself and 26 townhouse-style units on the field. The sale of the school was then held up in a legal battle with a neighbor to the site which was resolved earlier this year.

Merchant said the legal fees cost the town approximately $40,000. As part of the agreement to end the dispute, Bothroyd had to agree to complete the school renovation before anything could be built on the field.

The school was closed as part of a district-wide change which led to the opening of the current Terryville High School. The previous high school was converted to what is now Eli Terry Jr. Middle Schaool. Harry S. Fisher Middle School also became Harry S. Fisher Elementary School during this time. The former Main Street School, which was sold to EdAdvance last year and transformed into the Partnership Learning Academy, was also originally closed as part of this district-wide change.

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