Woman charged with exposing herself to motorists in Plymouth could avoid prosecution

Published on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 20:52


PLYMOUTH - A West Haven woman charged with exposing herself to passing motorists and assaulting a cop in Plymouth has been placed in a program that will likely spare her prosecution.

Elizabeth Matthews, 26, was placed in Accelerated Rehabilitation during a hearing Tuesday in Bristol Superior Court. AR is a first-time offender program that can last up to two years, during which time defendants are on a pretrial form of probation. On this special probation, new arrests must be avoided and any court-ordered conditions must be completed.

If all the conditions are met by Matthews, charges of public indecency, assault on a police officer and second-degree breach of peace will be dropped on May 29, 2019.

According to the arrest warrant, police were called on May 8 at about 11:25 a.m. on the report of a naked woman standing in front of a window at 218 Main St. exposing her breasts to passing motorists on Route 6 and attempting to get truck drivers to honk their horn.

When officers responded, they verified the report and later identified the woman as Matthews. She refused to let police into her apartment. During the investigation, officers on scene learned that police had been called to the apartment a day earlier by a family member concerned for Matthews. They were unable to make contact with her that day.

Police then stood up on some cinderblocks and attempted to enter the apartment through the window, which was about 6 feet off the ground. An officer opened the window, but Matthews came running over quickly and slammed it shut. The policeman said she slammed it on his forearm, causing him “intense pain,” according to the warrant.

Police then tried distracting Matthews while the officer again tried entering the window, but Matthews once again saw the policeman and this time pushed him before closing the window, the warrant said. The officer was caught by another cop below.

Police then made a forced entry into the apartment, and Matthews was taken to Bristol Hospital for a mental health evaluation. She was later charged in June.

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