Plymouth budget question passes by 8, final votes tallied

Published on Wednesday, 8 November 2017 20:56


PLYMOUTH - A ballot question to limit the circumstances in which the town budget would be subject to referendum passed by a narrow margin, now that the absentee ballots have been counted.

As of Tuesday night it had appeared to fail by only three votes, but when all ballots were included it was shown to have passed by eight votes.

Currently, the charter allows up to two budget referendums each year. If the budget is rejected a second time the council is authorized to adopt a budget that is not more than three percent more or less than the current year budget. For the past three years the proposed budget has failed at referendum twice before the council ended up passing a final budget.

The change allows the council to directly approve a budget that does not increase or decrease more than three percent, without a referendum. If the proposed budget exceeds the three percent limit then it would go to one referendum. If it fails at referendum then the council can adopt a final budget as long as it is within the three percent up or down formula.

Town Clerk Barbara Rockwell said as of Wednesday no one had contacted her about having a recount on the measure.

The final tally did not affect anything else in the election, which saw David Merchant win a third term as mayor by a wide margin, and his Republican party retain all five Town Council seats.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who supported the CFRG slate and me. Your kind words of support and your appreciation for the truth and light we tried to bring to Plymouth means so much to us,” said his opponent Pattie DeHuff on Facebook.

She was a petitioning candidate who ran on the Citizens For Responsible Government slate.

Local Democrats did not run a candidate for mayor. Paul Gianesini, Democratic Town Committee chairman, said his party tried hard this year but Republican voters showed up and voted the party line.

Official results are as follows (* winners):


Republican, David Merchant, 1,872.*

Petitioning Candidate, Pattie DeHuff: 797.

Town Council:


Remie C. Ferreira, 522.

Christine A. Judd, 480.

Peter A. Gianesini Sr., 557.

Joseph M. Green, 602.

Lynn B. Rugh. 456.


John Pajeski, 1,381.*

Roxanne McCann, 1,471.*

Sue Murawski, 1,597.*

Tom Zagurski. 1,615.*

Dan Gentile, 1,626.*

Petitioning Candidates:

Janet M. Olmstead, 597.

Brian Dunn, 594.

Connie Kapralos, 520.

Chris Simo-Kinzer, 562.

Town Clerk:

Republican, Barbara Rockwell, 2,216.*


Republican, Dave Mischke, 2,187. *

Tax Collector:

Republican, Joe Kilduff, 1,728.*

Petitioning Candidate, Janet Laviero, 807.

Board of Finance:


Briana J. Brumaghim, 802.*

William Kremmel, 634.


Ana Legassey, 1,717.*

James Kilduff, 1,689.*

Board of Education:


Ingrid E. Green, 986.

Richard J. Foote, 1,270.*

Jeannette C. Brodeur, 975.

Melissa Conan-Kremmel, 1,076.*


Melissa Johnson, 1,849.*

Josiah Elsaghir, 1,614.*

Dawn Brenner, 1,784.*

Board of Education (two-year vacancy):

Democrat, Edie Balkun, 712.

Gerry Bourbonniere, 1,631.*

Board of Assessment Appeals:

Republican, Wollenberg, 2,117.*



Brett Festa, 909.

Todd Brodeur, 634.

Paul Gianesini, 803.

Vito Flammia, 591.


Richard Pinkerton, 1,462.*

Eric Pelz, 1,644.*

Christine Ciarmella, 1,550.*

Larry Deschaine, 1,661.*

Library Trustees:


Randy Picard, 669.

Barbara Galvin, 776.


Anita Hamzy, 1,781.

Mary Wollenberg, 1,755.*

Bonnie Leroux, 1,884.*

Library Trustee (two-year vacancy):

Democrat, Ellen Roth, 1,584.*

Charter Revision Questions:

Question 1: “Shall the appointment of an Assessor and the requirement for the council to maintain a journal be changed in accordance with Items 1 and 2 of the Final Report of the Charter Revision Commission and as approved by the Town Council?”

Yes: 1,326. No: 963.

The change refers to removing charter language pertaining to having a Board of Assessors and a Council Journal, both of which no longer exist.

Question 2: “Shall changes be made to the budget approval process so that the Council can approve a proposed budget with changes of not more than 3% in accordance with Item 3 of the Final Report of the Charter Revision Commission and as approved by the Town Council?”

Yes: 1,197. No: 1,189.

Question 3: “Shall all boards and commissions be required to include ‘Public Comment on Agenda Items’ on their agendas, shall the Town Council be required to have ‘Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items’ on all of its agendas and shall all boards or commissions be required to allow people to speak at meetings in accordance with Item 4 of the Final Report of the Charter Revision Commission and as approved by the Town Council?”

Yes: 1,882. No: 535.

The change would allow town boards and commissions to include on their agendas public comment on agenda and non-agenda items, or in the case of the council on agenda and non-agenda items, and adopt a time limit for speakers so more people will be able to participate.

Question 4: “Shall a Charter Revision Commission be established to consider a town manager form of government?”

Yes: 1,188. No: 1,140.

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