Terryville man, convicted of coercing Bristol teen into sending nude photos, charged with violating probation

Published on Thursday, 2 November 2017 22:04


BRISTOL - A Terryville man convicted of coercing a 15-year-old Bristol girl into sending him nude photographs of herself has been charged with violating his probation.

Jason Labrie, 21, allegedly missed multiple sex offender treatment and substance abuse appointments and tested positive for THC - a chemical compound found in marijuana - while on probation.

On Aug. 11, 2015, Labrie was convicted of one count of risk of injury to a minor and sentenced to five years in prison, suspended after service of nine months, and three years’ probation. Some of his probation conditions included seeking sex offender and substance abuse treatment and not using illegal drugs.

According to the probation violation warrant, Labrie on three occasions missed sex offender treatment appointments. On one occasion, the warrant continued, he arrived late for an appointment and didn’t bring the necessarily materials he had been asked to bring. On another instance, he showed up on time, but didn’t have the required materials.

Additionally, the warrant said, Labrie missed eight appointments with staff members while he was at a transitional living center, in Waterbury, that specializes in substance abuse treatment. He also tested positive for THC and admitted that he had smoked marijuana, the document continued.

Labrie was arrested Thursday and arraigned in Bristol Superior Court. During the hearing, Jeffrey Lee, the prosecutor, offered Labrie a plea deal that would include admitting he violated his probation and serving two years in prison. He did not immediately accept the deal, and the case was continued to Dec. 6.

Labrie is being held on $50,000 bond. The conviction for which he was placed on probation stemmed from an investigation that revealed he told a 15-year-old Bristol girl in May 2014 that he would post nude photographs of her to Facebook and Twitter unless she sent him additional similar photographs.

The juvenile told investigators she dated Labrie a few years ago until she found out how old he was. She also told police she previously sent him nude photographs, which is why she was fearful that he may post them publicly.

The girl sent Labrie three photos after demanded she do so, but he then demanded she send more, according to court papers. In total, the girl sent him 10 photographs that were considered child pornography. Furthermore, court papers said, Labrie asked the girl to meet him so she could perform oral sex on him, but she never showed up and, instead, told her mother what had happened.

When Labrie pleaded guilty to risk of injury to a minor in 2015, two other charges against him, third-degree illegal possession of child pornography and coercion, were later dropped.

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