Hometown Pizza in Bristol serving up thin-crust, New York-style pies for past decade

Published on Tuesday, 27 July 2021 15:52


BRISTOL – Customers who come to Hometown Pizza can expect to find consistent quality and a variety of fresh menu options.

Hometown Pizza is a family-owned business with several locations throughout the state. The Bristol location, at 90 Burlington Ave., has been serving up thin-crust, New York-style pizza for 10 years.

Owner Lumbar Pack says that, for him, it’s more than just the family business; cooking has also been his lifelong passion.

“I have always enjoyed cooking food,” he said. “We have a good crew over here; we all get along, everybody helps out and everybody enjoys what they’re doing. When we see people coming back for a second or third time, everybody gets happy. We have a strong group of regular, long-time supporters.”

Pack said his policy has always been to put the customer first. To that end, he makes sure everything is made with consistent quality and fresh ingredients.

“Our pizza tastes the same as it did all the way back when we first opened,” he said. “We have never compromised on the quality of our pizza. It tastes just like it does at all of our other locations.”

Customers can also expect to find a variety of menu options, including items that customers have requested over the years. In Bristol, some of the most popular pies include buffalo chicken and Florentine.

“We have a big menu,” Pack said. “We also make salads, appetizers, wraps, grinders, wings, pasta and seafood dishes. There is a wide variety. If the customers ask for something, we make it.”

When a new customer stops in, Pack said, his staff will often make them a few extra items on the house. He said he wants to create a positive experience for them to encourage them to come back.

For more information on Hometown Pizza, call 860-589-1208 or visit hometownpizzaofct.com.

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