LDM Manufacturing going strong for 30 years

Published on Monday, 21 January 2019 19:28
Written by Karla Santos


PLAINVILLE – LDM Manufacturing, Inc. is a family owned company with a focus on milling and lade machines.

The eight-employee-business started as Larry's Marine Works in 1988, transitioning to LDM Manufacturing, LLC in 1994 and later becoming LDM Manufacturing, INC in 2015.

The company is now owned by Julie DeSimone and her two siblings.

“The business started with my dad about 30 years ago,” DeSimone said. “He had a boat marina, he was fixing engines. His health took a turn for the worse so a few years later we as his children took it over.”

The company manufactures both plastic and metal, for United States customers only. Some of their local customers are Gems Sensors & Controls in Plainville and B & F Machine Co. in New Britain.

“They provide us with drawings and we will make one piece for them, or we will make 10 thousand pieces for them,” DeSimone said.

As of September 30, 2018, LDM Manufacturing is a majority women owned company and will be applying for a minority owned business this year.

“The opportunities seem endless and I have a positive outlook for manufacturing in general,” DeSimone said. “Even though we are small and the industry is not as prominent as other types of field for young people, I think that we can make a difference and I’m excited about it. There’s still a spot for us here and being small and having older equipment. We can still compete in a way with the bigger companies.”

The company has worked with technical schools in the past, hiring teachers’ recommended students for the summer.

According to DeSimone, there are many challenges in the industry including finding skilled workers.

“I don’t think this is a field that people are learning or taking in classes or being taught by anyone anymore,” DeSimone said. “We all learned from my father but it just seems that a lot of the manufacturing places in Connecticut are closing or they are huge corporations so you are not getting that next generation type learning anymore. I think that the technical schools are doing a good job. I think the equipment they have is the top of the line, but shops like ours we don’t use that brand new equipment. We have the old stuff. There’s still a big gap from a technical school student who is learning on the top of the line equipment coming back to our 80’s and 90’s equipment.”

The company tries to stay competitive by offering benefits such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contribution, holiday and vacation time.

“We are trying to make sure that they are comfortable and happy in that aspect,” DeSimone said.

To learn more about LDM Manufacturing, call 860-410-9804 or visit their website at www.ldmmanufacturing.com .

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