Southington woman, accused of allowing teens to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, looking to keep record clean

Published on Friday, 23 November 2018 20:37


SOUTHINGTON - A local woman charged with allowing teenagers to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in her home has applied for a program that could keep her record clean.

Police allege that Tricia Angelo, 43, of 119 Milldale Ave., let her son and some of his friends have small parties in her home for about two months, showing them how to smoke marijuana from a glass bowl at one point, according to the warrant for her arrest. She faces one count of risk of injury to a minor.

When police spoke to Angelo about the investigation, she adamantly denied letting anyone drink or use drugs in her home, the document states. She said her son’s friends slept over from time to time, but that they know she does not allow anything illegal.

Angelo on Friday, in Bristol Superior Court, filed an application for the Accelerated Rehabilitation program. Should it be granted, she would be ordered to complete conditions set forth by a judge and avoid any new arrests during a probationary that could last up to two years. Success would result in the charge being dropped as if Angelo had been found not guilty after a trial. She is due back in court next month to learn if the program will be granted.

Police launched their investigation on Aug. 11, when a 14-year-old and his mother went to the police department to speak with officers about some “disturbing” text messages the mother had found between her son and his friend’s mother, Angelo, the warrant said.

The state’s Department of Children and Families was made aware of the allegations, but the agency declined to get involved, according to the warrant.

The text messages showed the teen and Angelo talking about his experiences using marijuana, according to police. They also showed the juvenile asking her if he could get drunk in her home and if she could take him to buy “a gram,” the warrant said. A gram is a common slang term to buy a quantity of drugs.

Angelo, according to the warrant, told the teen she would not take him to buy a gram and said he did not “need it tonight,” saying it was a Sunday, when referencing his inquiry about getting drunk. When he asked why not, she said “you will get all wild and I am not staying up with you tonight,” the warrant said. She then, the warrant continued, said he and his friends could have one “beer each if you want but only if your (sic) quiet.”

The 14-year-old told police Angelo regularly let he and his friends “party” in her home for about two months, saying she had a refrigerator “stocked” with beer, and that they sometimes ask for it and, other times, she offers it, the warrant alleged.

On one occasion, the teen told police, Angelo allegedly drank with the teenagers, according to the warrant. On another occasion, in late June, one of the friends brought marijuana over and Angelo said “maybe” to allowing them to smoke it, the warrant continued. She then went into her room and, when she returned, had a bowl to smoke the marijuana and taught the teens how, police wrote in the affidavit. The teen said he smoked marijuana in the home other times after that and that Angelo was present when he did.

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