'Restaurant Week' well underway in Southington

Published on Monday, 19 February 2018 22:46


SOUTHINGTON - The town is throwing its support behind the Southington Chamber of Commerce’s new initiative, “Restaurant Week,” an effort to promote local eateries and make Southington a “destination location.”

This week, several local restaurants will be offering special deals in an effort to draw more visitors to town. This week, town hall and the Plantsville fire station were decorated with banners promoting the initiative.

Town Council Chair man Chris Palmieri also invited Taylor Crofton, executive director of the Southington Chamber of Commerce, to explain the event at Monday’s meeting. He then informed her that the town was committed to partnering with the chamber to grow local business.

“The town has been very supportive of our new initiative,” said Crofton. “During the week of President’s Day, we are encouraging traditional restaurants that serve lunch and dinner to serve a meal with an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $20.18. Other eateries will be offering their own specials for the week. The whole point is to get more food traffic in town and get more people into the doors of our restaurants than they otherwise would have.

“We have a lot of chamber members who own restaurants and Southington has a wide array of cuisine. Southington is known for having some of the best locally owned restaurants - there is something for every appetite.”

Restaurant Week is not unique to Southington, Crofton explained. It is part of a trend which began in New York City and has been spreading across the nation from coast to coast.

“What businesses may lose initially in revenue, they more than make up for with new and returning customers,” she said. “Having a fixed price will encourage people to try menus that they might not otherwise. Then, their palates will drive them to come back.

“I have also been promoting this event on connecticutrestauratweek.com, which has a list of communities who are participating and dates for events. Hopefully, that will be able to draw some people in who might not have otherwise come to Southington. If people come to town for food, they may also start to come for shopping at other businesses, so everybody benefits.”

Participating restaurants and eateries this year include Paul Gregory’s, Tavern 42, Anthony Jack’s, Tipping Chair, Close Harbor, Fancy Bagels, The Fireplace, Witchdoctor Brewing, Café del Mondo, Crystal Bees and maybe more.

Crofton said that she is already pleased with the response from the community for the first year of the initiative. However, if other restaurants and eateries wish to get involved, they can sign up by Sunday.

“We are also offering a $100 discount off Chamber membership fees for restaurants who sign up this week,” said Crofton.

For more information or to participate, call 860-628-8036 or visit southingtonchamber.com.

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