Southington resident designs 'Mailbox King' boxes to withstand plows

Published on Monday, 22 January 2018 20:41


SOUTHINGTON – The next time a snowplow comes by and your mailbox gets whacked, why not have one that just keeps coming back? That’s the pitch of town resident and “Mailbox King” inventor Gary Celella Jr., whose unique mailboxes have pending patents and may soon be found in stores.

Celella, who is also an electrician and goes by “Dr. Killowatts”, said that he first came up with the idea for this plow-proof mailbox last winter. It is the first time that he has invented a unique product like this.

“I was driving down the road after a storm and just looking at the damage,” he said. “My own mailbox had been hit before and so had several of my neighbors’.”

Celella said that twelve of his neighbors have installed some of the first mailboxes he has built in order to test his product in action. According to him, all endured winter storm Brody quite well.

“We have two models, one with a spring hinge and one with a snap hinge,” said Celella. “To test it, I hit it six times with a baseball bat and then hit it with an attachment on my pickup truck at 50 miles per hour. The hinge helps to absorb the shock and prevent the pole from snapping.”

Celella said that he has worked on merry go rounds, pools and zip lines and was able to apply his engineering skills to the development of the mailboxes. He will be charging $99 for the full mailbox and post. The mailboxes also have weather-proof caps, which can be removed to have attachments put into place on them. These attachments, Celella said, could include everything from sports or marketing logos to American flags to ‘someone’s face if they really want it.’”

“The patents should take 15 to 30 months to be approved but once they are out for approval, no one can steal your idea,” said Celella. “We are taking orders now, but we can’t install them until April 1 because we need the ground to thaw.”

Celella aims to have thousands of his mailboxes produced by then and said that he is speaking to local department stores such as Loews and Home Depot to see if they would be willing to carry them.

For more information on “Mailbox King” mailboxes, call 860-736-4201.

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