Arrest warrant details sexual assault allegations between Southington man and teenager

Published on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 20:56


SOUTHINGTON - A recently released arrest warrant details the allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a local man and a teenage girl.

Michael Giuffrida, 46, of 125 Cascade Ridge, has been accused of kissing a 13-year-old and fondling her, according to the eight-page warrant.

Giuffrida was arrested Feb. 1 and released on a $5,000 non-surety bond. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of fourth-degree sexual assault and illegal sexual contact with a victim under 16 years old. The warrant in his case had been originally sealed.

According to the document, the victim’s mother went to police in January and said she was concerned about the relationship between Giuffrida and her daughter. The two know each other through their families.

The mother said she found an entry in her daughter’s diary to be disconcerting. In the entry, the warrant said, the victim wrote about an incident in June 2016 in which she slept over Giuffrida’s house and they “snuggled” together. At some point, the girl said, she was brought upstairs and Giuffrida was “kind of on top of me,” when he started to kiss her, according to the warrant.

The mother told police she confronted the teen about it, but she said she wrote it as a fictional story for a school assignment. The mother, as part of the investigation, turned over the girl’s phone to police. Officers searched the device and found an entry in the notes section of the phone disturbing.

According to the warrant, the entry was made in August and said that the victim was spending time with Giuffrida one night when they kissed and fell asleep together. After waking up, they again kissed and “made out for a while,” the warrant said.

In the phone entry, the girl conceded that what they did was wrong, the warrant continued.

During the investigation, police said in the warrant, detectives found multiple messages between Giuffrida and the victim on her phone. In them, Giuffrida at some point asks what the juvenile is wearing, the warrant said. She responds saying she is wearing his sweater before describing her underwear.

In the messages, the two say they love each other numerous times. Additionally, the girl warns Giuffrida that her mother discovered some of the exchanges between them and that police will be involved. She told him, the warrant said, that she intended to lie about her diary entry and say it was part of a school assignment, according to the warrant.

According to the warrant, Giuffrida’s attorney contacted police during the investigation and said his client did not wish to speak with detectives. He appeared in court Tuesday and is scheduled to appear again on Aug. 14.

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