Markley running for lieutenant governor

Published on Friday, 31 March 2017 21:49


SOUTHINGTON - State Sen. Joe Markley, R-Southington, Waterbury, Cheshire, has announced his intention to run for lieutenant governor, hoping his experience will aid the Republican ticket in November and saying that “electing a Republican governor is the most important thing to turn the state around.”

“I believe that I can clearly articulate principles, make the case for our party and motivate grassroots voters and supporters who will be essential to our victory in November,” said Markley. “My goal is to help put a new, Republican governor into power and I would like to be part of that effort. I believe that I bring strong credentials.”

Markley said that Gov. Dannel Malloy’s current budget proposal is a “terrible situation” and that “Connecticut has been ruined by bad leadership.”

“It is an irresponsible way to act as governor - to put something like that forward knowing that it will have no chance of passing,” he said. “Municipalities have nothing to work off while they are putting their budgets together and many of them, like Southington, are preparing as though that is truly the way it is going to be. I’m confident that it won’t be.”

Markley said that for “a number of years,” the governor would choose their lieutenant governor the same way that a presidential candidate would choose their vice president. However, during a race in 2010, Lisa Wilson-Foley ran a campaign for lieutenant governor separately and “came close.” This, Markley said, set a precedent where candidates began to run separately for lieutenant governor and then pair up with a gubernatorial candidate.

Markley said be believes he is very qualified for the position and has “no notion” of later running for higher office.

“I feel like there will be a good chance that our candidate for governor will not be a legislator and that having someone with legislative experience will be a good part of their team,” he said. “The lieutenant governor position has an important tie-breaker vote. In 1991, the lieutenant governor broke a tie vote to approve the income tax. I think it will be important to have a strong fiscal conservative in office that can be trusted not to vote in favor of such things.

“Nancy Wyman has also been a point person at the state level for health care issues,” Markley continued. “I could easily see myself doing that for issues relating to businesses.”

Markley said that building the state Republican Party is very important to him. At the same time, if he is elected, he vowed not to lose track of the communities that he currently represents.

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