Terryville High School salutatorian to study aerospace engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Published on Friday, 25 June 2021 11:47
Written by Olivia Marble


PLYMOUTH – Terryville High School salutatorian Adam Audibert has always been fascinated by space and by engineering.

Audibert watched the shows “How the Universe Works” and “How It’s Made” with his father when he was growing up. He wanted to know what else could be discovered in space, and he wanted to learn how to build things.

That combination of interests led to Audibert’s current career path. Audibert is headed to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida next year to major in aerospace engineering.

Although going into space is what Audibert described as his “dream dream,” he is well aware of the slim chances of being selected to be an astronaut. He does not believe becoming an astronaut is a real possibility for him, at least for now.

“It could definitely become a possibility, especially nowadays. I feel like we’re going into an age where space exploration is becoming more common,” Audibert said.

Audibert credited every one of his family for his academic success. He credited his oldest brother Andrew Audibert for guiding him, at times quite literally. Audibert’s oldest brother is Terryville High School’s only calculus teacher, so Audibert took his brother’s class.

“It was a strange experience, but it was also cool,” Audibert said. “There were a lot of questions like, ‘will he favor you?’ But I felt like it was kind of the opposite. He wanted to challenge me… He had higher standards for me because he knows where I want to go and what I want to be.”

During his time at Terryville High School, Audibert played shortstop and was a pitcher on the varsity baseball team. He said he enjoyed being part of the team because of the friendships he formed.

“We had a brotherhood, and we’ve stuck together all throughout school,” Audibert said.

Audibert included lighthearted anecdotes about his time at Terryville High School in his salutatorian speech, including the “porcelain poultry prank,” in which a student put a rotisserie chicken into a toilet at the high school during Audibert’s sophomore year.

Audibert said he decided to include those anecdotes because he wanted to show his personality and lighten up the mood.

“What I wrote in there is me in a nutshell,” Audibert said. “I wanted people to remember those funny times in high school.”

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