Plymouth police believe they are very close to capturing Buddy the beefalo

Published on Wednesday, 23 September 2020 13:57


PLYMOUTH -- Local police believe they are very close to capturing the ever-elusive beefalo that has been on the loose since early August.

Police have finished setting up a fence around the trailer that has been used to lure the animal close several times using food. The gate that belongs to the fence has now been equipped with a rope system that can be used to close once the beefalo enters the area again.

Police said they will hopefully have “Buddy” the beefalo in custody this week.

The animal’s story has captivated those in the area, many of whom have rallied around Buddy and have shown support for his well-being. The positive reaction from locals prompted the Plymouth Police Union to help raise over $8,500 to purchase the beefalo -- a mix of a bison and domestic cattle -- and place him in the Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, Fla., once he is captured.

The story of the loose beefalo began as strictly a public safety concern, given how aggressive the animal can act. Nevertheless, area residents grew attached to the animal and began pulling for him to elude capture. After coming to Plymouth from a farm in Massachusetts, Buddy escaped a local animal processing facility in early August and has been on the run ever since.

Despite the aggression the animal can display, which it showed to officers at one point when it put its head down and began scratching the ground as if it was going to charge at police, Plymouth police have been adamant about not harming Buddy and taking him into custody safely.

Some residents, infatuated with Buddy’s story and the impact it has had, have created beefalo merchandise for sale. Mayor David Merchant last week even said he almost doesn’t want it to end.

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Posted in The Bristol Press, Plymouth on Wednesday, 23 September 2020 13:57. Updated: Wednesday, 23 September 2020 14:00.