Small increases in positive COVID-19 cases for Bristol, Plymouth

Published on Wednesday, 17 June 2020 16:59


Berlin had one additional resident die from a confirmed COVID-19-associated illness, according to data released by state health officials. The town has had 13 confirmed deaths from coronavirus, with three more considered probable.

The town also had one more confirmed coronavirus positive case, according to Wednesday’s report, for a total of 152 cases. Berlin also has seven probable cases of COVID-19, which remained level.

New Britain had an increase of one coronavirus confirmed case, plus two additional probable cases. The city now has 965 confirmed cases, plus another 71 probable. New Britain remained at 69 confirmed coronavirus deaths, with 22 probable.

Bristol gained back the confirmed case it dropped Tuesday, going back up to 567 confirmed coronavirus cases. The city also has 17 probable cases, which had no change. Bristol also remained at 64 confirmed COVID-19-associated deaths with eight more probable.

Newington also had an increase of one positive coronavirus confirmed case Wednesday, going from 372 to 373. The town also has had 22 probable cases, which remained the same. Also remaining the same was the town’s 37 confirmed COVID-19-associated deaths and 14 that are considered probable.

Even though it’s just two, Southington had the highest increase in confirmed coronavirus cases Wednesday, for a total of 319. The town also has 14 probable cases, the same as a day ago. Southington also remained the same with 25 confirmed virus deaths, with another six probable.

Plymouth added one confirmed coronavirus case to its total, going from 67 to 68. The town’s five probable cases remained the same, as did its one confirmed coronavirus-associated death.

Plainville remained the same with 160 confirmed cases, but did have an increase of one probable case, for a total of three. The town remained the same with 21 confirmed virus deaths and one probable.

With a drop of 15 patients hospitalized Wednesday, the state is now down to 186 total COVID-19 patients overall. Locally, Hospital of Central Connecticut has three, while Bristol Health has none.

There were nine additional COVID-19-associated deaths reported, for a total death toll of 4,219. In Hartford County, there have been 1,026 confirmed coronavirus-associated deaths with 305 considered probable.

There were 6,430 tests reported, with an additional 80 positive cases. In Hartford County, there have been 10,619 confirmed COVID-19 cases plus another 665 probable.

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