Terryville High salutatorian thankful for freedom to explore creativity, headed to UConn

Published on Wednesday, 17 June 2020 11:19


PLYMOUTH – Terryville High School Salutatorian Hannah Dovitski thanks those who supported her and gave her the freedom to explore her creativity.

Dovitski has a passion for history and art, the latter of which she particularly enjoyed. Although her major is currently undecided, she plans to attend the University of Connecticut and work toward a career path that incorporates both history and art.

“I’ve always been drawn to more creative hobbies,” Dovitski said. “The classes at the high school gave me the perfect environment to be able to create anything I wanted.”

Dovitski had high praise for the art teachers at Terryville High School.

“My art teacher was also very supportive of everything I wanted to do and gave me a lot of freedom,” she said.

Dovitski said one of the biggest things that motivated her to find success in high school was the people she chose to surround herself with.

“They are all so caring and supportive so I never had to deal with anything alone,” she said.

Dovitski said she chose to surround herself with many people who were also very hard-working themselves.

“They set a good example for me that I will continue to follow,” she said.

Dovitski’s advice for her peers is to also be careful when choosing who they elect to spend their time with.

“They can have a big impact on your decisions and your future,” she said. “So make sure the people you give that power to are the ones who deserve it.”

Dovitski was a member of the art club and the LEO Club at Terryville High School. A youth branch of the Lions Club, the LEO club stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. LEO clubs encourage youths to develop leadership qualities and to participate in social service activities.

Some of Dovitski’s community volunteer work during her time at Terryville High School included supporting the annual Terryville Fair and volunteering at the Lock Museum of America.

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