Bristol man allegedly crashed into multiple cars during Plymouth police chase

Published on Friday, 5 January 2018 16:55


PLYMOUTH - A Bristol man has been accused of crashing into multiple vehicles, including two police cruisers, during a car chase in November.

David Hughes, 30, of 71 Williams St., Bristol, is facing four counts of evading responsibility, two counts of assault on a police officer and one count each of disobeying the order of an officer, engaging police in pursuit, failure to stop for an emergency vehicle, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, fourth-degree larceny, interfering with police and a number of motor vehicle charges.

According to the arrest warrant, an officer on Nov. 2, shortly before 10 p.m., saw an Oldsmobile and a Ford Escape, both with the same license plate, blow through a stop sign at the corner of Bemis Street and Harwinton Avenue. The Oldsmobile then pulled into a driveway, where the officer tried to block him in with his cruiser, noting in the warrant that the man, later identified as Hughes, fit the description of the suspect in a recent attempted robbery.

On Oct. 29, a white male with facial hair told the clerk at the Valero Gas Station, on Main Street, that he had a gun. He demanded cash, but the clerk refused and the suspect made off with no money.

After the officer cornered the Oldsmobile into the driveway, the vehicle took off very fast and nearly struck the police cruiser, the warrant said. The officer chased the car, but he decided to call off the pursuit on Keegan Road for safety concerns.

Another officer then spotted the Oldsmobile on Todd Hollow Road and another chase was attempted. The officer then stopped the pursuit on Harwinton Avenue.

Shortly thereafter, police received several 911 calls about an Oldsmobile driving on Preston Road. The callers said the man driving the vehicle matched the description of a recent robbery in town, the warrant states.

An officer later found the Oldsmobile on North Harwinton Avenue, where he again tried to corner it into a driveway, but Hughes drove past the cruiser and, as he did, crashed into the vehicle’s driver side tire. The Oldsmobile then crashed into an unoccupied, parked car. The Oldsmobile continued driving and nearly struck another police cruiser in an escape attempt, the warrant said.

Hughes, police said, then fishtailed around a corner and struck another vehicle that was being driven by a civilian.

Then, at the intersection of South Riverside Avenue and Main Street, an officer again was able to corner the Oldsmobile in, while another officer approached the vehicle on foot, with his gun drawn, and demanded that the driver get out. The vehicle immediately reversed, narrowly missing the officer on foot, and backed into a police cruiser, according to the warrant.

The Oldsmobile then drive toward Bristol, and the pursuit was ended.

Police were later able to locate the Escape first seen traveling with the Oldsmobile. The driver of the Escape identified the Oldsmobile operator as Hughes. He said he had just bought the Oldsmobile and was having Hughes drive it home for him when they encountered police. The car was not registered or insured, so the man took a license plate from an Escape he was driving and put it on the Oldsmobile.

After Hughes allegedly sped away from police, the man told officers, he was unable to find him or his newly-bought vehicle. He then formally reported the Oldsmobile stolen.

Hughes was not charged in the chase until late December. He is free on $50,000 bond, and is scheduled to appear in Bristol Superior Court on Feb. 2.

According to online court records, Hughes had not been charged in any robberies as of Friday.

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