Plymouth community fire drill to take place Oct. 12

Published on Sunday, 8 October 2017 22:50
Written by Susan Corica

Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH - The Terryville Fire Department is planning its annual community fire drill, known as Operation EDITH (Exit Drill In The Home), for Thursday, Oct. 12.

The community fire drill is part of the fire department’s activities for Fire Prevention Week Oct. 8-14.

It will begin at 7 p.m., when families are urged to practice how they would evacuate their homes in the event of a fire and to test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

After completing the drill, participants are asked to leave their front door light on for 30 minutes so that firefighters riding in fire truck and touring town roads may determine the number of households that participated in the drill.

The fire department lists the three basic steps for home fire safety as follows:

1. In the event of a fire get out as quickly as possible. Once out stay out.

2. Have family members meet outside at a prearranged meeting place.

3. Dial 911 to call the fire department.

To hold an Operation EDITH drill in the home, the fire department offers the following instructions:

1. Start with everyone in his/her bedroom with the doors closed.

2. At 7 p.m. someone sounds the alarm.

3. Each person tests his/her door for heat.

4. Pretend the door feels hot. Use an alternate exit route to the outside.

5. Everyone meets at the prearranged meeting place. All family members are accounted for.

More fire safety tips from the fire department include:

 Install smoke alarms. Replace the battery at least once per year.

 Install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms.

 Plan two escape routes from every room in your home.

 Have your chimney cleaned and checked at least once per year, especially if you use your fireplace or wood burning often.

 Never leave candles burning unattended.

 Be prepared for emergencies. Take the time to create an emergency supplies kit. To find out what you need in an emergency supplies kit, visit .

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