Plainville students return to school

Published on Thursday, 1 September 2022 14:16


PLAINVILLE – Plainville parents praised Toffolon Elementary school Thursday as they dropped their children off for their first day back, with youngsters excited to see their friends and teachers again.

Children slung their backpacks over their shoulders as they stepped out of their cars and walked hand-in-hand with their parents to the school entrance. There, many of them paused to take pictures with signs that said their child’s name and what grade they would be entering.

“Are you ready spaghetti?” Jackie Gonzalez asked her excited daughter Emily as they walked to school. The family had just moved to Plainville from Norwalk and had heard good things about the local school system.

“My favorite part of school is the playground,” said Emily Gonzalez.

Kimberly Gray brought her daughter Harper in for her first day of second grade. Her favorite subject is math.

“I like to see my friends,” said Harper Gray. “I’m excited to meet my classroom.”

Nicole and Kelvin Zaldivar brought their daughter Kiara in for her first school experience at preschool.

“She’s really into music and dancing; she’s very active,” said Nicole Zaldivar.

Joe Landrette said that Toffolon is an “awesome” school as he brought his daughter Reese in for her first day of fourth grade. He said that the “sense of community togetherness” at the school is “unparalleled.”

“School is really good,” she said. “I like reading.”

Melissa Ocasio, who was dropping off her daughter Danelys for her first day in third grade, loves Toffolon school.

“It’s an awesome school,” she said. “They are very welcoming and kind.”

Danelys Ocasio said that her favorite subject is math and that she’s excited to be back.

Barbara Marzi and Kyle Kummer dropped off Annabelle, who is starting third grade, and Avery, who is starting first grade. Both girls said that they enjoy math and seeing their friends.

Matt Pomeroy brought his daughters Molly and Mary for their first days in kindergarten and second grade respectively. Both girls said they were excited to come to school and took pictures in front of the building.

“They do a very good job here,” said Pomeroy.

The enthusiasm shown at Toffolon was present throughout the entire district according to Superintendent of Schools Steve LePage, who visited each school on Thursday.

“The first day went really smooth,” he said. “I saw a lot of happy parents and kids excited to be back. I spoke to the 8th and 9th grade classes to encourage them to come to school every day unless they’re sick so we can do great things.”

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