Educators dressed as superheroes and the community came together at Plainville High School to celebrate the new school year

Published on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 15:56
Written by Kayla Murphy


PLAINVILLE - Hundreds of Plainville educators, administrators, Town Council members and volunteers attended the annual Plainville Community Schools Convocation for the 2019-20 school year.

“It’s where all the teachers and educators from Plainville schools and Town Council members come together to discuss our mission statement and create goals to better our community and our students,” said Sue Fabrizio, fifth-grade teacher at Louis Toffolon Elementary School.

As the administrative team ran down the aisles dressed in superhero capes, audience members clapped, cheered and laughed at this year’s upcoming school year theme: what’s your super power?

“My superpower is all of you,” said new superintendent of Plainville schools, Steven LePage. “This is a team. This is a community. We don’t have superpowers like Iron Man or Wonder Woman. Their superpowers are fictional, but the powers we have are not. Our powers can help shape the community.”

LePage went on to discuss upcoming social trends for the school year with the new hashtag #WeArePlainville.

“If you see something awesome happening in the community, post about it. Share it. Tag it with #WeArePlainville so we can all see the good that’s happening within Plainville,” said LePage.

As hundreds of educators get ready to take on thousands of students next week, LePage offered initiatives to get involved.

“Everyday I want to be in at least one or two schools. Please invite me to your classroom. I’d love to help anyway I can,” said LePage. “To my pre-K and kindergarten educators, if you need help with nap time, I can practice my speeches to your students and they will be asleep in no time.”

Making education his top priority, LePage wants to lead to a greater growth mindset that will leave a lasting impact on students.

“Plainville can compete and surpass other districts in the state,” said LePage.

Keeping with the superhero theme, LePage took a moment to reflect on his “humble beginnings” and recognize the heroes that helped raise and educate him growing up. He recalled his high school football coach and high school band teacher as some of his heroes.

“My high school football coach left a big impact on me. Even though I was not the best player, he told me to ‘protect the pride of 75’ my jersey number, that was also his. My high school band teacher was less than five feet tall and if you didn’t like something she would tell you ‘Go to Russia!’” laughed LePage. “Growing up, my family and I financially struggled, and when it came to apply to colleges, my band teacher helped pay for all my application fees. I got accepted to all 11 schools I applied to thanks to her.”

LePage asked everyone to stand up if they ever helped mentor a child, or called a parent to let them know how successful their child or purchased supplies for a student. Almost everyone in the room had stood up.

“Look around,” LePage said acknowledging how many individuals stood up. “Kids aren’t always as they appear. It takes a community to raise a child. And this community is special.”

The biggest round of applause went to the student heroes, Plainville High School tenth grader Nicholas Fasold and Linden Elementary School fourth grader Michael Ahern. Since the age of four, Fasold has collected over $82,000 donations from his Nico’s Lemonade stand to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. Ahern has raised over $19,000 in donations for wounded veterans through his ‘Scoops for Troops’ foundation.

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