Plainville Grand List sees an increase of $7 million

Published on Wednesday, 7 February 2018 20:26


PLAINVILLE – The Town of Plainville has seen more than a $7 million growth in its grand list between last year and this year.

This year there has been more than $2 million in increases to real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

“The town has seen slight increases all around,” said Town Manager Robert E. Lee. “I speaking to our town assessor (Ann Marie Heering), there were a lot of little things that helped. It wasn’t like several years ago where the cancer center brought in a big increase. Our grand list actually increased a little less than past years because this was right after a revaluation. People tend to challenge their revaluations, which brings about some downward adjustments.”

The total net assessment for the town of Plainville saw an increase of $7,821,477 or 0.57 percent from $1,381,073,382 in 2016 to $1,388,894,859 this year. Lee said that this will translate to about $200,000 in additional tax revenues.

Real estate values were assessed at $1,145,313,122 in 2016, with $5,895,158 in exemptions considered. In 2017, real estate values grew to $1,147,688,531, with $6,692,000 in exemptions. This represents a $2,375,409 or 0.21 percent increase in real estate values and a 13.52 percent increase in exemptions over last year.

Personal property values accounted for $93,816,340 in 2016, with exemptions totaling $31,825,060. In 2017, personal property values climbed to $96,512,040, with $34,430,880 in exemptions. This change constitutes a $2,695,700 or 2.87 percent increase in personal property values and an 8.19 percent increase in exemptions from last year.

Motor vehicle values totaled $141,943,920 in 2016, with $3,423,630 in exemptions. In 2017, motor vehicle values grew to $144,694,288, with $5,110,900 in exemptions. The total net assessment of motor vehicle increased by $2,750,369 or 1.94 percent and motor vehicle exemptions increased by $1,687,270 or 49.28 percent.

Lee and Heering explained that exemptions not only those required for veterans and the disabled by state law, but also tax abatements used to attract new businesses to the town.

“The town implemented a tax abatement program several years ago and from what I have seen it has been very successful,” said Heering.

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SIDEBAR: Plainville’s Top 10 Taxpayers

The following are Plainville’s Top 10 Taxpayers according to the updated grand list:

1.) Bre DDR Connecticut Commons LLC - $49,626,390

2.) Tilcon, Inc. - $18,356,580

3.) Manafort Brothers, Inc. - $14,524,750

4.) Valley Water Systems, Inc. - $12,993,870

5.) Connecticut Light & Power Co. - $12,287,680

6.) Doc-201 North Mountain Road - $9,240,910

7.) General Electric Company - $8,393,310

8.) Mott Corporation - $7,651,630

9.) Carling Technologies, Inc. - $7,077,550

10.) Gems Sensors Inc. - $6,489,010

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