Plainville Parks & Rec may move out of old firehouse

Published on Monday, 1 January 2018 22:36


PLAINVILLE - As the town adjusts to state budget cuts, discussions have arisen about potentially moving the Parks & Recreation Department out of the old firehouse on Whiting Street to the Municipal Center.

When asked what changes might be coming to town in 2018, Town Manager Robert E. Lee said he would be discussing the possible move with the town council. Parks & Recreation, Lee said, was headquartered in the municipal center, located at 1 Central Square, 25 years ago.

“We’re working on a plan now and giving the council a head’s up,” said Lee. “It could be that we can no longer afford to occupy that space when we have space at the municipal center. In addition to paying for heating and lighting the place, the roof on the building may need to be replaced soon. We’ll have to look at the programs that are operating out of that building and if they can be moved or if they’ll have to come to an end.”

Lee said that the town will be challenged to find ways of doing business while providing the same level of services. State cuts had already resulted in the library closing on Sundays.

Recreation director Colin Regan said he would follow the direction of the town manager.

“Parks and Recreation along with Youth Services and Social Services have been at the old firehouse for 20 years,” said Regan. “We run a lot of programs out of the bay of the building, including preschool programs and gymnastics. These programs have been very beneficial to the people and helping to serve the town’s recreational needs. We also have a lot of items in storage both on the top floor of the old building and in the cellar.”

Regan said Parks & Recreation is trying to determine other options for programs and storage.

“We hold a lot of programs in the bay area during the day that we can’t use schools for while they are in session,” he said. “If we do end up moving, we’ll have to make some major adjustments.”

The following children’s programs are provided by the Parks & Recreation Department: Kidz-R-Size, toddle time, girls’ volleyball, water safety instruction, lifeguard training, parent and child aquatics, Red Cross swim instruction, ABC yoga, basketball clinics, youth basketball league, day and mini camps, guard start, beginner diving, swim team, tennis, floor hockey, youth dance, modern dance, skiing, snowboarding, gymnastics and golf.

Programs for adults include golf, Zumba, softball, men’s basketball, fitness, yoga, co-ed volleyball, dog obedience, water aerobics, swim instruction and The Plainville Wind Ensemble.

Other recreational offerings include trips, special events, concerts, year-round swimming programs, a Halloween parade, school vacation specials, bingo and an annual Fun Day at Norton Park.

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