Arthur G. Russell focuses on client relationships

Published on Wednesday, 25 December 2019 19:41


BRISTOL - The Arthur G. Russell Company may specialize in medical device assembly, but it’s willing and able to take on any automated assembly system need a customer may have.

The company has been doing business in Bristol for more than seven decades, and has built relationships with some clients that have lasted over 50 years.

“The success of our business is kept alive by close relationships with our customers that we have built over many years of doing business together,” the company proudly states on its website.

The Arthur G. Russell Company started in 1945 with five employees. Over time, it grew to employ 60 people who focused efforts on custom machinery to produce nails, stranded small wire cable, packaged meat, bailed newspaper and small assembled electrical components.

Today, Arthur G. Russell has 160 full-time employees. These include mechanical and electrical engineers, electricians, and machine assembly technicians. The company also has a full machine shop.

“We’re a unique business,” said Jason Ensminger, executive vice president.

Ensminger said the company will take on any project, adding that it specializes in medical device assembly. Some examples include syringes, IV products and blood collection tubes.

The unique thing about the Arthur G. Russell Company is that if they don’t have a platform that suits a customer’s needs, they won’t force something onto them that isn’t right.

“If it doesn’t exist, we’ll design it and build it from scratch,” Ensminger said. “We don’t sell a certain product line. The people that work for us are talented, and we sell their talent.”

The company further states on its website that it has “a unique ability to take on many types of projects due to not having a standard machine to build from.”

“We are able to design and build any type of machine that we feel best suits the needs of our customers’ products,” the company says. “We specialize in synchronous, power and free, continuous motion and in-line assembly machines.”

Ensminger said the Arthur G. Russell Company treats its employees very well and treats its customers just as well as their own employees. One client company has been doing business with Arthur G. Russell since the 1960s, he added.

“We build relationships with our customers that last decades,” Ensminger said.

For more information on the Arthur G. Russell Company, which is located at 750 Clark Ave., visit its website at Business inquiries can be made by calling 860-583-4109 and asking for Vice President of Sales Bill Mis or Customer Service Manager David Aquilino.

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