Connecticut Community Care keeps people in their homes

Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2019 19:22


BRISTOL - For the past 40 years, Connecticut Community Care has improved the lives of thousands of individuals of all ages and abilities, helping them to achieve their dreams to live how and where they choose.

In the early 1970s, public policy concerns regarding long-term care focused on the potential for community care options versus nursing home placement. Federal policy makers, alarmed at the unprecedented nationwide increase in nursing home beds, launched demonstration projects throughout the country to test community care options.

In 1974, Connecticut was awarded a federal grant and CCC founder Joan L. Quinn implemented Triage, a model project to test community-based care as an alternative to nursing home placement.

Today, CCC is a statewide nonprofit making differences in the lives of thousands of all ages and abilities, helping them to remain independent and living at home.

“Legions of elders and individuals with disabilities are living life on their own terms in the communities of their choice. The personal and systemic challenges often seem insurmountable to them as they do to all of us at times. But we never give up. We advocate and search for reliable services and benefits to support living at home in one’s own community. Ours is truly a worthy charge,” said Molly Rees Gavin, CCC president.

CCC’s mission is to identify choices and provide services to help people of all ages, abilities and incomes to live at home.

Its vision is “a community that respects the dignity, rights and contributions of individuals of varying abilities and provides the resources to live how and where one chooses,” according to the company website.

Today CCC is “the most trusted and reliable source for care management services in Connecticut. We have strong ties within each community, making us uniquely qualified to manage your needs and to help you stay safe and independent at home in your own surroundings,” the company’s website says.

As a professional care management solutions provider, the company emphasizes the right combination of care management and provider services, careful assessments and personalized care coordination, seamless care transitions, as well as information and referrals for appropriate help.

CCC is headquartered at 43 Enterprise Drive, and has additional locations at 76 Westbury Park Road, Watertown, and 108 New Park Ave., North Franklin. For more information, call 860-845-2224 or visit .

Susan Corica can be reached at 860-973-1802 or

The numbers tell the story:

o    Over 17,000 Connecticut residents and caregiver families served.

o    Hundreds of thousands of hours of support provided to clients and caregivers.

o    A patient brought home from a nursing home to their community every 1.6 days.

o    98 percent of individuals and families served reported: “my care manager knows me well,” “provides choices about my home care services,” “does a good job responding to questions and concerns,” and “I would recommend my care manager to others.”

o    $824,265 state grant awarded in 2016 to update and improve technology used to track and administer client services.

o    Hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants placed back into communities each year, to raise awareness of key issues, including LGBT awareness and diabetes self-management outreach. Hundreds of people participate in LIVE WELL workshops each year.

o    Hundreds benefit from donor support, greatly enhancing their quality of life, each year.

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