Stanley Black & Decker VP pushes new factory technology

Published on Monday, 24 June 2019 20:13
Written by Karla Santos


HARTFORD – Stanley Black & Decker’s Manufactory 4.0, the epicenter for the company’s global Industry 4.0 has been praised statewide. But behind the state-of-the-art facility, there was a vision and a person the company hired to help it become a reality.

Sudhi Bangalore, vice president of Industry 4.0 at Stanley Black & Decker worked to make that vision something people can touch and feel.

Bangalore was involved in the creation of the center from scratch. He worked in the conceptualization and design process as well as hiring and finding partners for the project.

Manufactory 4.0 is designed to build solutions to help digitalize plant operations. Part of the goal is to replace the old factory equipment with new technologies.

Bangalore’s background is in manufacturing technologies and its application in transforming companies, particularly their factories.

But Stanley Black & Decker gave Bangalore a new challenge, he was in charge in the general creation of Manufactory 4.0.

“Everything from conceptualization and how we set up the Manufactory, the way we assemble a bunch of experts both within our company and outside, and also doing something for the larger good just outside and just not within our own factories, is really what’s so unique and special about what we are doing,” Bangalore said.

Part of Bangalore’s general job is “to transform our factories with the latest of technologies so we could continue to be a high performance company on a financial return standpoint,” he said. In addition, the company is looking to upscale and retrain its employees to help them benefit from of the technologies that will be deploying.

“The pressure is now on to make sure we leverage the most out of this center to help fast forward and do re-hauling and overhauling and the mention of our factories so we can get the full benefits of this program,” Bangalore said. Bangalore faced some challenges to get the Manufactory 4.0 to where it is now.

“I was one person and I had this huge goal that I had to satisfy so to start from one, I had to create a team and get going, that was the first challenge, so I had to really leverage my relationships with my colleagues within Stanley Black & Decker, I had to leverage my relationship with all of the partners that worked in the past whether it was Microsoft, Cisco or small companies like IGear from Kentucky,” Bangalore said.

While the center has been completed, Bangalore’s role continues, now his focus is on deploying solutions created at the Manufactory to Stanley’s factories.

Manufactory 4.0 is also able help other companies with its evolving technologies.

“We have those assets and we have the opportunity to leverage them outside of Stanley Black & Decker,” Bangalore said.

Bangalore added that he is spreading the word to educate other companies in how they can take advantage of the Manufactory 4.0 center. To learn more about Stanley Black & Decker’s Manufactory 4.0, visit

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