CCSU student soars in aerospace industry

Published on Monday, 19 November 2018 19:25
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN – A Central Connecticut State University student, through an internship at AGC Incorporated, is practicing and learning manufacturing and engineering processes for the aerospace industry.

Taylor Havens, of New Britain, who is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering technology, learned 3D printing and SolidWorks through CCSU’s Institute of Technology and Business Development TRiO program.

The program also allowed Havens to teach SolidWorks to middle and high school students.

Because of his experience in the TRiO program, Havens said he was able to obtain an internship with AGC, a supplier of precision aerospace components with customers around the world including Pratt & Whitney.

Havens interned full time through the summer and continues his internship part time while taking his fall semester classes. AGC Incorporated is located in Meriden and is also a partner with Gar Kenyon Aerospace and Defense. Taylor has had the chance of collaborating with both companies.

Havens said that since his first day at AGC, his manager had him start to model a complex airplane part with SolidWorks, which took him about a week because he had no experience with engineering design.

“You’d be surprised how much different the real world is compared to classes,” Havens said. “I was learning completely new things for the first time. It’s like taking another class. It’s very difficult because sometimes you just don’t know how to do something and you have to be honest and tell them you don’t know how to do that and then they help you through it and then you have a new aspect to put on your resume. It’s pretty fun.”

Havens has gained experience with welding, latch and CNC machining, specially coding. He expanded his knowledge in 3D printing and has worked on a variety of projects.

For Havens, the internship experience at AGC is an important step in his career as an engineer.

“It’s an amazing experience,” Havens said. “Getting my foot in the door like that and being able to actually talk to engineers, use my ideas and design actual parts that will be used, it’s just an amazing feeling and it’s really pushing me forward in my career. I think it’s really giving me a good edge.”

Rob Suto, engineering manager at AGC, said Havens has helped the company perform various tasks including designing tools. At AGC, the staff focuses on strategies that would help making tools faster and less expensive. Suto said that as the company grows, it has become difficult getting experienced talent, which is why they decided to provide internships to students that could be potential employees.

At AGC, Havens works on short and long term projects depending on the company’s needs. Suto said that when Havens is on the floor, it’s almost like having another engineer at the company.

“I hope Taylor stays on board and becomes a full time engineer at AGC when he graduates,” Suto said.

Design is Havens’ favorite part of the work he has done so far.

“Is really good to let your mind loose and just see what you can get out of something you are making,” Havens said.

Havens hopes to keep on working with 3-D printing and eventually he wants to design his own 3-D printer, he said.

“CCSU has given me amazing knowledge of 3-D printing through the program,” Havens said. “When I came into the TRiO program, I had no knowledge of 3-D printing. I learned so much in the year and a half I was with them there that I when I came to my internship they gave all the 3-D printing jobs to me. Most of the staff of the ITBD has really set me up for getting my foot in the door in getting an internship and being prepared for the real world.”

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