R&D Dynamics Corp. recognized for energy efficient technology

Published on Monday, 14 August 2017 21:50
Written by Angie DeRosa

Staff Writer

BLOOMFIELD-Senator Chris Murphy announced last Monday that R&D Dynamics Corporation was the week’s “Murphy Monday Manufacturer.”

R&D was founded in 1990 and designs and manufactures oil-free, energy-efficient and high-speed turbomachinery for aerospace and commercial sectors like General Electric, BMW, Rolls Royce, FuelCell Energy and the U.S. military.

Their products include foil air/gas bearings, motor driven blowers and compressors, turboexpanders, turboalternators and turbocompressors, which are used in air cycle machines, air separation plants, electricity conversion systems and other applications.

“R&D has designed and invented energy-efficient machinery for nearly three decades, and they’re still going strong,” said Murphy in a statement. “Their latest technology will simultaneously help grow Connecticut’s green economy and reduce carbon emissions.”

The manufacturer recently developed an Advanced Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Conversion technology called ThermoGen, which emits zero pollutants and converts industrial waste heat into environmentally friendly electric power.

“R&D Dynamics is proud to develop and manufacture products in Connecticut. This area has a wealth of engineering and manufacturing talent for us to draw upon. With the support of our dedicated employees, we have grown from five people to 66 people. Commercialization of ThermoGen will allow us to continue to grow, which will be good for R&D and good for Connecticut,” said President of R&D Dynamics, Dr. Giri Agrawal.

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