YOUR VIEW: Rubin is wrong: There is no substitute for oil

Published on Monday, 14 March 2022 20:29
Written by Hyman Braverman


To the Editor:

Re: Opinion by Jennifer Rubin. She is wrong on all points. From Day One of the Biden administration when the Keystone and oil exploration was killed. Soon afterwards gas prices began to rise and rise. Additionally, the administration is begging for any overseas oil except from USA. We have the resources and they are fighting every chance to produce American oil! They could fast-track all the leases. We need petroleum, we use it every day in everything we wear, heat our homes, everything we manufacture, every road we travel on. It's in every car tire, every interior. Trucks would not be able to deliver products without petroleum. It's in everything and there is no substitute.

Hyman Braverman



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