YOUR VIEW: Anti-Biden sign is pro-hate, anti-Christmas

Published on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 21:03
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To the Editor:

In my town of Plymouth, there is an empty lot on the corner of North Harwinton Ave and Preston Road. A few days ago, the third pro-Donald Trump billboard was erected in celebration of Christmas. It says, “Ho Ho Ho Bidens got to go!” (yes there should be an apostrophe and it is grammatically incorrect).

The owners don’t even live in Plymouth but in a neighboring town. It was upsetting for many people in my community to see.

First of all, it stands there anonymously, which to me is a bit cowardly. It reminds me of the vitriol that is spewed on line where people can hide behind their computers and phones. There is no accountability. Second, it continues to perpetuate hate. We are in a time where we desperately need unity, respect, kindness, compassion and not the anger and division we have all experienced over the last two years. Third, it is Christmas and to erect a sign that is filled with hate and combine it with a Christmas message is extremely sad and pathetic.

Isn’t Christmas about peace, love, joy, compassion, kindness, generosity and the celebration of the birth of Christ? Isn’t this the true meaning of Christmas? And last but certainly not least, it is located next to Terryville High School.

Haven’t our kids been through enough? Don’t you think they deserve some peace and kindness? Would you want your child to see this on a daily basis wondering what the next sign is going to say. Obviously not or you would have put it up next to your actual home. As a mother and parent, I am appealing to you to please stop. We are tired of the negativity and want our children to learn inclusion, acceptance and love not hate. It has a negative impact on their social and emotional welfare. Would you want that for your child? I hope not.

I am so sorry that you have so much anger and animosity in your heart. I pray that in 2022 we can all come together as one community with overwhelming kindness spreading love not hate. Because in the end, love always wins.

Christine Leronimo


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