YOUR VIEW: GOP may have hurt city economy with vote

Published on Friday, 17 December 2021 21:15
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To the Editor:

Since when is it a bad thing to bring 200 jobs to the city center in a sizable new building? When you’re a crop of freshmen council members anxious to distance themselves from their Democratic predecessors and rivals.

Our rookie Republican council members seem to believe that their actions reflect the will of voters who want to see nothing but new retail development in the old Centre Square property. First, I’d like to see the research to this effect, beyond passing campaign conversations. Second, council members are ignoring the seasoned input of economic development authorities and the new mayor.

What they know is that a mixed use development is a lot healthier approach for the City in the long term, given the volatile nature of today’s retail shopping environment. Retailers are likely to find the prospect of 200 professionals right next door a lot more enticing than empty storefronts. Slamming the brakes on an initiative that is mere feet from the finish line is sheer recklessness. As a result, future development of the Centre Square property, general economic prospects and reputation as a reliable development partner are likely to suffer for years to come.

John Dube


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