YOUR VIEW: Be patriotic and give Thanksgiving its due

Published on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 20:56
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To the Editor:

By Elaine Marie Cooper, author and history buff, (from .)

“The traditional first Thanksgiving in America took place in November of 1621, one year after the Pilgrim’s arrival in the new world. It had been a long and painful year for the colonists, with half of their number succumbing to illness. With the help of both Providence and compassionate local natives, the group celebrated their survival.

Subsequent annual feasts were not an official event for the American colonies, but states often declared their own celebration of a bountiful harvest. It became a much-anticipated event, with families often celebrating Thanksgiving more than once; first in their home colony, then crossing over the boundary of an adjacent colony to celebrate again with other family members.

Then the war between England and America began. The tradition of Thanksgiving was firmly ensconced in the minds of American colonists however, so despite the battles, the fears and the inadequate food supplies for some, Thanksgiving was carried on. In November 4 of 1775, the city council of Watertown Massachusetts, declared an official day of Thanksgiving.

“We have thought fit, with the Advice of the Council and House of Representatives, to appoint Thursday the Twenty-third Day of November Instant, to be observed as a Day of public THANKSGIVING, throughout this Colony; hereby calling upon Ministers and People, to meet for religious Worship in said Day, and devoutly to offer up their unfeigned Praises to Almighty God, the Source and benevolent Bestower of all Good…” As printed in the Pennsylvania Evening Post, November 4, 1775.

“Are we THANKFUL for these, our forefathers and foremothers who suffered so much so that we can live in freedom? Do we follow their example; or are we only consumed with thoughts of “Black Friday?” Christmas is short for Christ-Mass when we should be celebrating the birth of Christ. Christmas starts on December 24 or 25 and lasts until January 6, the Baptism of Jesus. However; some people celebrate the Christmas season from January 6th – 13.

Is Christmas a happy peaceful time for you? Or with Christmas movies now being shown on TV all year long; and commercial entities trying to convince us that Christmas begins earlier every year, does it TARNISH the real meaning of the season for you? And have you thought about this at all?

Please be patriotic and give Thanksgiving its proper due. Don’t let the people who are trying to change the history of our culture sway you.

Laurie Wojculewicz


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