YOUR VIEW: Sings Mayor Ellen's praises

Published on Thursday, 21 October 2021 20:10
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To the Editor:

Am I the only person who is confused by the lack of a Republican platform and their false narrative about what has been happening for the last few years?

Mr. [Peter] Del Mastro’s recent letter said we could expect great things if we elect the Republican candidate for mayor. Here’s the thing…

- Our public education system excels as demonstrated by the amazing teachers, graduation rates, new career pathways and the future arts magnet school coming online next year.

- Property values in the past four years have grown tremendously. The Grand List has indeed grown by almost 2% last year, the biggest one-time growth in the last decade.

- There were many new businesses that came to Bristol, bringing jobs, goods and services: Burlington, Harbor Freight; Pure Foods and BHF Logistics to name a few.

- Bristol’s crime rate is low. The problems we are seeing with stolen cars, juvenile crime issues and the purse grabs at gas stations are not only happening here.

The good news is that Bristol is working with other towns in the region to solve the problems. In the end, I want to genuinely thank Mr. Del Mastro for giving me the opportunity to agree with him about all the great things happening in Bristol right now and all the great things we as a community have to look forward to.

As a supporter of Mayor Ellen and the accomplished, engaged City Council, I for one am proud and really happy I don’t have to wait for any of these things to happen. We are living it right now, as we all wait patiently for local Republicans to come up with a list of things that they are actually going to run on, cut, change or expand.

Laurie Ann Scotti


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