YOUR VIEW: A shout-out for Zoppo-Sassu and Rosado

Published on Thursday, 21 October 2021 11:44
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To the Editor:

This is a shout-out for Ellen Zoppo-Sassu and Scott Rosado - two people I admire and who have gotten me involved with my City, which is part of why they are so good at their jobs.

I met Ellen years ago through Officer Pete, when I was in his youth group. While in high school I received a ton of support from the Boys & Girls Club at Cambridge to help realize my college aspirations, but also from Pete and Ellen, who sat me at their kitchen counter one Sunday afternoon and helped me apply for a bunch of scholarships.

Scott has shown me that success is possible regardless of where you come from, as well as the importance of giving back. Today I have a Masters Degree, am a proud homeowner here in Bristol with a daughter excelling at Stafford School. My success is because it does take a village, and I had a great one.

Scott and Ellen are phenomenal people and are good for Bristol. I hope everyone joins me in voting for them and their team. The only "excessive spending" that is going on is the amount of time and effort they spend improving our community.

Erica Pearson


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