YOUR VIEW: Bristol is building for the future with Mayor

Published on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 13:18
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To the Editor:

Four years ago, Bristol was dragged through the mud by a Republican mayor mired in scandal and censured unanimously by a bipartisan City Council. Since then, with the election of Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, Bristol has experienced a golden age of transparency, community, competence, and decency.

Bristol is building for the future, attracting new shopping and housing complexes. An art magnet school will be opened on a renovated and beautified Memorial Boulevard. Rockwell Park is alive with family events, and every Saturday over the spring and summer our mayor and council members gather for Farmer’s Markets as well as the bi-weekly Farmers to Families events.

They’re investing in all of us, and making the city a brighter place for it. Another thing that stands out to anyone with a political mind, is the fact that our Democratic slate speaks in empathetic, human terms, and discuses real solutions to local issues. They’re here for the people, and that means all the people, not just their social circle.

This is in stark contrast to the Republican slate which chooses to parrot meaningless buzz words and empty slogans they overheard on TV and social media comment sections. Their words don’t ever seem to feel like they have BRISTOL in mind, or local politics at all. It’s always just the same mindless broad brush phrases, completely devoid of any attempt to apply it to the actual city that we live in.

Our mayor and council shouldn’t sound like AI bot programs playing a Fox News themed Mad Libs. Anyone can say they’re for “freedom and liberty,” but you have to actually live those words as well. Anyone can regurgitate talking points about taxes, but you actually have to run a city as well.

This is America. This is Bristol. We shouldn’t have to look like some kind of crumbling Eastern Bloc former Soviet Satellite Republic, decades into decay, just because a miserly Republican mayor and city council refuses to invest into roads, community events, or business and housing, and as long as we keep electing our Democratic slate, we never have to.

There’s a popular phrase, “this is why we can’t have nice things”, well, Mayor Ellen and our Council are why we CAN. Please vote for our Democratic candidates this election day, Tuesday November 2nd. Thank you.

Thomas Courchaine


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